22 Minutes To Profits Scam Review [Updated]

By Ray Alexander

Assuming very few are going to read this post because SERPs are already filled with the reviews of this product by many others, my 22 Minutes To Profits review is based on an "it must be a scam because this can' be happening" concept. Well, I've sat through watching the video invitation to this... "program" - which was almost an hour long - as if I have nothing better to do, and I too am convinced that the seller's not telling you the truth.

22 Minutes To Profits Review

Product Name:

22 Minutes To Profits

Website URL:

gfsystemsrt.pro (and various others)


Affiliate marketing


Frank Stafford (fake name)




I Would Have Paid $47 If...

In the video the seller says he's going to give you your own actual website for absolutely free, only if you keep watching and stay until the end. He specifically says, "That's my PROMISE to you today."

I was expecting him to deliver a free download link before he started to charge anything. I would have paid $47 if I'd had a chance to look inside, because I prefer to spend some money so that I can write a full user review after trying out the actual product. Unfortunately, he breaks his promise at the end of the video. He says the website is thousands of dollars worth, but he's selling it for $47. So it is not "absolutely free". 

22 Minutes To Profits Review

The Longest 22 Minutes

The entire video is so repetitive that you could say it's mesmerizing. He keeps the same phrases over and over and over again throughout the video, he's obviously targeting people with an abnormally short attention span.

If you wonder if the 22-Minutes refers to "you can make money in the next 22 minutes" or "you only need to work 22 minutes each day", good guess but it's neither. It's the length of time required for the seller to explain what the system is all about. He actually sets the timer and describes the system as follows during the 22 minutes;

  • The free website that he's providing is an Amazon affiliate web store.
  • The site is already connected to Amazon, comes fully stocked with the hottest products.
  • All you need is a couple of clicks to set it up.
  • The traffic is all taken care of.
  • Within just a couple of minutes, your affiliate payments will start rolling into your bank account.
  • You will be earning $300, $400 or even $500 per day.
  • The seller will also help you start building your own mailing list.

This is what the system offers, which wouldn't take the seller more than a couple of minutes to explain. He stretches it to 22 minutes by repeating the same phrases over and over again (You'll make $300, $400, $500 a day from it... Everything's taken care of... You don't need to do anything... You will make $300, $400...)

Two Habits Of Typical Scammers


There are two distinctive habits of a typical scammer that you often notice, especially when they advertise their product and just about to get to the point. "Now I'll tell you exactly what it is." - And they never tell you exactly what it is. Instead they blow up the story by;

  1. All of a sudden talking about a luxury dream lifestyle (what you can do with the money - villas, private jet, etc.)
  2. Telling what the product is NOT. "This is not what you think of. This is not Forex or cryptocurrency. This is not a pyramid scheme where your guru takes all the money. This is not..."

The seller of 22 Minutes To Profits does just exactly that. He avoids getting to the point by waving these two joker cards away.

Now, 22 Minutes To Profits is no doubt a scam - because what the seller claims to do is inconsistent, and some elements on offer are impossible for any businesses to serve. I will list up a few.

Impossible (1) - Free Traffic

The "traffic is all taken care of" 22 Minutes To Profits - that's an impossible claim.

Millions of internet marketers strive to market day-in, day-out in an attempt to drive traffic to their websites. In other words, millions of online businesses fail because they can't drive traffic. Why they can't drive traffic, because people either don't know them or don't want to visit them. They have to advertise themselves hard to make themselves known in the first place. Then they have to offer good service - competitive prices, quality products, good customer service, ease of use of the website, attractive discount offers.

22 Minutes To Profits says you don't have to do all that - that kind of magic never exists. Nobody will, or can afford to, provide free traffic that creates instant affiliate commissions for the price of $47. That's not how businesses work.

Impossible (2) - Amazon Commission Rates

The seller says, "Your commission can be $10 or $20 per sale, or even as much as $5,000 or even $10,000 per sale!"

Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates) offer the commission rates of between 1% - 10% of the product price. The highest rate of 10% is only offered on luxury beauty items. To be able to make $10,000 commission, you'd have to sell $100,000 worth of the items. For video games and consoles you'll only receive 1%, means you'd have to sell a million-dollar in total to receive a $10k commission. You see how unfeasible that is?

