Cashinfluence Scam Review – Where Should You Report It?

By Ray Alexander is another scam site that promises to "pay" money to random users. Don't waste your time. Don't listen to your social network members who claim to have got paid by Cashinfluence. They are the ones who'll end up paying the price for it. Nobody will receive a penny from this scam. Read the following Cashinfluence review and you'll know you should be staying away from it.

Cashinfluence Review

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Data harvesting scam



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February 2020


Free to join


What Is Cashinfluence? is a data harvesting scam site. It associates with illegitimate advertising agents (i.e. spammers), runs fake surveys and prize competitions. The participants are asked to fill out their personal data (full name, email address, street address, phone number and date of birth) so that the spammers can send unsolicited emails, messages and make cold-calls.

It mainly targets new internet users and pretends to reward a large sum of money for barely doing anything, such as;

  • $25 just for signing up.
  • $30 each time they complete a "task" (answer fake survey questions or enter a fake prize draw).
  • $15 each time their friend or social follower joins.
  • $65 for promoting Cashinfluence on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

The catch is spectacularly simple. It won't pay. It has never paid a penny to a user, and it never will. When a user signs up with Cashinfluence and logs in for the first time, they'll be prompted to enter their preferred payment method - how they want to get paid. PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Bitcoin, Mailed Check, Paytm are listed. When they've "earned" enough money, they can request to withdraw it at a click of a button. What will happen is - their access to Cashinfluence will be blocked. That will be it. 

Cashinfluence Scam Review

Brand New Site, Fake "Payment Proofs"

Everything that's being said in the "About" page is made up. It says "CashInfluence started in March 2015 in Amsterdam", but you may have noticed that the YouTube video (uploaded on February 11th, 2020) on the homepage says "This is a new website called Cashinfluence..." registration

And Cashinfluence is indeed a brand new site. The domain registry record proves that the site was created at the beginning of February 2020.

Payment proofs are also all made up - you know you can make that kind of thing easily by using a graphic tool. The Cashinfluence logo and some texts such as "You received $200.00" are harshly pasted onto payment notification screens. Some fonts look blurrier than others and you can easily tell these are not genuine but tampered.

How Do We Know You Won't Get Paid?

Because Cashinfluence is one of many similar sites that are run by the same scammers. Two sites that are shown below are SurveyJunkies and PulseBucks respectively, both are almost identical to Cashinfluence. Not just the design and layout but the contents are simply copied from one to another.

Similar Scam Sites

If you search these names on social media, you'll find some complaints made by former users.

Virtually Unknown On Social Media

CashInfluence claims to have caused an "uproar" on all social media and become the #1 network in under 10 years. But as I just proved above, this is a brand new little site trying to scam a few people, it's barely a social network. Perhaps the number of Instagram followers says it all.

Cashinfluence Instagram

But Some People Say They've Got Paid!?

Yep. Don't believe any of them. They're either of the following two.

Cashinfluence YouTube
  1. They believe that they've "earned" money based on the account balance showing on their Cashinfluence dashboard. They don't know that they won't be able to cash it yet. Or,
  2. They also believe that Cashinfluence will pay, and they're fibbing because they're desperate to earn extra by referring to others.

Fake Task Wall

You see, if you stop for a second and think about it twice, you know these tasks are not tasks. Nobody's getting paid such a high rate just by answering silly questions like "How many times a month do you shop online?"

Yes, there are some legitimate surveys-for-cash sites out there, but they'll take a lot more of your time and only pay a small amount as a tip, like $0.20 - $0.80. Because legit survey questions are asked by research labs. They're looking for the results as accurate as possible, which means;

  • They want the answers anonymously. Legitimate surveys never ask your personal detail.
  • They don't pay much, because they want genuine answers to their questions. They don't want people who answer for money.

Similarly, the prize competitions such as "Win $100 McDonald's gift card!" "Win $1,000 Visa card!" are all fake. There are no such prizes.

Cashinfluence Fake Tasks

Because if a competition was real, these big companies (McDonald's, Visa, etc) would want to know how the competition would be running, make sure it would be ethical, and the results would be mutually beneficial to both the company and the competition host. No legit company would give away such prizes to some random users through an unknown site like 

For all these reasons - the "task wall" doesn't have any tasks. It's all fake.

Where Should You Report It?

If you've been trying to "earn" money with Cashinfluence, now you know it's a scam and you might feel like taking revenge on them.

I wouldn't waste any more time if I were you, for two main reasons.

One is because you haven't lost your money. You may have lost a false opportunity to Cashinfluence, but no one has accessed your bank account and stolen the actual cash from you. You haven't spent a single sent on Cashinfluence. For that reason, it's not legally a "scam". 

The other reason is, you don't deserve the money you "earned" with No, you don't. What kind of jobs have you done? Sharing a link on social media here & there, and answering silly questions are not the jobs worth a cent. It doesn't matter you work for an employer or online. Nobody's paying decent money for such easy work that even children can do. Even if you caught the scammer and sued them, the court couldn't order the scammer to pay you money that you haven't worked to earn for!

You Are Better Than This

You can report it to the relevant organizations such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) if that makes you feel better, but I would say, stop wasting your time trying to get back to the scammer because you are better than this.

Also read: What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

You have better things to do. You don't have the time to spare to someone petty who can only make a few dollars by deceiving others. What I mentioned earlier is true - nobody's paying a decent amount of money for the work you've hardly done. All the get-rich-quick schemes online are scams. Nothing happens overnight. If you want to get paid online, start learning the techniques.

Affiliate marketing is something that you can start today with little or no cost. If you're interested, join me free from the link below.

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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  1. Nice post, I totally get this. Scam like this one doesn’t care about others. They only care about their own money do whatever it takes to make money. Ain’t worth reporting it you only waste your time, yes.

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