Is 30 Days Blog Challenge Worth A Try?

I only learned about 30 days blog challenge very recently. This website is just over 5 months old - originally started as a different site and migrated here in January. Still less than 8 months old including the old posts from the original site. I've been advised to take up a 30 days blogging challenge in order to push up the site trust level.

The idea of the challenge itself is simple; write one blog every day continuously for 30 days. If you've missed one for the day, you have to think about it. Think hard about it. Get up the next morning and question yourself - why did I miss my blog yesterday? Is it because I was ill? Because I was out with friends in the evening, I had too many other things to do, too many other stuff to worry about? Is it a motivational factor?

What a load of crap.

But okay, if that's what it is to boost your website trust, I'd give it a try, I thought.

So I started to read other people's blogs, and couldn't quite find anything that I liked... I could see many new site owners try to fill in a page with any subject, one after another, back to back. Frankly, I found so many rubbish contents during their 30 days challenge (sorry). But that's ok because no one's looking. Your site is so young that Google won't pick it up anyway. Just keep posting one blog a day... And in a few months time, or whenever you have a solid number of visitors, you won't have to do a new post more than 1-3 times a week and you'll have a spare time. Then it's time for you to go back to those old sad rubbish posts, delete them or edit the content to turn it more meaningful. That's the plan...

That's the plan? No wonder there are over 1 billion websites worldwide...

Quality Contents During The 30 Days Blog Challenge

Neil Patel

Neil Patel (Hurrah!)

I think the 30 Days Blog Challenge and the idea of writing quality contents are mutually exclusive. If you were genius like Neil Patel, able to write super-high quality content every single day for 30 days, you'd surely be able to continue that forever.

So here's my dilemma; I'm an accountant, not a writer. English is not my mother language either. I write slow. Should I write a blog every day for the next 30 days starting today? Even if I end up writing a total trash, close my eyes and press "Publish"? (That'd be fun actually...)

Knowing that I already have valued subscribers and readers from my other sites (thank you so much for your support, I mean it!) I couldn't do that just for the sake of boosting my Alexa ranking.

Harder For Introverts

I think it's harder for introverts than extroverts ("Does Introvert/Extrovert Mean To You (Huh???") to carry out this spontaneous "just do it" task. I think well before I speak (write), and even after I've spoken I think about it again. Everyone else has moved on by then.

As far as 30 Days Blog Challenge is concerned, it's certainly more advantageous for those who are extroverts. They just write spontaneously. They can just...write about your dog eating your cat's poo out of the litter - in their "Make Money Online" blog... And if they regret, "Oops! Not quite relevant to my website!" is the answer, and it's done. Move on.​ No one's looking.

Do you think 30 Days Blog Challenge is worthy a try?

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