Web App vs Mobile App: Which One To Choose For A Startup?

Updated: October 14, 2019
by CyberCash Worldwide

Mobile strategies have captivated each sphere of business and are enhancing the growth to a much wider scope. Be it any business, mobile phones somewhere have strengthened their existence for better functioning. Similar is the case with a startup. There are no two ways about the thought that the subsequent generation will be ruled by Mobile phones, laptops, tablets. With this begins the most heated up debate between the Web apps and the Mobile apps.

Web App vs Mobile App

As a Startup which should be your prior choice to make? Does drawing a conclusion for this leave you in disarray? Statistical data give a high sign that the growth of mobile users by 2019 will expand to over 5.07 billion. With this to make a choice on either of both are stupendous options as both are mobile-driven. The choice completely now lies on the necessities and comfort of your startup so that you can opt which would be the superior option for your startup.

How Does a Web App and Mobile App Differ?

How does a Web App and Mobile App differ?

A web app is much like any website which is designed for a touch-screen interface or for small display devices. It is just like a website view of a website version on any smartphone.

On the contrary Mobile apps built by any mobile app development company need to be downloaded and installed prior to use. You may have downloaded various Mobile apps either from Android Market or Apple’s app store etc. Mobile apps are accessible even without an internet connection.

To help you collect some informative points over this trending debate topic, let’s move ahead to some points of comparison between both which might be constructive to build your knowledge on web app and mobile apps.

1. Web App vs Mobile App - Downloading

The best out of both is definitely the one which does not check the patience of customers but insists on giving immediate results. Will you wait over any platform which takes an ample amount of time to deliver the information needed? Probably, NO! Then why do it to your customers?

Doesn’t matter even if it is among the top mobile app development companies, mobile apps need to be downloaded and installed before you can use them. On the other hand,  customers find the web app easier because they don’t have to wait for the app to get downloaded first. Moreover, there might be some person who just wants to hunt for specific information and is not a persistent user. For such a person Mobile app would be of no use.

On the other side of the coin as mobile apps are accessible even without internet connectivity, so if the business involves such a user-interaction then mobile apps aren’t a bad option.

2. Web App vs Mobile App - Compatibility and Reach

Compatibility and Reach

Compatibility of devices gives results in favour of web apps. Web apps enhance user-interface for many mobile devices. Oppositely, mobile apps need to be built differently for different devices. This thus makes the task quite troublesome alleviating the all-around experience.

Due to the availability of web apps to be accessed from any platform it without any doubt has a lead over Mobile apps.

3. Web App vs Mobile App - Updates

Web apps are more efficient when you want to update any content or make design changes in it. You can just edit the web app and publish it after which the changes are automatically seen.

When we talk about Mobile apps, the mobile application development company needs to update the app every time and the regular updating lies on the head of the users. The regular and repeated updates will then can be irritating for the users.

Would any startup want their users to skip out on any recent updates?

4. Web App vs Mobile App - Support and Maintenance

After the web app or mobile app has been inaugurated and put to run its maintenance is of high importance. Bugs or errors are common issues on either, the Web app or the mobile app. Upgrading, testing and other factors over time can be quite expensive. Moreover, unlike web app wherein, automatic updates can be implemented, mobile apps require regular updates. They have to be downloaded and installed by the users which repeatedly might be an annoying task for the users.

5. Web App vs Mobile App - Internet Connectivity

If your startup targets on a task which involves users who prefer offline work it's a much wise option to go for a Mobile app. Mobile app development services which provide offline access are effective to be used anywhere even with a bad or no internet connection. Data can be stored locally on mobile apps.

Web Apps will always need an internet connection. This might be an issue in case of a weak network.

6. Web App vs Mobile App - Data Storage and Cost

Mobile app’s data is stored in the device itself which may acquire some space of the users' device be it a smartphone or a tablet. Due to memory usage, it might cash down the performance of the device.

Talking about web apps, the server stores the data and there is no deterioration in the performance of the device.

For your startup, to give a pleasing experience to your user a web app, in this case, may take the lead.

The cost-effectiveness of web app again is, much better than a mobile app for the reason that mobile apps need to be built for multiple platforms requiring not only more cost but also a greater investment of time.

A Web app or a Mobile app, which one to choose will all lie on certain factors of your startup. Which audience do you target? What is the motto of your company? What is the budget and other factors as such? The above-mentioned comparison is just support for your search. It is important for a startup to look for every risk-taking factor which might cost its money, time and efforts.

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  1. Great article!
    I have used both Web and Mobile app, and there is no comparison between the two.
    The right choice depends on your business objectives. You may decide you need both a mobile website and a mobile app. If done correctly, both can be a strategic and valuable choice. So when it comes to your brand’s mobile strategy, it’s not a question of a mobile website or an app, but perhaps a two-pronged approach.
    Thanks for sharing.

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