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Updated: December 10, 2017
by Ray Alexander

Free products for you to download today, all related to making money online. If you're looking to work from home for free, I hope they'll be of any use to you. You can also sign up with me to receive my guide booklet to affiliate marketing by the way. But any products in this posts are ready to be downloaded with one click.

Please note the licence information: I'm not the author of any of the products in this post but I have the right to give them away.

#1 Successful Marketing Online - The Easy Way!

Successful Marketing Online - The Easy Way

Discover how websites can make more money for you by analysing your home business. This 40-page PDF has 17 chapters of step-by-step. How to review your business, make a medium to long term business plan, research in all aspects (product, market, consumer, trend and geographical). Setting objectives, know your competitors, plus in-depth marketing strategy. And once you get your business going, how to evaluate it.

If you have just started an online business or are just considering about it, the contents of this book may be a lot to take in. Read the chapter again and you'll soon pick up the pieces. (Any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!) 

#2 Freelance Expert

This ebook is a little guide to becoming a freelancer for those with little or not technical skills or previous experience.

It tells you what kind of freelancing options are available (and suitable) for you. Learn how to decide which service to provide in order to make the most money possible. The book also tells you about potential drawbacks of working for yourself.

#3 Niche Website Templates

Click each niche in the list below to download the zip file containing the whole website template (php files or html files). Also the good news is that all of them are PLR products - meaning you can edit the contents, claim your authorship and resell them as you wish. The zip file contains a useful sales letter and images for your resell purpose.

#4 The Copywriter's Handbook

The Copywriter's Handbook

This 30-page, 8-Chapter ebook I hope is useful for copywriting newbies. Starting with the basics, how to write effective headlines, importance of call-to-action, handling objections and mistakes to avoid.

The book is concise, it does not dig down deep and give you practical tips. For example USP (Unique Selling Point) and ESP (Emotional Selling Point), it just tell you about the terminology as a knowledge-base. But everything that's said in the book is notable in order to write a good sales letter.

#5 Internet Profit System

Internet Profit System

Good book to read in order to understand the success formula - how experts make money online.

With a little bit of online marketing history, it will explain how the industry has become much more competitive in recent years and how you can survive.

3-step plan to make a profit successfully, how a sales funnel works, and importance of a blog.

#6 Hot Selling E-commerce Products

This is a set of 7 x video tutorials. Each video is a few minutes long at most. Please note the first clip is audio only, so you won't see any graphics.

#7 No Cost Income Stream

A little dated - created in 2014, author's unknown, and the video quality is poor but some useful information such as how to choose your niche, effective sales funnel and use free tools.

Work From Home: Free Downloads

I hope you'll enjoy the products. Any thoughts, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Thank you for so many free downloads. Especially niche website templates help because I am thinking about building my first website. Do you know any good domain or web hosting you recommend? Do I have to learn WordPress if I want to start a website? Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! Yes I must admit I did wonder if I should list up the video clips because they are a little dated…but there are some good tips for newbies, I decided to put them up. I’m glad you like the PDFs. I wish you the best of luck with online success!

  2. Thank you for the freebies. I’m desperate to make money online because I was made redundant lately and can’t find a job. I’m hoping to work from home and make quick success.

    1. Hi Don, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about the redundancy. I hope the free stuff will help you get the feel of how you can make money especially from affiliate marketing. If you are interested in building a website, check this page. Although online success will not come overnight but with your determination and consistency, you will make it. Especially assuming you have a lot of time at home right now, it’s a great opportunity to learn all about internet businesses. Any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at, I’m here to help!
      Thanks for your visit,
      Best Wishes,

  3. Some very appealing tools on offer on this post and that for free. That is most unusual. With your experience, I am keen to make use of you knowledge. I will be downloading the tools and trying them out in the hope of getting some online success.
    Thanks for this helpful page.

    1. Hi Bryan, thanks for your visit. As I said in the post, none of these free downloads is created by me. But I hope some of them at least will be useful to you by all means!

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