Wifi Wage Review – Yes, This Is Worth It.

Updated: February 3, 2020
by Ray Alexander

If you want to receive affiliate marketing training at a low cost, it's worth checking my Wifi Wage review. I genuinely believe that this course can actually help if you are brand new to the online business but serious about learning because it has no meaningless big-talk, no false promises...except the sales page. 

When I first watched the sales video, I couldn't take any of it seriously. "All you do is copy and paste. Then you sit back, relax and wait for the commissions to roll in." Another scam. Obviously. Boring... Until I came across with another introduction video created by the actual man behind the Wifi Wage. Only realized then, this may be a legitimate training course with decent quality.

I watched back the sales video - not totally lying, but definitely misleading. "Imagine making just under $300 in two hours from now." Imagine, okay. He does NOT say anybody with no online business knowledge can make $300 within the next 2 hours. But certainly implied that way. Anyway, I've looked into the actual course in my Wifi Wage review - read on.

Wifi Wage Review Review

Product Name:

The Wifi Wage (WIFIWage)

Website URL:



Affiliate Marketing


James Stanford Tom

Launch Date:

January 2020


$37 (one-time fee)


What Is Wifi Wage?

The Wifi Wage is an affiliate marketing video training course, consisting of over 50 video clips, approx. 6 hours in total. The course covers from the basics to how to scale up, website, email marketing, automation, and advertising tips.

The videos are NOT some general guides from a decade ago. NO outdated PLR materials. They're all current, authentic, and each and every tutorial is relevant. I'm not just saying it, because the tutor (Tom) has created the videos based on his own success, he created a brand new ClickBank affiliate account, a new website and an advertising campaign to demonstrate it is absolutely possible to make sales within a day.

What it means by "copy & paste" is, Tom provides one-click website templates so that you can simply duplicate them and start promoting your affiliate product right away. However, the templates can only be used if you use a website builder, Kartra, which will cost $99 per month.

Other bonus materials include email swipe templates for "make money" niche and "diet/weight loss" niche, which are usable for free; you can literally copy and paste onto your autoresponder.

WIFIWage Review

The Tutorial Contents

This is actually 2.0 version of the Wifi Wage and 35 of the videos are new at the time of writing this. Tom says that more videos are due to be uploaded shortly. Each video is 5-15 minutes long, some of them are 20 minutes long, a couple of them are less than 2 minutes. The main topics I can see right now include;

  • 101 basics - What is affiliate marketing? What is a funnel? Traffic? Product?
  • Walkthroughs - Vital elements such as how to find trends, Importance of Facebook page, how to build authority, where to find your customers, high ticket sales, social media marketing.
  • Automation - Promote affiliate products professionally, scale it up dramatically, spend little to save time, why an autoresponder is effective.
  • Website - Why you need a website, build a site for an affiliate product, different types of websites, what changes the opt-in rates to 60%+, generate leads (email and sales), "Ethical Bribe", the actual plan that you'll need.
  • Products - Tom's secret to finding products, finding the niche and sub-niche, build your advert image, choose a commission plan, recurring income.
  • Traffic - Pros and cons of free traffic/paid traffic, how to create a Facebook ad and Facebook pixel, why Instagram actually beats Facebook, Google ads examples and tips.
  • Funnel Formula - ClickFunnels, why WordPress or WIX is not good enough, how to create a sales funnel.

The Creator

Tom WifiWage

I'm not sure why the sales video had to be narrated by an African American voice actor under the pseudonym of "James Stanford". The actual tutor is a young British guy named Tom, and the Wifi Wage training course is created all by himself. 

Tom's full background story can be heard at the beginning of the training, but he says he self-taught affiliate marketing 3 years ago and has made $3.2 million in revenue since.

Who Is The Wifi Wage For?

The aim of the Wifi Wage for you to promote affiliate products and start making profits as quickly as possible. As you can see by now, the course starts with the topic "What is affiliate marketing?" and all the basics are covered, so if you are a brand newbie with no previous knowledge or experience, the Wifi Wage is definitely for you.

The training includes indispensable tips like Facebook ads and pixels, copywriting techniques, lead generation, email followup, etc. So if you've been trying as an affiliate for a while and have not seen a real success yet, the training is worth paying $37 for, in my opinion.

