Can You Make Money With Paranormal Investigation?

Updated: February 20, 2024
by TJ Salvatore

Paranormal investigation, often seen on spooky TV shows and in mysterious movies, is not just about ghostly encounters and eerie adventures. Believe it or not, some folks have managed to turn their paranormal pursuits into profitable ventures. Let's uncover the ways in which individuals can make money with paranormal investigation.

Can You Make Money With Paranormal Investigation

Did You Know?

  • Growing Interest: Over 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and spirits, indicating a broad potential audience for paranormal investigation content.
  • Paranormal TV Shows: There are over 100 television shows dedicated to paranormal investigation globally, showcasing the genre's popularity.
  • Haunted Tourism: Haunted tourism, including ghost tours and paranormal investigations, generates an estimated $300 million annually in the United States.
  • Professional Teams: There are more than 2,000 registered paranormal investigation teams in the U.S., according to the Paranormal Societies database.
  • Public Ghost Hunts: Approximately 22% of paranormal investigation teams offer public ghost hunts, with ticket prices ranging from $30 to $100 per person.

Sell Ghost-Hunting Tools

Making money in the world of ghost-hunting is possible by selling special tools used by paranormal investigators. These tools help them find and communicate with ghosts. Let's look at some of these ghost-hunting gadgets you can sell.

1. EMF Meters: Detecting Energy

EMF meters are like ghost detectors. They measure the energy fields around us. When a ghost is near, it can affect these fields. Paranormal investigators use EMF meters to spot unusual energy changes, suggesting a ghost's presence.

2. EVP Recorders: Capturing Ghostly Voices

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recorders are devices used to capture ghostly voices that might not be heard by our ears. Investigators often play back recordings to listen for messages from the spirit world.

3. Infrared Cameras: Seeing in the Dark

Infrared cameras can record things we can't see in the dark. Ghosts are often thought to appear in low-light conditions. Paranormal investigators use these cameras to capture evidence of ghostly apparitions.

4. Spirit Boxes: Communicating with Spirits

Spirit boxes scan radio frequencies rapidly. It's believed that spirits can manipulate these frequencies to communicate. Selling spirit boxes can be profitable for those interested in paranormal investigations.

Did You Know?

  • Equipment Sales: The market for paranormal investigation equipment, such as EMF meters and night vision cameras, is estimated at $500 million annually worldwide.
  • YouTube Channels: Over 50,000 YouTube channels are dedicated to paranormal investigation, with top channels earning thousands of dollars per month through advertising and sponsorships.
  • Podcasts: There are over 800 podcasts dedicated to the paranormal, with some top paranormal podcasts reaching over 10,000 downloads per episode.
  • Social Media Interest: Paranormal investigation groups on Facebook have memberships ranging from a few hundred to over one million, highlighting the subject's social media engagement.
  • Public Surveys: Surveys indicate that 18% of Americans claim to have seen a ghost, underscoring the public's fascination with the paranormal.

5. Dowsing Rods: Finding Energy Points

Dowsing rods are simple tools used to locate areas with unusual energy. Investigators believe that these rods can point them to places where ghosts might be active.

6. Ouija Boards: Opening Communication

Ouija boards are controversial tools used to communicate with spirits. People use them to ask questions, and the board's pointer supposedly moves to spell out answers. These boards can be a part of a ghost-hunting toolkit.

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7. Sage and Crystals: Cleansing Energy

Sage bundles and crystals are used to clear negative energy from a space. Paranormal investigators often perform rituals with these items to make the environment more conducive to ghostly encounters.

8. Motion Detectors: Noticing Movement

Motion detectors are like alarms. They can pick up movement when there shouldn't be any. Ghost hunters use them to alert them to possible ghostly activity.

9. Thermal Imaging Cameras: Spotting Temperature Changes

Thermal cameras show temperature differences. Cold spots are often associated with ghostly presences. Paranormal investigators use these cameras to spot unusual temperature changes.

10. Ghost-Hunting Kits: All-in-One Solutions

Some people prefer to buy all their ghost-hunting gear in one package. You can create and sell kits that include a variety of tools and instructions for aspiring ghost hunters.

Sell These As an Amazon Affiliate

  1. Use What You Know: You're an expert in ghost-hunting tools. That's your advantage.
  2. Sign Up for Amazon Associates: Amazon's affiliate program is called "Amazon Associates" which you can sign up for free. This makes you a partner with Amazon.
  3. Search for Ghost-Hunting Tools on Amazon: Go to Amazon's website and use their search bar to find the specific ghost-hunting tools you want to promote. For example, if you like an EMF meter, type "EMF meter" in the search bar on Amazon.
  4. Get Your Special Affiliate Link: Once you find a tool you want to recommend, go to the product's page on Amazon. There, you'll see an option to create a special link known as an affiliate link. Click on it.

Did You Know?

