Does Introvert Extrovert Mean To You (Huh???)

Updated: May 6, 2022
by Ray Alexander

Extroverts say, "Let's agree". While I, an introvert say, "I respect your point. Now I'll go and make my own decision."

Does "introvert-extrovert" mean anything to you? People often mistakenly consider introverts shy and extroverts sociable. This psychological analysis was first introduced by Carl Jung in 1921. It may sound pretty much that way - the introvert is thoughtful while the extrovert (or often called "extravert") is energetic. The extrovert is interested in joining the activities of the world while the introvert is not so. But the over the past century, the theory's been studied and discussed in many ways and interpreted in the way we all understand it today.

Broadly speaking, introverts are people who recharge their energy by spending time alone, whereas extroverts recharge themselves by socialising more.

Does Introvert Extrovert Mean To You

Are You an Introvert, an Extrovert, or...?

And there are an "introverted extrovert", "extroverted introvert", otherwise known as an "ambivert". Carl Jung said that everyone has both sides with one being more dominant than the other. You may have seen or tried some of those "which one are you" tests online, the results of which vary with different terminologies. I mean, those tests are all made up using quiz generator software that's driven by a point system. So they can either be spot on or awfully inaccurate, depending on how the creator allocated the points to each answer, depending on how each question is worded, and how you interpret it.

Nonetheless, your perspective on life is not going to be revolutionised by the discovery via those which-one-are-you tests. The infographic below may provide tips on how to deal with each type of person.

How To Care For Introverts / Extroverts

How To Care For Introverts

  1. Respect their need for privacy.
  2. Never embarrass them in public.
  3. Let them observe first in new situations.
  4. Give them time to think. Don't demand instant answers.
  5. Don't interrupt them.
  6. Give them advance notice of expected changes in their lives.
  7. Give them 15 minute warnings to finish whatever they are doing.
  8. Reprimand them privately.
  9. Teach them new skills privately.
  10. Enable them to find one best friend who has similar interests and abilities.
  11. Don't push them to make lots of friends.
  12. Respect their introversion. Don't try to remake them into extroverts.

How To Care For Extroverts

  1. Respect their independence.
  2. Compliment them in the company of others.
  3. Accept and encourage their enthusiasm.
  4. Allow them to explore and talk things out.
  5. Thoughtfully surprise them.
  6. Understand when they are busy.
  7. Let them dive right in.
  8. Offer them options.
  9. Make physical and verbal gestures of affection.
  10. Let them SHINE.

How Useful Is This Information?

When I first browsed through the lists, my first reaction was;

  • Introvert No. 2- "Never embarrass them in public" - Well, never embarrass anyone in public!
  • Extrovert No. 1 - "Respect their independence" - When do we not respect anyone's independence?
  • Extrovert No. 6 - "Understand when they are busy" - You need to fix your problem first if you don't understand when anyone is busy.

Well, we are all different. Some are naturally good at ridiculing others in public and turning it into a decent joke. Some think that they're helping you when they're actually disrupting your work. So some of the items in that list that don't make sense to you can actually help you accept the behaviours of others that you don't normally understand.

You may find one side more relatable to you than the other. I find the left-hand side more relatable, making me close to an introvert. I don't fully understand the rationale behind some of the points of the extroverts, such as "compliment them in the company of others". So what can I do? There is little else to do other than to remember these are the things you can do to make extroverts feel special.

So what's it all to do with a blogging business?

Blogging Business: Think Before Speak, Write Rather Than To Talk

One of the greatest things about being an introvert is writing. Introverts prefer to think before they speak and prefer to write than to talk. I dislike discussing for the sake of discussions. I'd rather enjoy finding out the conclusion to complex topics. It sounds like online marketing is the perfect job for us introverts. But does that mean the job is not suitable for extroverts?

"Does It Sound Stupid?"

Of course, online marketing is suitable for extroverts too. They take a different approach and the effect is fantastic. Extroverts are great at spontaneity, therefore can write many articles freely as their imaginations flow out. Webinars and video introductions are also easier for them to take on, and it is one of the most effective ways to engage with the visitors.

Whereas we introverts are more careful in expressing ourselves - we hate to contradict ourselves, don't want to state something obvious or write "anything stupid". Therefore I think introverts have a great ability in creating written quality articles too.

Power of Small Talk

Power of Small Talk

You would normally start a conversation with small talk. Simple, open-ended questions would always lead from one topic to another. Again extroverts are good at constantly throwing small talk when interacting with others.

Just like good stand-up comedians change their subject flawlessly on stage, playing a game of "small talk ping-pong" enables you to show that you're friendly and open-minded, it can also involve everyone in the conversation.

Using this technique in writing - making small talk here & there - is effective when blogging, as it allows you to find many different paths, therefore more topics to write about. However, introverts may see small talk as superficial and pointless sometimes. They find it hard to "just write something", and they'd rather want to know a valid reason for it.

Introverts Dislike Interruption

In the infographic above at No. 5, it says "Don't Interrupt Introverts". I think that's true! I am a great listener rather than a talker. I need to understand what the person says and what he/she really means by that. I always wait until that person finishes the sentence before I can open my mouth. The answer that I follow must relate to the whole sentence, you see?

