What Is Leased Ad Space? [Review] Just Another Ad Exchange?

By Ray Alexander

When you consider using an advertising service, you want to make sure where exactly your campaigns will appear, don't you? Leased Ad Space says it's the best marketing platform to sell whatever products or services you like. Really? A dental service in Hong Kong? Illuminated garden statues and stuff? Today my Leased Ad Space review will look into what's actually on offer - most of, in fact almost 100% of, the products advertised in its space are online business tools and "make money" schemes by the looks of it. It's great if it works, but we want to know if it has the right audience.

Leased Ad Space Review

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Leased Ad Space

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Online advertising service


Richard Weberg

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From $9.97


What Is Leased Ad Space?

Leased Ad Space (also spelled LeasedAdSpace) allows you to place ads in various forms - text, banner, and solo ads. It allows you to promote your business on its own directory and post your own blog content. Free to join, but you need to buy a "traffic package" to start advertising your business, starting from a one-off fee of $9.97.

It also offers "ParaAds", which will generate "login ads" on its very own site and other traffic service sites for an additional fee. It means that some of the members of Leased Ad Space and other network sites will see your specified webpage upon logging in to their members' area. The cost for this will start from $16.97 for a 5-day run.

Referral commission is offered for a one-time fee of $10, i.e. pay $10 to become a Leased Ad Space affiliate. The commission rates are 25% for free members and up to 75% for paid members, applying to all the purchases that are made by their referrals.

Leased Ad Space Review

Leased Ad Space At A Glance

Overall, I think the site looks simple and clean. The menu items are self-explanatory and it's extremely easy for a first-time user to navigate. There's an FAQ page and there are video instructions that help. But I find a lot of ambiguous expressions, i.e. big, decorated words such as "focus them like a laser beam", "nuanced offerings to get eyeballs on your offers faster", not quite straight to the point. So here are some points that I've found as my Leased Ad Space review.

Free Membership Access

Two features are available for free members; write a blog, and post ads to the LAS's "Ad Board Directory".

[1] Publish Blog Posts

Each member is provided with a blog space, so you can freely publish blog posts for any length. This works as good as any other free blog builder, if not better. It has features such as;

  • Basic blog editor - H1-H4 tags, various font sizes, insert images and any links.
  • Your profile (and photo) will be displayed at the end of each post.
  • Facebook Comments plugin is enabled, which means readers can leave a comment but they must be logged in to their Facebook account.
  • Links that you insert will be do-follow, which will work as backlinking.
  • With social share buttons.

[2] Ad Board Directory

Whereas the Ad Board Directory is simply an ad exchange space, so I personally think it's a waste of time posting ads there, especially if you're promoting bizopp (business opportunity) niche. The directory is full of cliché headlines like... I mean, look!

LeasedAdSpace Ad Board Directory

Also this is a traffic exchange - a free member has to view 10 x sites for 5 seconds each before they can post their own ad. So you may be interested to see what others are promoting, but for the purpose of promoting your own business, I don't think it's worth participating.

Ad Packages

To start using the Leased Ad Space's advertising services, you need to buy an ad package. There are 7 x different packages, each of which will require a one-off fee. Pearl ($9.97), Amethyst ($17), Emerald ($27), Sapphire ($47), Ruby ($67), Diamond ($87) and Red Diamond ($147). I'll explain what these packages can do - firstly here's the pricing table.


Banner Ads (Impressions)

Text Ads (Impressions)

Solo Emails

Directory Posts (per day)




Every 28 days





Every 14 days





Every 9 days





Every 7 days





Every 5 days





Every 4 days





Every 5 days


Banner Ads and Text Ads

The cheapest "Pearl" package ($9.97 one-off) will allow you to place banner ads up to 8,000 impressions as well as text ads up to 4,000 impressions...but where?

Leased Ad Space never explains where exactly your ads will be placed. I can see multiple banners placed randomly throughout the LAS website, I assume you'll only be advertising internally, i.e. a banner exchange.

LeasedAdSpace Banner Ads

2 banner ads side by side

A banner exchange is a site where - to nicely put it - entrepreneurs help each other by introducing useful business opportunities and tools. The reality is, no one cares about what you advertise. They're all in it to sell their products. 

It's an ancient scheme that no longer works unless you have a useful tool that other business owners can truly make use of and know a good copywriting technique to indescribably stand out from the crowd. Your copy that reads "How I made 1,000 leads a day!" is unlikely to win when someone else has a copy that reads "How my grandmother made 5,000 leads a day!", you know what I mean?

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Solo Emails

With the Pearl package, your banner/text ads will end when they reach the maximum impression 8,000/4,000 respectively, your email campaign will be sent out every 28 days indefinitely. 

But to whom, and how many of them...?