  • Conferences and Conventions: The annual number of paranormal conferences in the U.S. has doubled in the last decade, now totaling more than 150 events each year.
  • Book Sales: Sales of paranormal and supernatural-themed books have increased by 24% over the past five years.
  • Documentaries and Films: Over 60 documentaries and films focusing on paranormal investigations were released in the last year alone.
  • Haunted Attractions: The haunted house industry, often employing paranormal themes, is valued at over $1 billion in the U.S.
  • Paranormal Apps: There are more than 200 mobile apps related to ghost hunting and paranormal investigation available for download.

Paranormal Tours

If you live in a place with lots of ghost stories, you can start a business giving ghost tours. These tours take people to haunted spots and tell them creepy stories. People who love thrills and mysteries will pay for these tours, and you can make money from their interest.

Haunted Locations: Where Ghosts Roam

Take your customers to places where ghostly things have happened. These could be old houses, abandoned buildings, or eerie cemeteries. These locations add excitement to your tours.

Guided Tours: Leading the Way

You become the guide and show people around. You tell them the stories of ghosts and hauntings at each location. Your knowledge and storytelling skills keep your customers interested.

Thrill-Seekers: A Ready Audience

Many folks enjoy the thrill of being scared a little. They want to hear spooky tales and experience the mystery. These thrill-seekers are your potential customers.

Paranormal Tours

Creepy Stories: Keeping Them Hooked

Share spine-tingling stories about the places you visit. Make the stories so interesting that your customers stay engaged. They should feel goosebumps!

Earnings: Making Money from Curiosity

People pay you to join your tour because they're curious about ghosts. Your business makes money from their curiosity and love for the unknown.

Writing About the Unknown

If you're good at telling stories and have an interest in the mysterious, you can make money by writing books or articles about paranormal investigations. This can be a rewarding way to share your own experiences or explore the spooky tales of haunted places. Here's how to turn your words into income.

1. Storytelling Talent: Using Your Gift

If you have a knack for storytelling, you're in luck. You can use your gift to write about the paranormal. Your ability to weave tales will keep readers intrigued.

2. Personal Experiences: Sharing Is Monetizing

You can write about your own encounters with the unknown. Tell your readers about the ghostly experiences you've had and how they made you feel. Personal stories can be very engaging.

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Did You Know?

  • Education and Courses: Over 30 colleges and universities worldwide offer courses or workshops on paranormal investigation or related topics.
  • Insurance for Investigators: Roughly 5% of paranormal investigators carry some form of insurance specifically for their investigative activities.
  • Legal Cases: There have been over 50 legal cases in the U.S. where paranormal evidence was submitted, though rarely considered conclusive.
  • Historical Societies: Approximately 10% of historical societies in the U.S. conduct or endorse paranormal investigations as a method to attract visitors and raise funds.
  • Community Events: Over 40% of communities with a population of 50,000 or more in the U.S. have hosted a community-sponsored paranormal investigation event.

3. Haunted Places: Unveiling Mysteries

Explore haunted places and uncover their stories. Write about the history of these locations, the ghosts that haunt them, and the mysteries that surround them. People love to read about spooky places.

4. Finding a Publisher: Getting Noticed

Look for a publisher who specializes in paranormal topics. They can help you get your work out there. Alternatively, consider self-publishing your books or articles online.

5. Income from Words: Turning What You Love Into Profit

When your writing gets published, you can earn money from it. People who are curious about the unknown will pay to read your stories. The more readers you attract, the more income you can generate.

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Online Presence: Ghostly Content Creation

In this digital age, creating content about your paranormal investigations can be a way to make money. Start a YouTube channel or a podcast to share your spooky adventures. Build a following by providing engaging and mysterious content, and you may attract sponsors or advertisers looking to reach your audience.

1. YouTube Channel: Video Adventures

Starting a YouTube channel is like having your own TV show on the internet. You can record your paranormal investigations and share them with viewers. People love watching videos about mysterious things.

2. Podcast: Audio Stories

If you prefer speaking without the camera, consider creating a podcast. It's like a radio show where you talk about your spooky adventures. Listeners can tune in and hear your stories.

3. Building a Following: Getting Fans

The more people who follow your channel or podcast, the better. You attract them by making your content interesting and engaging. Share your ghost hunts in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

4. Sponsors and Advertisers: Earning Money

As your online presence grows, you might catch the eye of sponsors/advertisers. They pay you to promote their products or services to your audience. You can, hopefully, make this a steady source of income.

Profit from Ghostly Tales

Sharing your paranormal investigations online can be a lucrative endeavor indeed. Whether you prefer making videos on YouTube or telling stories through a podcast, there's an audience out there eager to hear your spooky tales. By attracting followers and possibly working with sponsors, you can turn your online presence into a source of income.

Paranormal Events: Hosting the Unseen

Paranormal Events: Hosting the Unseen

Organizing paranormal events can be a rewarding way to generate income. Host conferences, conventions, or workshops where enthusiasts and experts come together to discuss the supernatural. Tickets, merchandise sales, and vendor fees can all contribute to your earnings.

