Best Social Media Apps To Brand Your Products And Services

By Jack Stan

Social applications are turning into more e-commerce platforms. The business of a product solely relies on the ways it presents it on social platforms. Millennials and Generation Z, who are the potential buyers, never forget to surf through social platforms even a day. This shows how these platforms have become an integral part of their lives. If your company's posts catch the people's attention, they will show interest in purchasing your product. Thus, social presence plays a significant role in deciding the business of a brand. 

Best Social Media Apps To Brand Your Products And Services

How Does the Social Media Industry Have Grown Over Years?

Before five years, the social media world was dominated by two major social applications, Facebook and Instagram. Back then, there was no sign for any new social platform to attain at least half of the growth achieved by Facebook and Instagram. But today, we have a handful of social platforms with a considerable user base that eventually leads to the rise of our discussion about the best social media applications to brand a product. Now we shall have a lookout about the apps that fit-in to promote your business. 

The Indispensable Role Of Instagram    

Everyone is aware of the potential of Instagram. However, we are obliged to notify it as neglecting Instagram will not do justice to the topic 'Best social media applications to brand the products and services.' Instagram, the picture dominant platform is home to 1 billion monthly active users

Indispensable Role Of Instagram

The interactive features of the platform help brands to convince their target audience easily. Nearly 75% of beauty cosmetics and apparel brands have their presence on these platforms. The data shows how Instagram has turned into a pivotal platform for brands. If a person chooses a product on Instagram, it provides complete details about it in an intriguing manner. Hence, there won't be any necessity for him/her to check any other sources to know further about the product. Carousel ads (adding multiple images or videos in a single ad) will give various perspectives of a product in different color combinations. You can also add specifications of the product in the description section that could drive the viewer to purchase.  

Instagram has its analytics dashboard that will provide a detailed report on the performance of your posts. It provides insights such as engagement, reach and impression of your post. Since Instagram itself provides the data, it will be more accurate, and there won't be a necessity to go with third-party analytical tools. You can easily estimate the performance of your posts and frame your strategy accordingly. Trollishly is a well-known service provider that facilitates the process of finding your target audience. 

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Don't Miss Out 'Snapchat'

Snapchat is one of the social applications that works best to enhance your brand reach and drive sales. The app has an enormous number of filters that make stay glued to this platform. The social application has its very own 'Geofilters' that help you to elevate your brand awareness. It helps you to create a customized filter where you can add location, date, and time. For instance, if you own a food outlet, encourage your visitor to post an image taken at your outlet, on their Snapchat stories section by adding geofilters. They can add pictures of the delicious food and the interior of your outlet that gave them an engaging ambiance. Hence, the viewers of the Snapchat stories will come to the exact location of your cafe.

Snapchat Facebook Messenger

Moreover, the exclusive overlay offered in the geo-filter will make the image much more intriguing. Geofilter can be utilized to enhance your brand reach through user-generated posts. Snapchat is growing as a huge market with 360 million monthly active users. People of ages between 18-24 years comprise 53% of the total user base of the platform (source). The application has a wide range of drawing tools and filters. Hiring an influencer will be a wise move as you can ideate new themes by capitalizing on various filters, drawing tools, and interactive stickers that are available on the platform. If your product is completely focused on Gen Z, then Snapchat is worth the try.  

Facebook Messenger

Messenger, which was rolled out as a separate application by Facebook to chat, has gained the potential to the level of an individual social application. Messenger has 1.3 billion users, which is anticipated to rise to 2.5 billion users by 2023. Taking the user base into account, Messenger, a byproduct of Facebook, has a vast user base than many other social applications. Today conversational marketing is gaining immense importance since businesses aim for interaction as soon as they find a prospect. A recent survey by a B2C Magazine has stated that people are more open to pour out their expectations from a brand through interaction. With Messenger being a holistic messaging platform, you can utilize it as a channel to communicate with your prospects. 

Go With Chatbots

Chatbots have grown into an essential conversational tool. Renowned B2C brands like H&M and Domino's have their very own chatbots configured into Messaging platforms. These chatbots interact with customers and display products based on their interests. 65% of people have noted that they are pleased by the conversational approach of the chatbot. So, creating a chatbot for your brand and integrating it into Messenger will avail of an enormous benefit to you. 

Don't Fall For TikTok  

It is also vital to stay aware about the social platforms that won't benefit you since you will be investing time and money. In recent times, TikTok is undergoing a tough pace, which even makes us question whether it will exist in the coming years. India, which topped the list of countries with a maximum number of TikTok users, has recently banned it. Trump has also warned that he is about to ban the application in the USA. We also come across speculations that talks are underway between TikTok and Microsoft to hand over the company to the latter. Though TikTok has faced such situations in the past, it is expected to have a hard blow this time. Even if you have a large part of your target audience on that platform, it is wiser to back down from investing in it.      

Know The Potential Of LinkedIn

Potential Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social application that avails enormous benefits for B2B brands. According to a recent survey, in B2B, 62% of companies check the LinkedIn profile of a seller before collaboration. A LinkedIn profile has sections such as 'Articles' and 'Documents' in which you can add detailed write-ups about your products, accomplishments. In B2B, companies will have an analytical approach before choosing a company for collaboration. They will check with various available sources to ensure whether joining hands with you will add value to them and uplift their profit. So, add insights, statistics, and surveys to show how beneficial your service is. Since the platform is filled with industrialists and people of various niches, you can easily find the one you are looking for.  

Keep Abreast Of The Niche Social Platforms   

In today's scenario, people are looking to see posts that are relevant to their interests. Though the significant social platforms provide options for users to personalize the content, it seems that it did not wholly satiate them. Hence, they are looking for social platforms that match their interests. This led to the rise of many niche social platforms. These platforms help brands to find their target audience easily. Explore the niche social platforms, and if any platform exists in your niche, it will facilitate pitching your product. Here, we bring out some of the niche social platforms: 


The name itself helps you to guess what this social application is dealing with. The platform allows people to connect with home decorators, architectures, and interior designers in your city who have their profile on this platform where they showcase their previous works and accomplishments. If your business is related to this home improvement niche, you can promote your past projects on this platform.


The social application will help people to find like-minded people for their research. If you have any research or project plans, post it on this platform so that people who find your post interesting will contact you for collaboration.     


Dribble is a social platform that is dedicated for people to showcase their artworks. It is one of the widely used applications by designers. If you are looking for skilled designers who can exactly bring out the concepts ideated for your brand into intriguing designs for promotions, you can find them on this platform.   

Final Thoughts

Researches say that by 2022, top B2C brands will have 80% of their total sales through social platforms. Thus, social platforms will evolve into a complete commercial platform. Since every platform has its very own unique characteristics, framing strategies accordingly will help you to generate leads at ease. 

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