12 Skills You Need To Land A Digital Marketing Job

Updated: May 6, 2020
by CyberCash Worldwide

The digital marketing industry is booming right now, and this trend will undoubtedly be relevant in the near future as well. This is why investing time in studying digital marketing is a very wise decision, considering that nearly any startup or aspiring business is in dire need of a specialist in this field.

This spending in this fruitful and highly relevant industry clock in at over $100 billion yearly in the US alone. Furthermore, it’s expected that American companies will spend 20 billion dollars more on digital marketing in 2021. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the field hasn’t peaked by any means, and is subject to healthy annual growth. So, if you are looking for a digital marketing job in the next few years, here are some of the domains you must be acquainted with:

12 Skills You Need To Land A Digital Marketing Job

1. You’ll Be Working With Augmented Reality

Just to stress the importance of technology in the future of marketing, it is expected to grow to a $162 billion worldwide market value in 2020. Nintendo’s Pokémon Go has awakened the general public’s interest in Augmented Reality. The truth is that this technology has been developing for quite a while before that.

AR will only grow exponentially within the next ten years since social media are about to integrate this technology into their design. This will revolutionize the way we use apps like Facebook or Instagram and will have a significant impact on the way we interact with our friends, family, and audience. 

2. A Digital Marketing Job That Is Data-Driven 

The tech world’s preoccupation with big data has given birth to a highly scientific strain of marketing. Data-driven marketing focuses on collecting highly scientific and precise insight into the behavior of the consumers, in order to optimize content and design, according to their needs and online activity. 

We can expect that specialists that are versed in gathering, organizing, and crunching data and then applying this to a company’s marketing strategy will be in high demand in the years to come. 

In a general perspective, the latest innovations in data-driven marketing will allow to:

  • Have a personalized approach to your audience
  • Have access to precise data regarding your customers' behavior
  • Collect information that can be effectively applied throughout various channels
  • Craft a high-quality user experience
  • Refine your product

3. Targeted Advertising Strategies And Techniques

Targeted advertising is very close to, or rather, can be derived from data-driven marketing. This type of advertising operates based on the data collected from customer research. Its main point is to design ads according to your customers’ interests. This is done by segmenting them into groups and thus targeting them based on a host of factors and criteria:

  • Demographics
  • Context
  • Behavior
  • Geography
  • Affinity
  • Daypart
  • Purchase-based segmenting

4. Professional Video Production

Video Production

The marketing trends of the last few years indicate that one of the most popular ways of promoting a product is now video marketing. 

Furthermore, the growing popularity of this consumption model has stimulated the quality of video to improve. To give you a glimpse of how video ads are taking over the market, there is a large body of research that states that a person will watch an average of 47.4 minutes of ads per day.

5. Ride The Live Video Wave

Amateur video production is losing ground to videos that are produced professionally. However, there is a central factor that didn’t change - personalization. Growing numbers of social media platforms now facilitate the consumption of both video and live video. Facebook has a “live” option, Instagram has stories, and IGTV, YouTube as a video platform also has a streaming option. 

Everything is designed for more efficient consumption of video content. Landing a job in digital marketing implies knowledge to exploit what these mediums have to offer. 

6. Study Conversational Interfaces

They are also known as “chatbots,” and they’re the next hot thing in personalized and automated digital marketing. Bots are designed to work with your customers and assist them with giving them all the useful information they need to make a purchase with minimum friction. 

There are lots of chatbot writer and programmer communities on the web, probably the richest knowledge is the Messenger Developer Blog on Medium.

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7. The Internet Messengers As The Next Marketplace

These bots can be integrated into your website if you have a chat or a marketplace. However, they can also be incorporated into your company’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and a host of other chatting services. There are bots that are AI-powered, which helps them learn about successful interactions and improve their behavior on a daily basis and thus increase conversions and sales. 

There is a whole new niche of professional writing that focuses exclusively on generating ‘highly-human’ text for chatbots and interfaces. 

8. You Need To Know About Personalization

The personalization and hyper-targeting of your landing pages and your content will take your digital campaigns to a whole new level of efficiency. There are dozens of elements that can be personalized on a landing page of an email marketing campaign. 

By using dynamic text replacement, marketers can wow their potential customers and transform leads into customers in no time. By choosing the right criteria for personalization, sales and conversions will skyrocket overnight. 

9. Learn about Measuring Outcomes

Measuring Outcomes

Digital marketers must be able to use a host of tools that help them measure ROI’s, ROMI’s, and other investment and performance-related outcomes of the campaigns they’ve initiated.

10. Invest In Native Advertising

Native ads are most certainly among the most seamless and often the most “elegant” type of ads. The goal of native advertising is publicity that is disguised as organic content or a product review. This type of advertising needs to be well-designed and well-written so that it doesn’t seem like it’s just paid to name-drop. It must convey value to the content consumer. 

This should often be delegated to professionals if you’re dealing with text. Some writers specialize in this type of content. Some websites collect rates and reviews of niche agencies on a top websites page, where you can find people to hire for such projects.

11. Get Into Voice Marketing

Voice Marketing

This technology, although not revolutionary by any means, has changed the infrastructure of how we use the Internet. The companies that started using voice technology are now able to get much closer to their target audience and have an edge at the market performance. 

Marketers will have to create content that will capture voice searches. Finding the best practices for voice recognition marketing demands a whole new body of research. It’s a new wave that’ll just keep growing. 

12. Machine Learning and AI

Nowadays, small-scale and medium companies can use open source machine learning algorithms to collect useful data and attempt to predict their behavior, based on their online activity. 

AI has a very bright future in improving how we work with customer support, personalized advertising, sales and up-sell strategies, lead scoring, and many others. 


We’re now surrounded by new formats and mediums of communication, which means that there are myriads of ways we can improve the ways we market our products. As you can see, digital marketing is mostly about including the latest technology in the craft.

Those looking to land a digital marketing job or who hope to enhance their skills to be more marketable need to develop skills in the fields mentioned above.

Author Bio:  Daniela McVicker

Daniela is a career blogger and freelance writer with a background in marketing and sales. Currently, she’s the contributing editor for Top Writers Review, a website with online paper writing service reviews for students. When Daniela isn’t writing, she loves to travel, read romance and science fiction, and try new wines.

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