Running paranormal events can be a satisfying way to make money. These events can include conferences, conventions, or workshops where people who love all things supernatural gather to discuss and explore. Let's explore how this can be a source of income.

1. Organizing Gatherings: Creating Spooky Meetups

Imagine putting together events where people interested in ghosts, aliens, or other mysteries can meet up. You're like the host of a party, but it's all about the paranormal.

2. Experts and Enthusiasts: Gathering the Curious

Invite both experts and enthusiasts to your events. Experts can share their knowledge, while enthusiasts get to learn and interact with like-minded people.

3. Ticket Sales: Earnings from Admission

People who want to attend your event will buy tickets. The more attendees you have, the more income you can generate from ticket sales.

4. Merchandise Sales: Spooky Souvenirs

Consider selling spooky merchandise like T-shirts, books, or gadgets related to the paranormal. Attendees love to take home souvenirs from events they've enjoyed.

5. Vendor Fees: Attracting Sellers

If your event becomes well-known, vendors who sell paranormal-related products may want to set up booths. They pay fees to be part of your event, adding to your earnings.

Consulting Services: Paranormal Expertise for Hire

Paranormal Expertise for Hire

If you've become an expert in the world of paranormal investigations, you can make money by offering your knowledge and guidance to others. Paranormal investigators often need advice on their missions, and they're willing to pay for your insights. Here's how you can offer your services:

1. Sharing Expertise: Becoming a Guide

Use what you've learned from your own paranormal experiences to help others. You can act as a guide, offering advice and support to fellow investigators.

2. Remote Consultations: Helping from Afar

You don't have to be physically face-to-face to assist people. Through phone calls or video chats, you can provide guidance to investigators no matter where they are.

3. In-Person Assistance: Being There in Ghostly Hunts

If you're available and willing, you can join investigators on their ghostly hunts. Your expertise can make their missions more successful, and they'll pay for your assistance.

4. Earnings from Insights: Making Money by Helping

Paranormal investigators value expert advice because it can lead to better results. They're willing to pay for your knowledge and guidance, making it a source of income for you.

Reality TV: Ghost-Hunting on Screen

Reality TV: Ghost-Hunting on Screen

Getting on reality TV can be tough, but for some paranormal investigators, it has become a path to fame and money. Sharing your ghost-hunting adventures on the small screen can lead to paid appearances, speaking gigs, and selling merchandise. Here's how it works:

1. Reality TV Stardom: Becoming a Star

Reality TV shows that focus on paranormal investigations can make you a star. These shows follow you and your team as you explore haunted places and uncover spooky mysteries.

2. Paid Appearances: Earning for TV Appearances

Being on TV can lead to opportunities for paid appearances. People might want you to speak at events or participate in other ghost-related activities.

3. Speaking Engagements: Sharing Your Knowledge

Because you've been on TV, you become an expert in the eyes of many. You can earn money by speaking at conferences or events, sharing your experiences and insights.

4. Merchandise Sales: Selling Ghostly Goods

If you gain fame from a TV show, fans may want to buy merchandise related to your investigations. T-shirts, books, or ghost-hunting gadgets can all be sold to your audience.

Unlocking the Paranormal Potential? No Way!

There you go. The paranormal world isn't just about seeking the unknown, there are numerous opportunities to make money in the realm of paranormal investigation. 

Would I want to delve deeply into paranormal activities to make money? No way. I prefer to maintain a positive and peaceful outlook on life. I'd rather not attract scary ghosts or negative spirits into my existence.

Making money from paranormal endeavors often involves immersing oneself in the mysterious and unknown world of ghosts and spirits. Yes, it's definitely intriguing and financially rewarding for some, but it may also lead to unsettling encounters that don't align with my preference for positivity.

It can open doors to the supernatural, potentially inviting spirits and entities to interact. Although some people find this thrilling, I believe it could be disconcerting and could potentially attract malevolent forces. Such experiences can be distressing and may negatively impact my overall well-being.

For me, I would steer clear of paranormal pursuits for profit and instead focus on more uplifting and constructive endeavors. This choice allows me to prioritize my mental and emotional well-being, avoiding potential risks associated with delving into the paranormal realm. Staying true to my positive beliefs and intentions is essential, as it helps me maintain a clear and serene path in life, free from any unwanted ghostly or supernatural disturbances.

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  4. You play with evils and go to hell. In the name of god I don’t like monetizing anything beyond life. Money is not everything and you may enjoy the wealth while you alive but all the bad things might backfire you. Like a lot of investigators have died mysteriously in the past.

  5. I love watching paranormal investigation programs despite knowing that they may be fixed they are so entertaining for sure. I have always wanted to do that kind of thing but have not had guts to appear on camera myself. If I can get someone to act then it will be perfect for me.

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