Chat With A Chatbot – How Interesting Can It Be?

By Joe Garcia

There is an increasing number of businesses who use chatbots on their website in order to provide better customer support. They have been able to achieve their objectives up to a great extent with the use of chat bots. However, they still have a long way to go. If you have ever experienced live chat customer services, you know the "person" who's helping you is whether a real human or a robot straight away. And if it's a bot, you know it's not going to help you as much as a human customer service agent is, and you might simply close the chat window without asking any further questions.

Chat With A Chatbot – How Interesting Can It Be?

With all that said, chatbots are continually being developed, and they are becoming more capable of serving some astonishing tasks. Some of the chatbots have become intelligent enough to mimic human conversational behaviors as well. With this progression, chatbots will not just be used for customer service. There are many other applications of chatbots, which span across a variety of industries. Here is a list of some of the most innovative chatbots out of them.

Chatbots Can Provide You News Headlines

We all have the habit to go through news headlines when we wake up in the morning. However, we are not in a position to spend a lot of time on that well. That’s where the chatbot developed by NBC would come into play. This chatbot is intelligent enough to help you navigate through the most appropriate news headlines according to your preferences. In other words, you can use this chatbot to distinguish the signal from noise. 

The NBC chatbot is highly conversational, and it provides an enhanced experience to the users. On the other hand, it can help you to gain access to news that is coming from around the world as well. It has got the potential to become extremely popular in the future. The development team is currently working hard to ensure that.

Chatbots For Entertainments

Imperson creates many innovative chatbots for entertainment industries. For example, CBS Big Brother Bot allows fans to vote, ask questions as well as to play games and quizzes. Jack In The Box, the voice of the fast-food mascot bot promotes new menu, chats about restaurant topics or nutritional info. Disney created a Zootopia chatbot to help children spend their time in solving crimes. The bots allow kids to have a great time with fictional characters. These bots are the best initiatives that they could come up with in the recent past in order to engage with the fans. 

These chatbots respond perfectly well to deliver an enjoyable experience to the people who use them. This will take the fictional characters as well as the brands to the next level and make them even closer to the audiences.

Chatbots Can Support A Good Cause


Charity organizations have also started using chatbots to provide their services in an effective manner. Their chatbots can be used to help individuals and small communities to raise their voice. UNICEF, for example, has a large number of innovative initiatives, and this can be considered as the best one out of them.

The specific chatbot is named as U-report. It provides polls, which can help UNICEF with large scale data gathering. U-Report is a messaging tool that is free to everyone to speak out on development issues, support child rights and improve our communities. With the popularity of this poll, they are in a position to go ahead with their data gathering in a practical way. The most recent polls include:

  • U-Reporters speak out to inform UN strategy
  • The Body Image Poll
  • Migrant rights
  • World Children's day
  • Standing up for Climate change
  • Young people's opinion on Public harassment

Chatbots Can Help Diagnose Medical Conditions

Now that many hospitals use online diagnosis tool to see as many patients and save time at the same time. Chatbots are a little step-ahead in this area. They are in a position to provide better living conditions for people anywhere in the world. MedWhat can be considered as a perfect example to help doctors and nurses in order to make medical diagnosis faster and easier, within a short period.

You will be able to talk with this chatbot and get your diagnosis done within a short time. It has been able to deliver outstanding results for the users in the past. Many MedWhat reviews and testimonials left by the patients are available, and they prove the usefulness of this chatbot. MedWhat is an AI which is intelligent enough to learn on its own as well. Therefore, it will become a virtual assistant that hospitals and clinics can use for their medical diagnosis in the future for sure.

Chatbots Can Help You To Sleep Better

Insomnobot 3000

Insomnobot-3000, created by Casper is a "friendly, easily distracted bot" to keep insomniacs company. Nothing seems harder when you just can't sleep at night. Insomnobot is a chatbot that is designed to help them with that. Any person who is going through the pain of loneliness at night will be able to seek the assistance of Insomnobot. It is a little too simple and can be a little boring, but it will improve along with time for sure. It may soon be in a position to engage with highly effective conversations with the people who are suffering from serious insomnia.


Now you know that chatbots are not just used for customer/consumer service purposes but in other areas such as news, multimedia, non-profit and medical purposes. The users can be from children to elderly and also from any geographic locations. Chatbots are said to become even more useful to a large number of other industries in the near future. Hence, we will be able to make our lives comfortable with the assistance of chatbots.

How to Build Chatbots and Make Money

Do you want to build chatbots and earn income from them? edX offers a course for free. The course instructor is Antonio Cangiano, and it includes 6 modules plus summary and the exam. You don't have to have a previous knowledge, therefore the course start with "What are Chatbots?". The 6 modules include

  1. Introduction to Chatbots
  2. Introduction to Watson Conversation
  3. Building Our Chatbot: Intents and Entities
  4. Building Our Chatbot: Dialog
  5. Deploying Your Chatbot on WordPress
  6. Making Money with Chatbots

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