When you order a solo ad traffic service, you need to know a few basic information from the seller about the particular solo ad run, such as;

  • How many clicks (visitors) to your specified site will be guaranteed. You normally pay $40-$100 (more or less) per 100 clicks.
  • The target audience. Generally solo ads never really work if your business is in a different niche rather than wealth-related or health-related.
  • The size of the list / how long it takes for the seller to deliver your campaign. If it takes ages (e.g. a week to send 100 visitors to your site), either the list size is too small or your campaign is neglected.
  • Whether the list is fresh (new subscribers are acquired regularly/daily) or not.

With the Leased Ad Space's solo ad service, none of these are explained, other than to send your campaign by email every X days. 

In fact, the FAQ says "we cannot guarantee an exact amount of visitors. This is highly dependent on your sales copy". But that doesn't make sense. Yes, your sales copy decides the CTR (click-through rate) but only against how many people the campaign is sent out to. May be sent to a list of 100,000 subscribers, or just 10 subscribers. The list may be outdated. The recipients may be the wrong audience... The terms are too unclear.

And once you purchase a package, LAS will send out your solo ad campaigns at the specified interval forever - for the rest of your life? That's too good to be true. 

Affiliate Program

Leased Ad Space offers an affiliate program only to those who run an affiliate business and earning commissions is feasible. In order to make sure, it charges a one-time setup fee of $10 if you want to join. Nobody wants to keep a long list of inactive affiliates, so this is kind of understandable. The commission rates are;

  • Free members (do not own a traffic package) - 25%
  • Members who own at least one traffic package - 50%
  • Members who own the Red Diamond traffic package - 75%.

Each % applies to any of the purchases their referral makes.



"ParaAds" example at the log in screen

"ParaAds" will display your specified webpage at the login screen of LeasedAdSpace on a random basis. It means that each time a member logs in to their account, they are presented with another member's promoted page for at least 5 seconds before they can log in. the costs are;

  • 5 Day Run - $16.97
  • 10 Day Run - $27.97 (17% discount)
  • 20 Day Run - $49.97 (26% discount)
  • Monthly Subscription - $67.00 (34% discount)

ParaAds may be more effective than banner/text ads because it's the whole screen in-your-face, but there are a few critical problems;

  • It's just a traffic exchange, after all. Your ads are not targeted.
  • Your ad will appear the moment a user's trying to take another action (=log into their account). It's hard to distract them and draw their attention to your ad.
  • ParaAds says that your ad will not only be displayed at the LAS login screen but also be displayed in a "network of top tier traffic sources". It doesn't tell you which sites exactly. They may be other spammy traffic exchange sites or some obsolete sites with bot traffic. You'll just never know.
  • Your ad will be put in the ParaAds' rotator, so it will be randomly displayed...but the frequency is not explained. You pay for the duration, $16.97 for 5 days, which means it is possible that your ad will only be displayed once or twice.

For all these negative reasons, I'd personally be pretty reluctant to use this particular service.

Leased Ad Space Pros and Cons


  • Free to join.
  • Free blogging opportunity.
  • Ad services are provided at low cost.


  • Ad-exchange is a non-targeted traffic, never really effective.
  • Solo ads - not sold per click. You don't know how many people will view your campaign (can be thousands, can be only a few people.) 
  • Log in ads (ParaAds) - you don't know how many people will view your ad (can be thousands, can be only a few people.)

Leased Ad Space Review - Can You Make Money?

How effective is it to advertise something to advertisers, when they're busy advertising something else to you? We tend to miss that very basic question when we try out an ad exchange service. Your ad will be displayed as just one of many on the same platform, which means it's extremely hard to stand out from the crowd and find someone who's genuinely interested in your business.

Leased Ad Space provides you a blogging space for free, allowing affiliate links, which I think is great. But the terms of its advertising services are too unclear to me. Instead, I'd rather spend my money on trusted solo ads elsewhere, or Facebook Business to make sure my ads are targeted at the right audience.

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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

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  1. Hi, ray. Thank you for your messave… I’m sorry I did not reply to you in a long time…
    I saw your email and think 2 of your messave are good for me. I did not know about leased ad space.
    When can I look and how many day or month do I have to do it?
    I’m sorry. You are very busy person but please give me reply. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Lim, thanks for your comment and thanks for your emails but I’ve never mentioned Leased Ad Space in our communications. You can sign up for free and see what you think of it. As I said in the post, it will give you a blogging opportunity so this will be good for you, I believe!

  2. I spent $10 dollars on leased ad space and did not get any results.
    That was over 6 months ago….I don’t even know the solo ads are working.
    Year you are right, traffic exchange is a mistake. everyone is busy trying to
    sell their business and nobody cares about what others do.
    If you don’t realise that you can be so self involved then use cheap ads that nobody knows.

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for sharing your experience. At least it was a small amount to spend to try it out. Online communities like this one give an opportunity to find out what others are promoting, but that’s often all about it. At least the blogging space will be useful for those who are on a budget. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

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