Why Hiring a Professional Agency for Your Mobile Apps Ui Is a Wise Choice?

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The App UI and UX have the maximum benefits to be showered on the app portal and the worth of app UI/UX is nothing new to be discussed. 

A report suggests 57% users never return to app after downloading if they find app’s UI complex and challenging.

Eventually it all reflects to one aspect that there are certain pitfalls as well, which are associated with the App UI and UX, which are solely responsible for any app to get straightly fall flat on the app stores and the credit goes to team behind its creation.

You must remember that with every skill, comes a learning curve along with, which has to be dealt with care, failing to which only bring the disastrous results to accompany it. 

Hiring a Professional Agency for Your Mobile Apps Ui

1. Users’ Interest Missing

Designing and developing that mobile app has to be done in accordance with the users’ taste and demand. It means clearly that something that you like in the app would also be liked by the end-users.

There had been many instances in the app field, where the design was admired by the developer and the client, but the end-user got complete aversion from it, since the design had the creativity, but it lacked largely on the external validation from the end-users and the design was prepared in the absence of usability testing tool.

Never avoid usability testing, because it helps you to realize that what it needs in order to attain success in the app market.

2. Indulging in Not-So-Simple Design

Every app designer always thinks of some creativity and to make the simple looking aspects look different and engaging, but it does not mean, that you grab that app design which is unique indeed, but users are unable to comprehend and cannot relate to it.

If it happens to your app design, then it indicates that your app design has the creative design elements, but something which is not simple.

Thus stay hooked to the simple design approach, it might sound a little boring to you, but believe me, it would help you to retain users in the longer run.

3. Avoiding the Performance

The app is all about different elements infused in to make it a unique approach and what is the most that app designers leave no stone unturned in order to make the app UI and UX a catchy statement for your app.

It is good to make a pace with the current and the in-demand technical innovations to be a part of your app, but at the same time, the design must not overlap the app performance.

When you think of integrating that GIF or any other animation, which might sound quite alluring, but you need to ensure that it does not hamper your app performance.

You can expect that you have integrated the engaging GIF or animation in your app, and the very issue you are facing is that your app loading time has gone slowest of all the time, and users are disliking this to the maximum.

You need to keep the aesthetic appeal of the app in consideration, and the same time you need to keep a track on the user experience as well

4. Creating an Illusion

A mobile app is utilized by the users only when they want to access the services as per their requirements and in this wake, if users press some button on the app, and it does not guide them to, what it is intended to, then trust me, nothing can save your app.

Users are very particular about their choices and needs when they access your app, and if any of the buttons behave differently, users’ annoyance is guaranteed. 

Be very clear while designing the buttons, if you are not finding enough instructions to set the button design, then play safe and go conventional.

How an efficient mobile app development company helps you create the IMPECCABLE UI design?


Mobile apps are everywhere and as the time will progress the popularity and the existence of the mobile apps, would increase and this is not going to stop anytime in the future. On the other hand, the demand and the supply are two different aspects and either can disturb the existence of others, if not managed and handled well.

But in the race of offering many mobile apps to the users across the globe, it has somehow created a monotonous job for the developers to provide the same types of apps with the same type of Mobile App Design Service, which is not well accepted by the users, and as a consequence the app fails to mark a presence on the respective stores and FLUNK through the failure tunnel…

Isn’t it sad enough???

Hmmm, eventually it is sad and disheartening both at the same time, but a harsh fact as well, then how to take control of it? 

Many marketers  and developers suggest different ways to achieve success, but often a most significant feature of a mobile app is overlooked and causes a big-time hurdle in the success road of your mobile app…this feature is none other than UI design for your mobile app, which can turn the heads of your app users, if integrated efficiently.

Well, you’re very next question would be that how to do it??? Thus to address this question, let’s find out the answer together, and find out what all essentials a leading agency follow to bring the magical value to your project.

Design Clarity Must Be the Prime Focus

Design Clarity Must Be the Prime Focus

When an app designer picks to design the app, the major concern which clouds them, is how the users will communicate with the app and build a connection. On an honest note, this is one of the toughest parts of the app development, wherein you have to explain the connection of users with the app, through the mobile app design.

The clarity factor is one of the prime factors of a successful UI design, which adds the impeccable visual elements in the mobile app design. Your app design must be clear with no ambiguity involved in it. The app interface needs to be clean and clear, and also the app design must be as easier as possible. 

Many app designers add unwanted visuals and design elements in the app, which only overtly crowds the mobile app, so make sure every unnecessary element is cut off from the mobile app design.

Accurate Font Size

Accurate Font Size

The app fonts might sound a very simple factor to you, but you need to remember that fonts placed in your app, are equally important and cannot be given a miss. 

Make sure that every font used in your app, is appropriate from the size and color perspectives and your app users must be able to read them with an ease.

Avoid the cursive or other stylish fonts and keep the font size complimenting the app genre and background color.

Follow Trends

Follow Trends

Technology is ever-evolving and the design trends too, keep changing for the betterment. So it is always suggested that you must follow the current trends in the market and worth to mention this strategy is proven the method to get an edge over your competitors.

Familiar Buttons

Familiar Buttons

UI designing is all about infusing the creativity and the innovation in the mobile app design, but in this league, you need to remember that nothing should go beyond the limit, and it must remain very much simple and familiar.

If you are planning to add the innovation in the app UI design, it is a good factor, but you must remember that it should be well comprehended by the users.

For instance to go back an arrow with left scale is the perfect fit, since users can easily connect with it, but if you want to integrate some new design, then it must be well tested from the usability perspective.

Any app which comes on the market must be a perfect piece of technology, innovation, and creativity so the users can accept and download the app massively. Unfortunately not every mobile app designer follow these techniques and ruin the future of the mobile app, so select a right mobile app development which will integrate the right app development strategies to make your app idea become successful.

Except for the given points, ensure to keep a tab on the user's requirements and needs, and accordingly build an app solution. Your app design from inch by inch must convey what your users want and it must be a combination of users’ demand and your creativity infused together.

Undeniably the role of a mobile app development company is huge in this since a right app development company helps your app concept to reach the heights of success. Thus select a right agency to bring the right set of elements on your app project.

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