AZ Sniper Scam Review – $1,500 per Day with 10 Minutes of Work?

Updated: November 22, 2020
by Ray Alexander

If you've been looking for an AZ Sniper review for whatever reason - you want to know more about it, you're desperate for cash, for you're looking for eventual financial freedom... Don't believe anything that AZ Sniper video says. The story is made up from start to finish. It's a scam. Have I bought this product? Hell, no. Because I have bought similar products, most probably created by the same person, and I'm not spending another cent on something that I know is totally useless. So this is not an AZ Sniper user review but I'll share my opinion based on my past experience. Whether to believe me or not is up to you.

AZ Sniper Review

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AZ Sniper

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What Is AZ Sniper?

The seller calls it "Amazon Sniper" and claims to let you earn $1,500 per day with 10 minutes of work each day. But he never tells you what kind of business model he's trying to introduce.

He also says this is "new and revolutionary" but those who have been checking out make-money-online products for a while would know what it is the moment they view the sales video... AZ Sniper is a rehashed version of Cash Sniper and AZ Millionaire Method. They both previously claimed to be a "system" that would magically make thousands of dollars per day for you, but the actual product turned out to be a collection of affiliate marketing/e-commerce general guide PDFs. Both the products were initially sold for $37, then after a while, the prices were dramatically dropped to as low as $7-9. AZ Sniper is priced at $37 at the time of writing this.

AZ Sniper Scam Review

"10 Minutes To Set Up, 10 Minutes Of Work Each Day"

This is a grossly misleading, deceptive claim because believe me, there is NO system, program, or scheme that only requires such little effort anywhere - if that kind of thing ever existed, everyone could become rich and the global economy would crash! Since AZ Sniper is just a general guide to affiliate marketing, it doesn't have anything to set up for you anyway. Absolutely no way can you expect anything done to make money in such a short time.

Can You Make ANY Money with AZ Sniper?

I really don't think so. A general guide is a general guide, all you get is theoretical knowledge but no practical skills. To get your Amazon affiliate business started, you'll most definitely have to own a website and build it page by page according to the niche (the type of products) you've chosen. There'll be a recurring cost and a lot of time to learn, try, and test. AZ Sniper itself will never make a cent for you.

Yes, Amazon Is A Retail Giant But...

From my experience, when a seller starts to talk about some of the richest people in the world (e.g. Warren BuffettBill Gatesin the sales video, it's a red signal. They often go on about how big their business is, how they became wealthy, what makes them different from others, and so on. But they often fail to constructively explain what it's to do with the product that they sell. They merely mention the global giants just to hint at a false sense of success, you see. 

AZ Sniper is no exception - the seller talks about Jeff Bezos, the founder/CEO of Amazon, keeps going on about how successful he is and how big his global online stores are. He suggests that therefore you'll instantly get rich if you work with Amazon...which never makes sense. Already plenty of entrepreneurs have analyzed the most successful global business strategies and are trying to follow the exact formulas. It would be unexplainable magic if you could get all that just by paying a one-off fee or $37!

Earning With Amazon

The seller of AZ Sniper is obviously over-glorifying Amazon with no logical explanation because of course, working with a bigger company never necessarily means you earn more money. It's easy to sign up as an Amazon Associate (its affiliate program) but how much you can make depends on what kind of products you promote, the size of your audience, and how you promote them to your audience. 

AZ Sniper's sales video tells you as if the seller has just discovered a secret method, but millions of affiliate marketers and bloggers are already thriving to promote Amazon on their websites - this is an extremely competitive market.

Amazon's affiliate commission rates vary from 1% - 10%. The rates are constantly reviewed and change once or twice a year. But imagine a product priced at $100 and the commission rate is 3%. If one person buys it via your website, you'll receive $3. If you were to make $1,500 per day like the AZ Sniper's seller suggests, you'd have to sell 500 units (to 500 customers) every single day. It's not the kind of thing beginners can easily achieve.

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Classic Scam Technique 1 - Fake Testimonials

If you still believe that there may be a chance of making money with AZ Sniper because "real people" say they've done it in front of a camera... That's never the case. These people are actors from Fiverr and what they say is totally scripted. They get paid $5-$10 for speaking in front of the camera. These people are partners in crime - although they advertise themselves as a "spokesperson", they mislead consumers by lying.

AZ Sniper Fake Testimonials

Next time you encounter a "testimonial" video like this, there are two things that you can check. A "make-money-online" product is most likely to be a scam if;

  • They never tell you what they've actually done to make money, but they simply say for example, "I've tried it and it's great!"
  • They tell you some random number including cents, e.g. "I've made four thousand, three hundred and twenty-one dollars, fifty-six cents just in 4 days! A huge thank you to AZ Sniper!"

Telling a random number is a silly old cheap trick - some scammers still believe that some exact number may sound more credible other than to say "I've made over $4,000".

