WebTraffic21 Review – Can We Trust Email Campaigns Services?

Today in this WebTraffic21 review, I want to tell you about my own very recent email campaign experience. WebTraffic21 is run by Multiple Stream Media based in Hurley, NY, who's been in internet marketing service operation since 2001.

WebTraffic21 is an online advertising network, and therefore the service it provides is nice and simple - to send out email ads to selected members of public​ on your behalf.

WebTraffic21 Review

How Does It Work?

WebTraffic21 is not online traffic or list brokers. They promise never to buy or sell lists, nor use unethical methods to acquire emails online.​

They have a database of 13.5+ million subscription-based email addresses worldwide, updated daily. Subscribers are given access to edit their profile and their current interests.

How do they collect subscribers? They own and also partner with several loyalty based sites online, where subscribers join and participate in loyalty based programs, contests and incentives. Signup is a 2 step opt-in and, the subscribers are asked to fill out a survey upon signing up. Using the answers to the surveys, they are able to segment the participants and allocate them in different niches.

So basically they have a list of the right target audience for you. And they deliver your email ads to them on your behalf.

You Only Pay For Clicks​

​You're only paying for "clicks" - in your email campaign you include your desired website URL. Each time a recipient clicks the URL and access to your website, you'll be charged. 6 cents - 9 cents per click depending on the price plan, shown below.


How You Place Your Campaign

This is what I like about - very simple and straightforward.​ Pay first, then release your campaign. Means there's no hidden extra. So this is the process;

  1. Decide how many visitors you want to your website (shown below)​.
  2. Make a payment according to the price plan.
  3. Type up your campaign ad and submit.
  4. They'll format your campaign - desktop and mobile optimised - with a call-to-action button ("Visit Website") and send you a draft.
  5. If you are a happy with it, approve the draft. Otherwise make amendments.
  6. WebTraffic21 will start sending out the campaign!

Pricing Options

Remember, each time a recipient of your email campaign clicks the link to your website, you'll be charged. ​

Option 1

500 clicks

$45 (9c per click)

Option 2

1,000 clicks

$80 (8c per click)

Option 3

2,000 clicks

$140 (7c per click)

Option 4

5,000 clicks

$300 (6c per click)

Who Is WebTraffic21 For?

Anyone who wishes to advertise themselves to consumers, as long as the language is in English or Spanish. And particularly beneficial for those whose target audience are in USA, Canada, UK and Europe. You'll see why in a moment. ​WebTraffic21 also deals with B2B (Business to Business) campaign service for extra fee.

What Are 21 Niches?

When you create your email campaign, you need to choose one type of target audience to send your campaign to. There have now re-categorised the niches much more in detail. It's rather like WebTraffic65, as shown below! 17 main categories, each one of which is sub-segmented by niche;

  1. Kids & Children - (1) Toddlers (2) Pregnancy babies (3) Adolescent
  2. Money & Employment - (1) Affiliate programs (2) Business opportunities (3) Home based business (4) Multi level marketing
  3. Travel & Leisure - (1) Airfare deals (2) Vacation deals
  4. Hobies & Recreation - (1) Arts collectables (2) Books (3) Cars (4) Computer games (5) Magazines (6) Movies (7) Music (8) Sports
  5. Health & Fitness - (1) Body building (2) Health nutrition (3) Mens health (4) Skin care, beauty supplies (5) Weight loss (6) Womens health (7) Yoga, meditation
  6. Online Shopping - (1) Clothing (2) Electronics (3) Gifts (4) Jewellery (5) Online auction (6) Toys
  7. Home & Family - (1) Cooking (2) Gardening (3) Home Improvement
  8. Internet Business Services - (1) Copywriting (2) Merchant accounts (3) Internet advertising (4) Internet marketing (5) Web hosting (6) Web design/programming
  9. Finance & Investment - (1) Credit cards (2) Debt consolidation (3) Home mortgages (4) Insurance (5) Investing stocks trading (6) Mortgage refinance (7) Tax services
  10. Online Dating - Dating/relationships
  11. Offline Business Services - (1) Direct marketing (2) Office supplies (3) Offline advertising
  12. Educational Courses.
  13. Contests & Giveaways - (1) Free giveaways contests (2) Online surveys
  14. Real Estate - (1) House of sale (2) Rental properties (3) Time shares
  15. Computers - (1) Computers (2) Internet security (3) Software products
  16. Pets & Animals - (1) Pet adoption (2) Pets for sale (3) Pets supplies
  17. Other - (1) Gay/lesbian (2) Hispanic (3) Legal services (4) Self improvement

Demographic Selection?

You can select your target audience as follows, which I find fair and flexible;

WebTraffic21 Target Countries
  1. All countries
  2. United States & Canada
  3. United States, Canada & United Kingdom
  4. Spanish speaking countries only
  5. English speaking countries only
  6. European countries only
  7. Country specific from A-Z (Afghanistan to Zimbabwe!)

Monitor Your Campaign

​The analytics screen within your dashboard allows you to track all the click activities instantly, including the IP address of each user.

WebTraffic21 Analytics

Extra Options

By paying a flat fee, you can receive something extra with your campaign.

(1) Advanced Consumers Targeting

With $9.99 extra flat charge, you can narrow down the types of your target recipients more specifically by;

  • US State
  • Gender
  • Age group (choose any range from between 18-90)
  • Ethnicity
  • Employment
  • Annual income range (in $)
  • Children under 18 (yes or no)
  • Home ownership
  • Marital status

(2) B2B (Business to Business) Service

​With $14.99 extra charge, you can receive Advanced Consumers Targeting service and B2B Targeting service. There is a whole range of industries that you can choose from, also who you want to send your campaign to such as;

  • Owner / Founder
  • CEO / CFO / COO
  • Management
  • Supervisor
  • Employee

(3) Design Service

With extra $39.99, they'll design a professional, eye catching campaign for you. Fully mobile optimised.

WebTraffic21 design service

WebTraffic21 Review – Can We Trust Them?

Yes. You can trust WebTraffic21. I AM more than happy.

I have tested it and received 9 subscribers out of 500 clicks. That is just under 2% conversion rate, which​ may not be much, but as an initial testing I'm happy to know that the service is genuine, and more importantly I've got some result. I will try again with a different ad myself, and I would recommend WebTraffic21 to anyone from individual bloggers to small business owners.

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