Chatbots to Organize Online Business

By Joe Garcia

Chatbots are in a position to create a significant impact behind the businesses in terms of growth hacking. Today companies are either already using chatbots or are interested in using them. They can provide fantastic jobs to take their services to the next level while allowing the companies to maintain good engagement value with the customers.

A chatbot is typically used to provide company information to first-time website visitors. You must have seen something like this; when you visit a website you see a live chat box somewhere on the screen. Immediately after you click the box to ask some questions, a few standard messages pop up one after another. If you keep checking their behaviors a little closer, you will be able to get a clear understanding of how the chatbots can help you to get an engaging experience and interact with the website.

Bots and Chatbots to Organize Online Business

What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a bot (short for "robot") is inanimate conversation software that would engage you online just like any human would, when you need information on a product or service. Chatbots can answer your questions relevant to the product or service that you would be seeking online at the time. They "help you" to search, means they make you feel that whatever you're searching for, you're not doing it alone.

If you are getting a lot of queries from the customers about your business activities, you can let chatbots handle them. Then you will be in a position to provide a better service level to the customers by helping them understand the matters they are dealing with. Also, you can have your online business open 24 hours a day, seven days a week by employing a chatbot. You will be able to save a considerable amount of money, as you won’t need to keep a few people working in the shift to respond to the customers' queries.

As a business owner, by delegating a chatbot as your "customer service manager", you will not only save a cost to employ a real person behind the computer, you will also save all other office costs and training costs, although some costs to "train the bots" will incur (this will be explained later on). And therefore you'll save your time by getting your work done quickly.

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Bots Are AI

Typically Siri and ​Alexa voice services, chatbots are identified as Artificial Intelligence as they are doing what a human would and more. Of course, they would never be annoyed about whatever you ask it. Patience is its forte and bots would never lose its cool. They would not snap back even when provoked, as they are programmed to tell their customers exactly what they want to know.

There is software available today using this type of Artificial Intelligence to interact with customers, and many leading companies are using bots to communicate with their customers to pursue marketing and sales even extending to the customers after sales service.

Bots are AI, and AI will drive the future of bots. The people who create bots have already started paying their attention to this fact. For the bots to become more intelligent, they need to be provided with appropriate training. A large volume of data is required for training as well. Hence, the bots are designed to learn as they offer their services to humans. From every single user query, the bots will memorize every possible protocol to answer. As a result, the bots are improving their performance continually. And this is creating a robust platform where we can build new, even more sophisticated, intelligent bots in the future.

Interacting Through Bots

Customer interaction could be hassle free when customers are happy to hear what they ask of what they want to know. Access to an unlimited amount of information is available to bots in the database unlike a human at the other end who could be at wit's end to answer questions that they would not have the answer to. Bots are Artificial Intelligence and have all the information just like an encyclopedia with the advantage of getting the response instantaneously and delivering it to the customers at the other end.

Bots on Social Media

The introduction of the Social media bots has opened up to 900 million opportunities connected into one large family with interaction possible with each one of them, and that is one big family for businesses to interact with. Businesses can use bots with other applications through their vast customer base to help track what their customers think and the preferences they have.

Facebook is one of the prominent social media networks, which uses bots to provide a better service to the users. In today’s world, you can see Facebook pages that have integrated bots. You will be able to directly communicate with those pages and get all the details you want with the assistance of these bots. 

Building Bridges with Bots

Bots have provided an opportunity to build bridges with millions worldwide, taking every message that companies want right to the palms of their customers through their smartphones.
Customers could get access to anything they need to know without the hassle of waiting for someone human at the other side of the line to obtain the information they want whereas bots would have the answers and provide them instantaneously.

Some say that the idea of adding a human touch by reaching out to your customers personally, is old-fashioned. Bots allow you to make your business known to more potential customers than ever and take care of a mass number of them all at the same time, without taking a break. For that reason, if you need to get closer to your customers, the best way is to get your bots working for you.

Bots the Future

Like companies would want a trouble-free relationship with their customers, customers too would wish to smoother relationships with the companies they want to deal with and get all the information they need before they engage any further and make a purchase. Hence the communication traffic is two way. Most confrontations occur when the wrong information is provided to customers due to human error, but with bots, this is less likely to happen.


If you are a business owner, you should never ignore the importance of bots. They are in a position to create a massive positive impact on your business. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to think about appropriately using bots, so that you will be able to stay away from pain and frustration that you will have to go through in the future.

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