Does Introvert Extrovert Mean To You (Huh???)

If you have ever tried a “introvert extrovert test”, you know what I mean. This personality analysis was once made popular by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Often people mistakenly consider introverts as shy but they’re not. Extroverts are often simply regarded as sociable, but in fact there’s more to that. Does Introvert Extrovert mean to you?

Does Introvert Extrovert Mean To You?

We all have different personalities. Yours may be a typical one of the two, mixture of both, or neither. And there are some people call themselves an “extroverted introvert“. There are many articles about the subject, and there are also many “which one are you?” tests online.

Interesting and informative. But it’s not like your perspective on life could change by the discovery. For example this infographic advises you how to care for each type;

How to care for introverts / extroverts

How do we use these lists?

We can’t use them, really. Unless every time you meet someone, you define that person is either introvert or expert, then go through the checklist. These are no more than a guidance for you to “understand others”. You see a few items in the lists don’t quite make sense…

  • Introvert No. 2–  “Never embarrass them in public” – well, never embarrass anyone in public!
  • Extrovert No. 1 – “Respect their independence” – when do we not respect anyone’s independence?
  • Extrovert No. 6 – “Understand when they are busy” – please do understand when anyone‘s busy!

Having said all that, this has made me realise – and you may have guessed by now – that I’m quite a typical introvert. I actually do understand everything that says on the left hand side of the infographic, but I don’t really get the right hand side.

So what’s it to do with online business?

Online Business: Think Before Speak, Write Rather Than To Talk

One of the greatest things about being an introvert is writing. Introverts prefer to think before they speak and prefer to write than to talk. I dislike discussing for the sake of discussions. I’d rather enjoy finding out the conclusion to complex topics. It sounds like online marketing is the perfect job for us introverts. But does that mean the job is not suitable for extroverts?

“Does It Sound Stupid?”

Of course online marketing is suitable for extroverts too. They take a different approach and the effect is fantastic. Extroverts are great at spontaneity, therefore can write many articles freely as imaginations flow out. Webinars and video introductions are also easier for them to take on, and it is one of the most effective ways to engage with the visitors.

Whereas us introverts are more careful in expressing ourselves – we hate to contradict ourselves, don’t want to state something obvious or write “anything stupid”. Therefore I think introverts have great ability in creating written quality articles too.

Small talk introvert or extrovertPower of Small Talk

You would normally start a conversation with small talk. Simple, open-ended questions would always lead from one topic to another. Again extroverts are good at constantly throwing small talk when interacting with others.

Just like good stand-up comedians change their subject flawlessly on stage, playing a game of “small talk ping-pong” enables you to show that you’re friendly and open-minded, it can also involve everyone in the conversation.

Using this technique in writing – making small talk here & there – is effective when blogging, as it allows you to find many different paths, therefore more topics to write about. However introverts may see small talk as superficial and pointless sometimes. They find it hard to “just write something”, and they’d rather want to know a valid reason for it.

Introverts Dislike Interruption

In the infographic above at No. 5, it says “Don’t Interrupt Introverts”. I think that’s true! I am a great listener rather than a talker. I need to understand what the person says and what he/she really means by that. I always wait until that person finishes the sentence before I can open my mouth. The answer that I follow must relate to the whole sentence, you see?

Equally when someone interrupts me while talking, it really shuts me up. They’re not listening to me, so what’s the point in giving my words to them?

“Think before speak, write rather than to talk” applies here again. Without anyone’s interruption, a blog will allow me to outline and express the subject in my own way. So I think a web space is the perfect environment for introverts.

Socialising – Energised by People

However social connection is important in blogging and, you don’t necessarily sell your story by writing everything at your own pace and measurement.

So introverts have to find a point where they can communicate at an adequate level. Whereas extroverts are energised by people, therefore they naturally know how to broaden their social space. They’re capable to make constant multiple communications.

But again this doesn’t mean all introverts reluctantly attempt to join social spaces because they have to – they appreciate and value their followers who share the same point of view and they also love to understand people with different opinions… At their own pace!

Does Introvert Extrovert Mean To You?

Help with introvert-extrovert analysisIt may not mean anything to you in general. As I mentioned earlier, by finding out whether you or other bloggers are introvert or extrovert, you’ll unlikely to change your social attitude. But I feel the theory helps me in great deal when I hit the wall. Why am I struggling with something that others seem to do easy & well? Because I’m an introvert!

So the theory makes it easy for you to admit your weaknesses, and work against your weaknesses. I hope it helps you improve your online marketing strategy, to a certain level at least.

And try understanding others!

The best is yet to come, but for my own part it’s all gReat to me!

Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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