Click Earners Review – Would You “Pay To Find a Job”?

Updated: April 6, 2020
by Ray Alexander

Why would you have your credit card ready when you're looking for a way to earn income online? What would you pay your money for? If you just stop for a second and think about it, you may realize the answer is already there. Whatever the career you choose, you might pay someone (college or tutor) to receive training. But when you're ready to work, you never pay someone to find a job for you - or have you ever?

My Click Earners review will explain that a lot of stuff that's going on with this site is wrong. Paying someone to find a job is effectively, blackmailing. If you're truly looking to work from home for a flexible income, you know this is not the way to start.

Click Earners Review

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Online/offline jobs in general


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$27 for 12 months or $57 for lifetime access


What Is

ClickEarners claims to offer "various tasks and projects" that are suitable for any age, ability or background. You can set your own working hours and work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. The slogan of the site is "Work & Earn as an Online Assistant", but it lists up other job opportunities such as data entry, research, and marketing (product testing, mystery shopping, completing surveys) as well as physical work such as filling envelopes.

However, Click Earners' site mainly has two questionable characteristics;

  • You have to pay to find a job - in advance.
  • It doesn't explain what exactly it's "selling" and how it works.

In other words, ClickEarners may appear to be an agency to provide job opportunities, but it wouldn't sound like a legitimate arrangement if job applicants were to pay to find a job. I'll now look at each questionable element in detail...

Click Earners Review

How Much Does It Cost and What Are You Paying For?

ClickEarners offers two payment options; $27 for 12 months' access or $57 for lifetime access.

Categorically it's a membership fee since it charges for a period, but it doesn't explain what the membership includes - what exactly the charge is for. According to its terms & conditions, your payment is for an "informational product relating to working and earning online." And once you've had access to the product, ClickEarner's service will be deemed as delivered. 

Product Service

This is even more confusing because they're effectively saying that once you've paid $27 and logged into your account, ClickEarners will have no responsibility to keep providing job opportunities to you in the next 12 months.

50% Discount Offer

The fees of $27/$57 are already discounted prices. The "original" prices are $54 for 12 months / $114 lifetime, respectively. 

Fake Discount Offers

It appears as if the 50% discount only applies to your country, but wherever in the world you live, the same special discount message will pop up on you. (You can witness this by using a VPN connection.)

Is It Really Open to Anyone Worldwide?

ClickEarners says anyone with any ability from any country in the world can join...which makes the flat joining fee of $27/$57 sound very unfair. 

For example for Mr. A, $27 may be the weekly average income in his country. And if all he can do is stuffing envelopes - assuming it's his local job, it'll be hard to achieve the ROI. Whereas for Miss B, $27 may be her average hourly salary, and if she can get a higher-skilled job, the ClickEarners' fee will be a lot more favorable to her comparing to Mr. A's circumstances. 

What we need to see is a provisional income scenario, but ClickEarners doesn't demonstrate it. 

Are They Really Looking For Virtual Assistants?

The slogan ("Work & Earn as an Online Assistant") may imply that anyone can work as "an assistant". But of course, nobody wants to hire just randomly anybody. Any company - or whoever pays money - will want to check each applicant's résumé and decide which one to hire. Right?

And if you have virtual assistant skills and experience, you know there's a variety of work and skill levels available out there, you wouldn't just pick any assistant job without knowing what's involved.

And how much you can earn - all it says in the ClickEarner's homepage is "Online Assistants / Virtual Assistants could typically earn $25-$30 per hour", which is a useless piece of information. There's no information on what kind of assistant jobs are currently available and who they're suitable for. You shouldn't be paying any money in advance without knowing it.

Who's Behind ClickEarners?

ClickEarners never reveals who the owner is, or the location where the business is operated. This is probably the biggest reason why you can't, and shouldn't trust this site. As soon as you sign up free with ClickEarners, you'll start receiving emails from "Tamara, General Manager of ClickEarners". The name is likely to be fake as she's never introduced on the site. 

