Click Into Wealth Review – Push One Button To Make Money?

Updated: October 2, 2022
by Ray Alexander

If you’ve received an invitation to join Click Into Wealth but couldn’t bare to watch the lengthy sales video because it just wouldn’t get to the point… That’s right, that’s exactly what’s wrong. You've done the right thing by looking for a Click Into Wealth review to see if it's legit or a scam. 

As a buyer, you have the right to know exactly what you’re spending your money for. But the biggest issue is there is a big discrepancy between the homepage and the sales page. The information is contradictory, and the sales pitch is all about getting rich fast, which is clearly a warning sign.

Click Into Wealth Review

Product Name:

Click Into Wealth

Website URL:


Drop shipping / Affiliate marketing




$47, downsold at $17


The product claims to offer access to an unrealistic level of wealth, requiring very little work. The sales video is extremely evasive and offers no useful information. It may appeal to lazy dreamers, but not to those who are willing to learn how to make money online.

What Is Click Into Wealth?

Click Into Wealth provides an e-commerce platform with 20+ pre-loaded products that you can sell as a dropshipper. It also claims to build your own brand in less than 30 days, but it doesn't specify how it does it. It sounds confusing because anyone can simply create a brand easily. What matters is how they can market the brand and make it well-established. Unfortunately, none of it is explained.

There are many ready-made websites with pre-loaded products out there. Those “all done for you” sites might save you time in setting up your business. But they don’t work on their own - they only start to work when you start building a list of leads. You’d have to invest a lot of money, trials and errors elsewhere.

Now, the real problem is how Click Into Wealth is sold. The sales page never mentions the drop shipping industry, but instead, it suggests that you can make thousands of dollars by showing a fake ClickBank affiliate commission statement. Is it about drop shipping or affiliate marketing? They are completely different business models from each other.

Click Into Wealth Review

The Lengthy Sales Video

The sales page only contains a video introduction and it’s 24-minute long. What’s wrong with it? You cannot fast-forward or rewind so the only way to find out what the product is about is to sit through and listen to the seller. (Or, you can download the video and get a transcript like I did.) 

Anyway, what does that tell you?

It tells you that the product is specifically targeted at people who have nothing better to do other than to sit around listening to an unknown person talking so much about wealth but not getting to the point. 

I mean, if you are sensible enough, you’ll work out something’s wrong within the first few minutes. So what’s ultimately wrong with Click Into Wealth?

You’re Told What It’s Not, But You’re Not Told What It Is

The seller says the “system” he offers has “nothing to do with Amazon online surveys, app testing, or Bitcoin investments. In fact, it's way easier.” But he never tells you what it is. Instead, he keeps playing with fluff words such as;

  • “Cutting edge online profit method”
  • “You are in the right position to capitalize on the current online market.”

The seller also says, “Nobody wants to work a full-time job only to come home to another job, which is why my method is so attractive.” 

Unfortunately, it’s called a side hustle, and the truth is, millions of business owners work for someone else full-time and run their business using their spare time. 

Whether it’s out of necessity or out of choice, you must work and you must try hard. You know that already, right?

Then, if you still wonder whether there’s a way to make money just by clicking here and there online - there’s absolutely no chance. It’s about time you stopped looking for an easy way out and started learning some basic affiliate marketing techniques at least.

Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing?

As I mentioned earlier, the homepage says that Click Into Wealth will help you ‘create’ a brand by providing a drop shipping website. But anyone can create a brand - name your business, and it’s your brand! What’s important is how you can make your brand profitable. The hardest part is to establish how you can drive traffic to your site, and it’ll always take time and money.

Click Into Wealth ClickBank Screenshot

On the other hand, the sales video displays someone’s affiliate commission statement, which is confusing. The screenshot of the statement is instantly recognisable as ClickBank’s, a well-known affiliate marketplace. Again, there’s no way you can make any money just by clicking a few links. You’ll invest a lot of money in traffic, so you’re never going to make any money just by using Click Into Wealth.

Pure Fantasy

Often, scammers try to get you to fantasise about a wealthy lifestyle by listing things that you could do if money was no object. The seller of Click Into Wealth is no exception. His words are entirely focused on "money";

“The freedom to pay off all your credit card debts, pay off your mortgage or buy a home. Spend more time at home with your loved ones, and get a new car for you and your family. Or finally, take that dream vacation without having to worry about overspending…”

Click Into Wealth Fantasies

“I've vacationed all over the globe and I don't see an end in sight. Last year I purchased a brand new G Wagon, Mercedes-Benz, and I'm about to invest in a ranch home in Colorado for when my daughter and her mom come to visit.“

Financial rewards are in everyone’s interest, right - well, most of us ordinary folks would like to make our lives more financially comfortable. But that’s just an ultimate goal, isn’t it? If you are a sensible, decent human being, the most important thing is how you make a living. What to do with the money you have can only be determined when you know what you're doing to earn it. 

