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Target Audience In Advertising – Mobile Users Go Away!

Target Audience in Advertising Mobile Users

We all know it’s crucial to target specific audience when advertising. Not many guys are interested in handbags and not many girls would buy beard oil. But when a niche you’re promoting appeals to wider range of people, for example bizopp (business opportunities) and MMO (make-money-online), it may still be worth narrowing down your target […]

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Kris Clicks Review – Traffic To Your Bizopp Lead Capture Page

Kris Clicks is a brand new web traffic service, offering to help you to generate leads quickly. The service is specifically designed for bizopp (business opportunities) category. Means Kris Clicks is perfect if you have a lead capture page to promote bizopp such as MLM, make money online and work from home.How Kris Clicks WorksYou can […]

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Is “Affiliate Marketing” A Crucified Phrase?

A lot of niche marketers casually call themselves an “affiliate marketer” while others try to avoid the word affiliate and simply refer to themselves “a blogger” instead. Say “I’m a niche marketer” and people generally don’t know what the hell that means. Whereas if you ask your friends what they think an “affiliate marketing” means, most of […]

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