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Instabuilder WordPress TemplateFinding the best WordPress template is not easy. It can take days to find easy WordPress template that suits your own desired style. You want a good template design as well as a good marketing tool.

Easy WordPress Template – Instabuilder

Instabuilder is packed full of tools, and it’s suitable for;

  1. Beginners because all the useful functions are built-in, such as graphic templates, Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Google+ integration, and auto-generated legal pages (disclaimers, privacy policies, terms of services etc.)
  2. Marketing experts because of the tools such as popups (e.g. “join our subscription list!”), countdown timers (e.g. “Offer expires in X days X hours X minutes X seconds”), it creates graphs.
  3. Developers – using the Instabuilder’s 100+ templates, you can customize it to creat your own designs, then export them to your client’s sites!

So there are many good features in Instabuilder as listed above, and now I’ll show you the features I particularly think are useful.

Landing Page Creator using drag and drop


The drag and drop visual editor let you create designs without having a coding knowledge, makes it so easy to customize your brand specific designs.


As you can see from the image on the left, access to function elements is easy, such as Text, Images, Videos, Buttons… Boxes, Columns, Tabbed content, Navigation, Date Stamps, Facebook comments, Script editing, Pre-made backgrounds etc.



Header images, Call To Action Buttons, Icons, Page separators.

This is extremely handy, because unless you are a graphic designer, one of the most difficult parts in creating marketing websites is how to / where to find these graphics from.

“2-Step Opt-in”, “Questions Opt-in”

You can find similar WordPress plugins, but having these built-in in the same software saves you a lot of time, searching, installing and receiving a separate technical support for each plugin.



Lock your content to get more leads

As explained on the right… You can make a landing page that forces visitors to opt-in before accessing your important information. You can block one page or all of your pages.


 Control Visitor Movements

Exit popup feature. It claims that the feature will increase lead capture by “as much as 412%”


Scarcity Builder

Again as you can see on the right, with the count-down timer that you can set, it will urge your visitors to “Act Fast”, which is great especially for running special deals.


Facebook Publishing

Again this is easy – save you time from copying & pasting the url on your Facebook page.


Powerful SEO built in and Advanced Statistic and Analytic Feature, Split Testing

Make your landing pages search friendly for maximum exposure and sales, full access to the analytics/statistic information, as well as multiple page variations for split testing, and you know your split test results instantly.


Create Your Own Designs

I think this feature is “icing on the cake” – not only you can create your own personalised templates but also you can make money by building InstaBuilder pages for your clients.

Import/Export features allow you to create and customise pages within your installation of InstaBuilder and upload it to another installation easily.

Instabuilder Price Plan

These prices are one-time payment, and there is no recurring billing. The price includes 1 year of support and updates. After 1 year, there is an optional renewal of $37 a year if you want continued support and updates, but if you don’t want updates after the initial year, there will be absolutely no ongoing fees.

price plan Instabuilder

I have explained with a lot of screenshots, but there are a lot more details and features explained in the InstaBuilder websites of course.

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