When you are invited to a business opportunity, the very first two things you want to know are;

  1. The method - what to do to generate money, and
  2. Whether the job is suitable for you or not. 

Isn’t that right? 

The sales page of Click Into Wealth is not offering a business opportunity. It completely ignores the method, but says the job is suitable for “anyone”, which is the next point…

A Method That Can Work For ‘Anyone’

We all look for better jobs, don’t we? You can find thousands of the wrong types of jobs for all sorts of reasons - they may require special qualifications or the tasks are not manageable for you. So you keep looking for the one that’s most suitable for you and pays better. 

The seller says that his “Click Into Wealth” method will work for anyone, “in a matter of days”. But you know there’s no such thing. If there were, all the child-poverty problems in the world would be solved! A job that can be done by ‘anyone’ is usually extremely low-paid. 

Fake Seller

The voice of the sales video is not the seller’s. It’s a script that’s read out by a voice actor. And the seller calls himself “Walter Conway” - obviously fake, isn’t it? 

When scammers pick a fake name to call themselves, they tend to pick a generic common biblical name + common English surname, so that nobody can pinpoint them by googling. Any random name like Rachel Brown, Steve Collins, Matt Foster, etc…

You see what I mean, if they name themselves an unusual name, we users will become easily suspicious because we google the name and will soon find out such a person doesn’t exist. But if they name themselves John Smith, there are too many John Smith on the internet, we won’t be able to find that out.

Walter Conway Click Into Wealth

“Walter Conway” - many different men with that name will come up on Google search - some are dead - you can’t find this Walter Conway, you see?

Anyway, if he wanted to be more credible, and was proud to sell his own product, he would have shown up his face photo. He would have displayed links to social network accounts. But all he gives is just his name. For this reason alone, you couldn’t, and shouldn’t trust anything that this fake person suggests.

Fake Testimonial

The woman who appears on the Click Into Wealth checkout page says, "The setup was extremely fast, and I was able to make more money by the end of the first week!"  

Click Into Wealth Fake Testimonial

The testimonial is fake because the woman is from Fiverr, getting paid for saying whatever she's told to say by her customer in front of the camera.

She doesn't actually mention "Click Into Wealth", she doesn't say what setup, and she doesn't say "make more money" than what. So the seller may be reusing this video as a fake testimonial for other products.

The Seller Will “Take The Site Down” Soon

The seller says that you are one of the lucky few who have the chance to join Click Into Wealth because he intends to shut down the site soon. He says that the same offer will not be available again.

 “If you don’t buy it now, I cannot guarantee it will still be here when you come back.”

This makes no sense, does it? He’s trying to sell something to you without proving his identity and also telling you that he will disappear. Practically he’s a stranger approaching you on the street, asking you for money. He may give you something in return for the money, or he may not. All you know is that you don’t know who he is and you’ll never meet him again. Is there any reason that you should buy anything from a complete stranger?

Cheap Miracle Story

The seller spares a lot of time explaining his background story - juggling 3 jobs, the stress that caused him to break up his relationship, losing the jobs, depression… Trying out several “making money online” methods, none of which worked out. And suddenly he found this system that worked, but he doesn’t reveal the slightest of what it is.

Suspicious Downselling Tactics

Suspicious Downselling Tactics

Click Into Wealth is initially sold for $47, and the seller says the price has “the bargain of the century.” But as soon as you move your cursor away to close the browser, a $10 discount message will pop up. If you still show that you are uninterested, you’ll be given a further $20 discount. 

So he’s been saying that there are only a few spots available, but if you show the seller that you’re reluctant to buy it, he’ll give you a whopping 64% discount.

In other words, the seller is committed to selling this product for $17 but tries to overcharge you by $30.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Click Into Wealth appears to offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. There’s good news and bad news - I’ll tell you the bad news first. 

The seller says, “If my methods don't work for you, just email me and I'll refund your investment that day.” 

But who’s talking? Who’s the seller? Unknown. And he says he’ll take the site down shortly and disappear. Would you believe a word that he tells you? You shouldn’t!

The good news is, the seller’s promise is the proof, so you can always dispute against your credit card company if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Click Into Wealth Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Evasive video - not offering a business opportunity in a genuine manner.
  • Unrealistic income claim.
  • The seller is unknown.
  • The testimonial is fake.
  • Fake scarcity and dramatic down-selling tactics.

Click Into Wealth Review - Conclusion:

If you've had any doubts about this Click Into Wealth product, this review has helped clear your mind. You're not told what you're supposed to do, how the money's generated, and the person who's telling all the irrelevant stories is unknown. Too many uncertainties mean the risk of wasting money. You wouldn't want to trust any product like that.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
January 2023: $7,080.00

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