Where the ClickEarners' service is operated matters because it claims to have jobs for anyone in the world. As a job candidate, surely you'd like to know how these people network with job advertisers across the globe, what kind of companies have vacancies and where they're situated. Unfortunately ClickEarners simply says "we accept members worldwide" and nothing else. That's not very convincing at all, is it?

Testimonials - Fake, Obviously.

Click Earners Fake Testimonials

What looks like a couple of testimonials from the existing users doesn't really add value to the ClickEarners' credibility. Neither of them has a name, photo, or even decent quality in context. They're obviously made up by the owner; while the first one says that the "resources are invaluable", the site never explains what kind of resources are available in the first place. 

Similarly with the second one - it says "ClickEarners have given me lots of help and advice", but the site only says "contact our friendly team". It does not say what kind of support (e.g. job availabilities, technical, billing, etc.) is available either.

Can You Really Get A Job?

ClickEarners' "Earning & Income Disclaimer" says, "There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience". It looks like the phrase is taken from a standard disclaimer template, but again, it seems unfair and makes no sense, since ClickEarners is not a training program. It takes a registration fee of $27 or $57 from you in advance, but this clause is practically saying, it has the right to say "sorry, there's no job available for you."

Don't Pay Unless You Know What You're Getting In Return

So ClickEarners doesn't clarify what the charge is for, and it suggests as if it acts as a job agency. Like I've already mentioned, if it's a job agency, you as a candidate shouldn't be paying anything in advance. Job agencies normally never charge the recruits but they take a percentage of the pay rate as a commission from the hirers. But if they do take a commission from the recruits, it should be deducted from their pay, not in advance.

What I really want to emphasize in this Click Earners review is, don't be swayed by shiny objects on the homepage. Never pay a cent - you really shouldn't - unless you know exactly what you're "guaranteed to" receive in return, and you are absolutely certain that you'll be benefitted from it.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

ClickEarners does not guarantee you the job availabilities, but it's sold via ClickBank, which means you are covered by the 60-day money-back guarantee. You can access ClickBank's support desk from your email receipt and ask for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Where Else Should You Get A Job?

You know, online jobs are no different from jobs. Nobody wants to hire you unless you. If you want to work as someone's assistant, you need to convince them of your potential. You need to sell yourself. Thousands of freelancers - experienced or brand new - advertise themselves in sites such as;

Unlike ClickEarners, these sites are completely transparent, and they're all free to join. If you can write a résumé, you can do it. You can get the idea by checking how others advertise themselves. You can also decide how much you can/want to get paid by checking other freelancers' pay rates.

If you want to work as a freelancer, try these legitimate sites and start for free. You should be getting paid, not be paying money to find a job!

Click Earners Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBank.


  • What it's charging for is unclear.
  • Owner is unknown.
  • The scale of job availabilities is never explained.

Click Earners Review - Conclusion:

In my opinion, is misleading those who wish to work online by glorifying the job title "online/virtual assistant". Like any other kind of job, people will only be happy to hire you if you have relevant skills. Whereas, needless to say, low-skilled jobs are low-pay.

Don't waste your time looking for a job that lets you simply sign up and start without learning anything. Because you see, YOU could be a 10-year old kid. If a job is something a 10-year old kid can do, they'll only pay pocket money that a kid can earn.

To summarize - I suggest that you should not rely on any sites that offer "any jobs for anyone". There are only two ways to find a decent job online;

  • Find a job that requires skills that you already have, or
  • Receive online business training and start earning like thousands of other marketers do.
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  1. Hello, Ray. Thank you for your message and also your review post.
    I am happy because I wanted to make little money on online, so I would almost pay to Click Earners.
    I also wanted to find a job but I don’t know. So I would look for a job in Click Earners but, it’s difficult to see my best job. You told me there is Nothing to pay money for jobs. I did not decide to buy Click Earners.
    Thank you very much for best help.
    Keita Ando

    1. Hi Keita, thanks to you too for your message as well as your comment, I appreciate it. Glad to hear that you didn’t go for this one. I wish you all the best. If you have any questions you can message me at any time. Thanks!

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