Classic Scam Technique 2 - The Seller's "Personal Story"

AZ Sniper Lasagna Story

In the sales video, the seller calls himself "Stephen Ford" but never reveals anything else about himself. Yet he tells you a long soppy story, followed by how he finally came up with AZ Sniper and transformed himself into a rich man. 

He had no job, no money, discovered that his girlfriend was pregnant, the hardship got worse and he was arguing with her over money every day. One day, he was invited to a "lasagna dinner" then found the Amazon method from his nephew. Now he bought a new car, a new house and he's able to treat his girlfriend anything he wants.

What you can take away from this boring fake story is;

  • He only talks about money - he was poor and now he's rich. Nothing else in his life such as productivity, the business ethos that others can pay their respect to him for. It means the seller is targeting "do nothing and get rich quick" dreamers.
  • The entire story is filled with so much detail of irrelevant description so that the viewers (get-rich-quick dreamers) may feel relatable.

Classic Scam Technique 3 - "Everyone Else Is A Scammer"

Although he never tells you what AZ Sniper actually offers, he tells you what it is not. "Let me just clarify that I am not talking about making money from Bitcoin, stocks, binary options, a pyramid scheme, or any other bogus investment opportunity." This is just to keep the viewers interested.

He also says that he spent hundreds of dollars in the past on online courses but none of them worked. Again, to keep the viewers who have already invested money on some schemes interested.

Then he blames other online gurus. "The truth is that anyone who promises to make you a millionaire with the click of their fingers is just outright lying! Those scammers are simply looking to sell you a pile of junk and then run off into the sunset with your hard-earned cash!"

He basically says, everyone else is lying simply because you can't make millions of dollars at a few clicks, but his product is real because you can make thousands of dollars at a few clicks. No valid reason behind the logic or whatsoever.

Dubious 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

AZ Sniper Money Back Guarantee

The seller offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you've been misled to buy AZ Sniper already and now you find yourself not making $1,500 per day - I assume you're not - you should be able to ask for a full refund.

However, at the time of writing this, AZ Sniper is being sold via ClickBetter, an affiliate network and payment clearing system that doesn't always make refunds swiftly. Some complaints can be seen and I too have a bad experience with ClickBetter, so if you ever need to contact the support to request for a refund, I suggest that you tell them your rights persistently until you actually see the money come back in your credit card/bank account.

AZ Sniper Review - Conclusion

If you are sensible, you may already know that there is no such system or scheme that "takes care of all the hard work for you" and magically makes money for you in a short period. I don't recommend AZ Sniper, and I also strongly suggest that you always make sure what you're supposed to be doing before purchasing any "make money online" tool or program. Not to get swayed by distracting sales copies!

Never Look For Short-Term Profits

You know, I'm not trying to patronize you in any way but if you watched the AZ Sniper sales video and thought "wow, this sounds good", then it's really a warning signal for you. The video has no content - it doesn't explain anything about how the revenue will be generated. You're not getting anything out of this kind of invitation and you'll be wasting your time, money...and life!

There's no "system" that guarantees quick bucks in a short period anywhere online - the ones that claim to let you earn short-term profits are all either scams or high-risk investments (you may earn a lot but you may lose a lot), you see what I mean?

A legitimate "make money" program always explains what kind of job is involved and who the target audience is (i.e. who's paying so that you're receiving a percentage of the profit) before you can decide to make a purchase. You need to know what you'll be doing - you need time to decide it's something you think you can do and want to do.

Affiliate marketing is interesting - it's about recommending products that you truly love and helping others. If you are interested in this business model using Amazon's Associates program and wish to get it started, the first thing you'll need to do is to decide your niche (what you are really specialized in) then to start creating a website of your niche. Click the link below and start learning the technique while building your first website for free. Good luck!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2023: $6,750.00

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  1. If you are looking to make good money online don’t trust something like AZ Sniper scam all the principles are wrong; none of it is available to download and you don’t get any decent study materials that can be usable in long term.

  2. Yeah stop wasting your time. I just close the sales page if it has no text but only a video at the top. I don’t have 45 minutes to listen to all the crap.

  3. No one should give a s*** about scams I was scamed by someone called Jessica Aniston lol she sounded genuin and I got it but I didn’t find anything that was making me start. I emailed Jessica at least 5 times but she didn’t reply in the end I gave up. She is scamer don’t be fooled. I just don’t any more people to be scamed the same way.

    1. Hi Barb, thanks for your comment. That person “Jessica” is most likely to be a fake name and if an email wasn’t from her, it would be from someone with another fake name. She (or he!) is just an affiliate and only spamming emails with various affiliate links, I guess, and there’s no point trying to contact the sender. If you only bought it recently, you can still contact ClickBetter and claim a full refund. I strongly suggest that you do. Thanks for sharing your experience, I wish you all the best!

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