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Updated: March 13, 2017
by Ray Alexander

If you are looking for an online quiz builder, Thrive Theme's new WordPress plugin is one to consider. It's a "fun, easy and versatile" quiz maker that can help generate leads. But if you think a quiz/questionnaire type of thing is "irrelevant" to your blog or niche, then think again! There must be something that you want to find out from your readers. People search on internet to solve their questions, and equally they're willing to test their knowledge, share their knowledge and opinions. In every topic in the world. So here we are, Thrive Quiz Builder is my recommendation today.


Thrive Quiz Builder Overview

The plugin's usability is excellent - very easy step-by-step. ​If anything, the fun part is to for you to make up questions and the answer options, and that takes up your time. The actual formatting is dead easy. A complete quiz will flow like this;

  1. ​Splash page (optional), title / introduction to the quiz
  2. Actual questions & answer options
  3. Optin form at the end of the quiz (optional)
  4. Result page with social share icons (optionally with a bigger social share badge).

Building A Quiz: Step-by-Step

All you do is to click and save each step, if you change your mind you can go back to the previous step. And if you're not sure what the step means, there's a very brief demonstration video that explains clearly.​ Here are the steps;

#1 Formatting

  1. Decide whether you want to start from a template, or build a quiz from scratch. 2 types of template; (a) one with an optin form underneath the result score or (b) "social share badge" - a result page especially made for social share.
  2. Choose evaluation type (a) number (b) percentage or (c) category (see below).
  3. Choose a quiz style - there are 4 styles to choose from. (a) light blue (b) dark (c) abstract (d) architectural.
Thrive Quiz Builder Social Share Badge

Social Share Badge variations

#2 Q&A's and Result Page

  1. ​Each question can be made with or without an image. Also each answer option can have an image.
  2. Choose the result page; unless you've chosen a pre-made template, you can either choose (a) a simple page that shows the result (b) result with an optin form or (c) result with a social share badge.
Thrive Quiz Builder Result page variations

Result page variations

That's all it is, and each quiz is supplied with a unique short code within the builder. All you have to do is copy & paste the short code anywhere in your web page.

An example of simple quiz embedded in your web page without the heading/introduction will look like this. (Try it - 5 x ridiculously easy questions.)​

Thrive Quiz Builder - 3 Types of Multiple Choice Quiz

Thrive Quiz Builder Quiz Evaluation Types

So there are three ways to display the outcome of your quiz;

  1. By number, e.g. "You answered 8 out of 10 questions correctly!"
  2. By percentage, e.g. "Your knowledge score: 80%"
  3. By category (any categories that you set, e.g. "You are introvert/extrovert")

Typically a number or percentage display can be used ​for a knowledge quiz, where there is one correct answer. 

Whether each answer is correct or incorrect is determined by the weight (=number). For a typical knowledge quiz, you mark "1" on the correct answer and "0" on all other incorrect answers, like the example below. At the end of say, 10 questions, it will count the total number of "1" and show the result.

But here is the thing. You can set a heavier or lighter weight according to the level of difficulties. For example "World Politics" quiz;

  • "Who is the current president of USA?" It's an easy question so you mark "1" on Donald Trump and "0" on other answer options.
  • More difficult questions such as "In which decade did World War II break out?" It was 1939, so you mark, say "5" on the correct answer, 1930's. With other incorrect answers, you mark "3" on 1940's because it's pretty close, put "0" on 1990's because that's pretty dumb.
  • Put even heavier mark (say "10") on extremely difficult question...and so on.

In this way, the challenger will be given the score based on the depth of their knowledge, rather than simply based on the count of correct answers. And not just for knowledge quizzes but it can be applied to any types of quiz or test, such as "How secure is your house?" test, "Are you a shopaholic?" test, "How gay are you?" test etc, etc. The result can be shown by;

  • Percentage - "You're 65% gay!"
  • Number - "Your gay factor: 86/100" or,
  • Category - "You're camp as a Christmas tree!" "You're deadpan straight!", etc.

More Than One Objective 

Now for example "How secure is your house?". The security can relate to a protection from intruders and can also relate to a safety issues such as fire risk. And of course Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to create a multidimensional quiz like that.

You can branch your questions into other questions in specific paths. For example "Do you have a smoke alarm in your house?" If they answer yes, you send them down to a path to a different set of questions. And if they answer no, you send them down to another path where they answer more relevant question such as why they don't have a smoke alarm - Don't feel necessary? Ever thought about getting one? etc.

And this is where you preset the evaluation type (=the result) by category such as "Ambulance Alert!" "Burglar Welcome!" etc.

Thrive Quiz Builder Question Tree

Drag & drop Q&A's to create a "question tree" in seconds.

Quiz Will Reflect Your Personality - No Choice!

I never thought raising multiple-choice questions would be quite so mind-boggling until I actually started to play around with this plugin. Not just a simple Beyoncé quiz but when you start to think deeper - about the connection with your readers, about creating something mutually beneficial.

You are asking your valued visitors to participate, so the quiz should be clear, concise, and have some level of entertainment value. You probably know that. You want this plugin because you want to find out what your readers want from your site (e.g. more reviews? discount offers? latest news about your niche?). You know that too, and you might have some questions in mind already. But how you actually structure it - the flow of the questions, answer options and how you "weigh" the answers by numbers - is going to be what you are.

And the more you input your thoughts, the more unique personality will be added to the quiz. And if it doesn't take you minutes to structure your questions & answers, that's your personality too. I'd better take an Introvert/Extrovert quiz to confirm this.

Thrive Quiz Builder
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  1. Hey Raymundo,
    Omg I’ve been looking for this everywhere! I came across several websites a while back that tempted me to answer them with simple quizzes.

    I answered them nonetheless and they said they would email me so I checked my inbox and got the mail. What I didn’t know though, is that it’s a form of a hook to get our emails and we would never saw it coming. brilliant!

    1. Hi Riaz, how’re you doing?

      What you might want to keep in mind though, is “Get Rich Quick Dreamers” never pay.

      What I mean is that, if you try to entice “anyone” by offering say, celebrities quiz with an optin form, you might successfully collect many subscribers, but majority of them can end up being dormant. They may never respond to your subsequent emails because they were never interested in your site but only challenging the quiz. So a quiz with an optin form should be relevant to your site, that’s my opinion.

      Thanks for your comment & sharing your experience again Riaz 🙂

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