Equally, when someone interrupts me while talking, it really shuts me up. They're not listening to me, so what's the point in giving my words to them?

"Think before speak, write rather than to talk" applies here again. Without anyone's interruption, a blog will allow me to outline and express the subject in my own way. So I think a web space is a perfect environment for introverts.

Socialising - Energised by People

However social connection is important in blogging and, you don't necessarily sell your story by writing everything at your own pace and measurement.

So introverts have to find a point where they can communicate at an adequate level. Whereas extroverts are energised by people, therefore they naturally know how to broaden their social space. They're capable to make constant multiple communications.

But again this doesn't mean all introverts reluctantly attempt to join social spaces because they have to - they appreciate and value their followers who share the same point of view and they also love to understand people with different opinions... At their own pace!

Does Introvert Extrovert Mean To You?

Introvert Extrovert Help

It may not mean anything to you in general. As I mentioned earlier, by finding out whether you or other bloggers are introverts or extroverts, you'll be unlikely to change your social attitude. But I feel the theory helps me in a great deal when I hit the wall. Why am I struggling with something that others seem to do easy & well? Because I'm an introvert!

So the theory makes it easy for you to admit your weaknesses, and work against your weaknesses. I hope it helps you improve your online marketing strategy, to a certain level at least.

And try understanding others!

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Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. I’m an introvert by nature. Introverts sometimes appear to be extroverts, especially around people they like or in situations where socializing is required. I can be so talkative. The things I do with my closest friends are silly things and I get loud sometimes. I love being with my friends, having dinner parties, clubbing, cracking jokes, whatever. But at the end of the day, I need a space to recharge myself, I need to be alone. My friends understand me now but not everyone does. They think I fear other people, but that’s not true. It’s just the social interaction drains me. That’s all.

  2. This is a very interesting article. Yes, it is mean to me. I awared that I am an introvert, always think too much before do or say something because want to be carefull, don’t want to regret later, not spontaneous person. And yes, you are right that introverts fond of writing to express their thoughts and ideas. For example : I have a personal account with more than 1,000 friends and a fan page / niche account with 50 followers. If I were an extrovert, consider the high traffics potential, I will share my posts in my personal account but the fact is until now I have not share my article in my personal account, lol because of unclear worries. Which one is potentially more success then in internet marketing ? Introvert or extrovert ? Please write it in my private message if you want to answer it. I am curious how the extroverts respond this article. Let me know it by email or pm. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Melani, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think I’m exactly like you. I’m not spontaneous and I don’t want to be; especially when I have a strong opinion on something, I’m never successful in saying it loud on the spot. I need time to come up with some killer lines (=how I can impact others most effectively), and often I find myself changing my opinion as I think through. With all that, although I enjoy meeting new people and discover new out of other people’s lives, I don’t value deep face-to-face discussions as much as communications in writing.

      It’s interesting to hear that you’re segregating your (Facebook?) personal account from your fan page, and I think I know how you feel. You need your own space where you want to allow only selected people (personal friends) in.

      I think network marketers are generally extroverts. The only purpose of network marketing is to persuade as many people to join their scheme, so no time to find meticulous explanations. They have to keep talking whether they make sense or not. If they don’t make sense – “Oops” is the answer, and they move on. That’s how I see network marketers (extroverts)!

      Thanks again for your comment, I appreciate it.

  3. I really liked this post. It was so interesting how you applied introverts and extrovert with writing blogs. This will help me out when I’m stuck which is most of the time. I’m an introvert and I have a hard time producing a lot of articles because I’m always wondering if my article is good enough, do I have all the facts, will people like what I have to say, etc. Sometimes I want to be spontaneous and just write but that’s not happening lol.I can’t stand being interrupted when I’m talking as well. It really irks me lol. I thought about doing YouTube and helping people, but I broke out in a cold sweat thinking of how people would view me.I guess I’ll leave that to the extroverts lol. I wish I was a mix between an introvert and an extrovert. You get the best of both worlds.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad to know there’s someone like you. I’m not good at talking in front of camera for the same reason too (worry how people would view me).

      Now I was talking to my friend who insists she is a total extrovert. She talks before she thinks then regrets. She feels the most comfortable when surrounded by people and doesn’t need her own time. She is actually a writer, and says publications (blog articles) are different, she can’t write anything spontaneously. She can’t put any mistakes in her articles therefore she does do a lot of research.

      …Which makes me wonder whether my friend is just consciously being careful, or that part of her is actually an introvert. Because there are many light articles around, some people do write freely, contradict themselves and put wrong information, i.e. they’re talking before thinking, you see.

      Yes as you say, it’d be good to have the best of both worlds!

  4. Very interesting post. Made me wonder what I am….an introvert or an extrovert. The more I read, the more I got confused. One extrovert description describe me and then one introvert description described me. Made me want to take a test to see which I am. It would be kind of cool if you had one of these on the post. Then we could find out and kind of know what our particular style is. Great and interesting post!

    1. Thanks for your comment, no I won’t do a test in my site LOL!

      I see what you mean though as a blogger, it’d be good to find out whether bloggers are generally introverts or extroverts. But then you just told me you were neither. So that’s one answer!

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