How quickly you can see the positive results will depend on whether you want to use the website templates that are provided or not. You need to sign up with Kartra to use the templates, which will cost you $99 per month, but the templates are proven to work by Tom himself and that'll be a shortcut. You don't have to use them, you can build your own by following the tutorials, but it may take you long before you're ready to start promoting.

Traditional website vs Sales Funnel Wifi Wage

"There’s a massive difference between a funnel and a website" [What is a funnel?]

So to sum up, the Wifi Wage is suitable for you if;

  • You are brand new to online marketing,
  • You've been trying for a while but haven't really seen a success, or
  • You have some money to spare to use on Kartra website builder.

I kind of repeat this but, this program is made for you to make profits quickly. So it does NOT teach you content marketing (blogging or YouTubing) which will take a lot of time and patience. So if you want to learn SEO techniques then it's not for you.

You Too Can Blog and Make Money!

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Kartra or ClickFunnels?

In one part of the training, Tom explains how useful ClickFunnels is and shows you a quick tour in his video. But the actual done-for-you website is made with Kartra, and this may be confusing. I'm only guessing but Tom may have recommended ClickFunnels in his previous (version 1.0) training, and switched it to Kartra recently?

I'm very interested to use Kartra (haven't tried it yet) because (a) sites that are made with ClickFunnels are instantly recognizable, and (b) Kartra has more features for almost the same price. Having said that, there's no harm in learning about ClickFunnels because it's a very popular funnel builder and it's fairly easy to use. It may be useful for you in the future.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'll tell you what, ClickBank is quite strict on the sellers and those who receive a lot of complaints by the buyers will be banned right away. The sellers on ClickBank know it, and they're proud to stay transparent to the customers and deliver good products. For that reason, generally any products that are sold through ClickBank are trustworthy, especially training programs.

So I don't think you'll be disappointed by the Wifi Wage, but if you're not happy with it, you are covered by ClickBank's money-back guarantee, so you can claim a refund via your email receipt within 60 days of purchase.

Wifi Wage Pros and Cons


  • Affiliate marketing training that covers ALL the essential elements.
  • Low cost for good quality training.
  • One-click website templates and email swipes ready for you to use.
  • More contents (training) will be added and the forum will open shortly.
  • 60-day money back guarantee by ClickBank.


  • Sales video is misleading.
  • One-click website templates are only accessible if you join Kartra.

Wifi Wage Review - Conclusion:

I like it!

I've seen many online marketing products that cost around $27-47 that turn out to be a collection of old PLR products or mixtures of everything such as drop-shipping videos with cryptocurrency investment ebook. Even a lot of affiliate marketing courses for that kind of price tend to be just robotic, general guides, and they leave you thinking, "Yes, but what about the traffic?" "I understand it, but where do I actually start?"

This is nothing like that. The Wifi Wage is a proper affiliate marketing video tutorial where a real, young marketer shares his success method without any missing parts, step by step.

For $37, I think the product is very decent. I would recommend it especially to those who are brand new to making money online.

About the Author

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Are you saying you have to buy a expensive sales funnel otherwise you can’t make money then I’m outta here. You guys all mis guide people only to make money yourselves not helping people..I have spent enough money already I cannot afford to keep spending without receiving a penny thank you.

    1. Hi TB, no we’re not saying that at all. Although you do have to invest some money to make money. I wonder what you’ve spent a lot of money on so far? These ready-made sales funnels are good, but it is possible for you to create them by yourself too. Wifi Wage is a training course, if you think there’s an area that you have yet to learn, then it’s your decision whether to give it a try or not. As you can see the training itself is offered at a reasonable price.

  2. Hi, I was intrigued by your review. If he’s providing a legit training course and it’s such a good quality why is he using a fake name and scammy sales video? Is he even a real person? I find it very strange. But it’s good to know you can receive a good lesson for a low cost. I agree with you on other scam products. I’ve also seen many products with a scammy video exactly like this one. It shows that you really never know until you see it. Good job, thanks.

    1. Hello, yes, the tutor is a real person. I’ve never sold a training course myself and I can’t speak for online course sellers, but I guess it must be hard to market when it’s a reasonably short course for a competitive price. If you reveal too much and say there’s a lot of stuff to learn, it might put certain people off? Anyway I believe this is good, and my job is to spread my word as an existing user! Thanks for your comment.

  3. I personally know this guy…i don’t know where he is but he’s bk in the uk. He is awesome..ask any questions he will help you.

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