8 Working and Effective Ways How to Attract Customers to Your Website

By Cristian Morales

Being creative is the way to go in today’s time. Gone are the days when you could attract customers with some special deals and offers as now every other competitor is doing the same.

So, businesses have now turned to digital marketing to reach and attract more customers as going local isn’t working anymore. Having a website is one of the most effective ways to attract customers. There is a reason why companies spend a lot to make a presentable website and it is a selling point when you are looking for new customers.

8 Working and Effective Ways How to Attract Customers to Your Website

SEO or search engine optimization is the way to go here. That’s why businesses hire SEO analysts and experts to optimize their website in a way that it can be easily found by people on the internet when they are looking for relevant material.

So, if you are new to this SEO world and are seeking out ways to help build your website, here are few tips that you can follow to make that dream come true:

1. You not we.

What you write on your website is important. While putting information is one thing, delivering it the right way so that customers will again turn up on your page, is however another. Instead of adding extra information about your business, family, sales, and other discounts, try to understand the customer's points of view and then design your website. Their issue should be addressed.

When the customer feels heard and seen, he’ll visit the website of his volition the next time he needs some information. It should always be ‘you’ as in the customers, instead of ‘we’. You just need to apply a different approach.

2. Update your website regularly

No one likes stale news or information. A content marketing strategy is very important for your business. Keep the contents of your website always fresh so that whenever customers look for something new, they land on your webpage. You can get some help here if you choose a web hosting service that helps in easily updating your website.

Also, make sure the content you are adding stays relevant to the needs of the customers.

3. Create landing pages

Create landing pages

Instead of putting all your sale offers on your website, you can create special landing pages. This also might be helpful in building a website. This keeps the website clutter-free and also serves the purpose of guiding customers towards a specific advertisement meant for them.

While creating a landing page, keep in mind the goal and who you wish to attract with it. These small details are important while driving traffic to your website. Landing pages have helped in increasing conversion rates quite often.

4. Don't always be selling

If all your website is trying to do is sell to its customers, it might not please them. While this strategy would have worked a decade ago when e-commerce industry wasn't so competitive, things have changed now drastically. It's important to sell your uniqueness and let people know that your business has something interesting that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Your website should be designed in such a way that you don’t have to always write about a sale, offers, promotions, etc., and it would still sell your stuff. What it means is that you provide useful information to your target audience and, this can only happen if you come up with good and creative content that's related to your niche. Otherwise, it looks like you are too desperate to make a sale which would drive the customer away.

5. Build links

Linking is an important thing to consider while building your website. We aren’t talking just about your blogs but also email newsletters, social media handles, etc. This would help in generating traffic and ultimately increase the number of searches your website appears in.

Another thing you can do is link your website to relevant pages and news articles. People will chance upon it while reading something related and might visit your website. If the content you are providing is good enough, other websites/bloggers tend to add its link in their articles themselves. It is called external linking.

6. Submit


This is another important thing you need to consider. Once you have finished writing the content, submit the blog article and website to authoritative third-party sources that provide related information. These include local news websites, industry-related blogs, consumer forums, other online communities, etc. They help a great deal in spreading the word without doing a lot.

Also, once your articles or website content is accessible by the common public and also liked by them, it will be automatically shared among other such customers. So, the hassle of having a press release won’t be there.

7. Maintain a blog on your website

Having a website and maintaining a blog are two different things. Your website is a place wherein your customers can find everything about your company. A blog, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to give that extra info that’ll keep the customers constantly visiting your website just for extra tips.

For example, if your business is related to selling cosmetics, you can write blog posts on how to wing that liner or make up for different occasions, etc. These things drive traffic as the customer will find these tips useful some or other time.

Decide on the frequency of these posts as that is also important. Don’t overdo it, just keep things coming to keep your website active and fresh.

8. Invest in professional writing and web design

There is a reason people hire web content writers and designers for their websites. The appeal is everything when it comes to websites and professionals help in building the perfect website for you.

Investing in a professional service might cost you a bit initially, however its return outweighs the cost incurred as you will be thankful once customers start turning up to your website on their own. Having a website is all about generating more traffic and professionals know exactly how to do that.


There are several ways to attract customers to your website, these were just a few of them that are common but extremely helpful especially if you are new to website building.

We hope these ideas will help you out next time you are looking to generate traffic on your website. Let us know what worked the best for you.

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Cristian Morales

Freelance writer and graphic designer with a can-do attitude. I became independent after spending 6 years in the hospitality industry and 5 years in banking & finance. I'm an all-rounder guy, open to working with like-minded people.

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