Source: Amazon Associates Program Standard Fees Schedule

Impossible (3) - Strict Rule By Amazon Associates

Your "free website" is already loaded with the hottest Amazon products - that's impossible. And you'll only need a few clicks to set it all up - that's impossible too.

Because first of all, you'd have to apply to join the Amazon affiliate program, which would not be a difficult job to do, you'd be pre-approved quite instantly. But you'd still have to take a good time to fill in the application form.

The next thing you'd have to do is to place your unique affiliate link in each product in your website. If in any part of this process was "automatic", played by a third party link direct software, then that would be against Amazon Associates' operating agreement.

Also Read: How To Make Money As Amazon Affiliate

Impossible (4) - The Seller's Paying Your Commission?

He says, "We'll need your bank information so we know where to deposit your commissions... Important, right?"

No, they don't need your bank information. The suggestion is so wrong. Your affiliate commissions will always be paid directly from the source where you've made the agreement with, no exception. Wherever he got the idea from, there are two possibilities;

  • He's selling a PLR product (created by someone else), and he really doesn't know how affiliate marketing works. So he's just saying this. Or,
  • His intention is to collect the users' personal data so that he can sell it for malicious purposes.

Fake Testimonials

I knew this was coming, but the testimonials are fake. These "spokespeople" from Fiverr will say anything you want them to say in front of the camera for 5-10 dollars.

22 Minutes To Profits Fake Testimonials

I kind of feel sorry for these people a little, because I've seen some of them provide great presentations for other businesses. They probably don't realize that many people actually fall victim to scammers because of them.

No matter how desperate for money they may be, they are the partners in crime by making false statements publicly this way. And this invalidates all other wonderful presentations that they make for others - "Do these people ever tell the truth?" - which is a real shame.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

This Is A Get-Rich-Quick Scam

We all know now what's been claimed by the seller of 22 Minutes To Profits is awfully inconsistent. He says this is not a "get rich quick" scam where you max out your credit cards, trying to get other people to max out their credit cards. He also says that he's not going to tell you that you'll make millions next week. That doesn't mean he can rule himself out - by promising that you'll start making hundreds of dollars right after you first logging in, without giving a valid explanation, this is a typical get rich quick scheme.

As I pointed out earlier - it takes a lot of advertising effort to run a successful e-commerce business. I've been there, I've seen how competitive it is. You have to learn a lot about marketing techniques, and you have to spend a lot of money on advertising if you want to start making sales quicker.

Money Back Guarantee

One good news is that you are covered by 30-day money by ClickBetter. If you've bought this product, you can claim your money back by accessing your ClickBetter account via your email receipt.

You'll be asked for a reason for your refund request. The seller says "After a few minutes of logging in, check the back office and you'll see traffic AND sales - right away!" So you can tell them that you were misled. You were promised some profits right away, but you haven't seen it.

22 Minutes To Profits Pros and Cons


  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Unrealistic income claim - you will never make money on the same day.
  • There's no such thing as "setting up by a few clicks".
  • Fake testimonials.

22 Minutes To Profits Review - Conclusion:

From the low-budget sales page, inconsistent and repetitive sales copy, things that have been said that don't add up - 22 Minutes To Profits is a scam. Although the money-back is guaranteed, I wouldn't recommend you to waste your time on this product. You deserve a REAL success with your online business. If you are interested in niche affiliate marketing, don't hesitate to join me for free.

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hi Ray, thank you for your 22 minutes profit review.
    I have never heard of this one, but it looks like he is telling too many lies, just to get people to buy it. This is a bad sign for many people because some of the things he says are believable for me. Because I didn’t know about scammers habits. I didn’t know about how is commissions from Amazon working. To me this is educational.
    I try to avoid this kind of systems in the future. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jun, thanks for your comment. Regardless of the quality of the actual product, we often have to judge from the package, just like millions of others are misled by the shiny object on the package. So the reviews like this one are not totally useless, you know. I wish you all the best, thanks!

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