Turning Your Hobby into an Online Money Maker

Updated: June 26, 2019
by Jack Stan

The latest data available shows that 70% of Americans want to be self-employed (as reported in a 2015 Dartmouth study). From making your own hours, to having a steady stream of passive income, entrepreneurship is an attractive prospect for most people. No matter what your passion is, technology (namely, the internet) has made it easier than ever before to make money from your talents and interests. Explore three specific hobbies that you can easily turn into profitable online money makers, while also making an income from affiliate marketing.

Turning Your Hobby into an Online Money Maker

Selling Your Photography

Have a passion for taking captivating images of various scenes, objects, and people? Experts at CanvasPop.com say that it is now easier than ever before to turn your photography hobby into a lucrative source of income. From creating your own framed or canvas prints, to selling your images as stock photos, there are dozens of options for making money. Before taking action, decide how you would like to offer your photography for purchase. Do you want to have people purchase digital images for commercial use? Do you want to get your best images printed and framed to sell at your local farmers market? Set goals in advance to make the most efficient use of your time. Next, take specific action to achieve the goals you’ve set. Search for opportunities online, get in touch with the right people in your community, and begin promoting your offerings whenever possible.

Writing Blog Posts

For those who are gifted with the written word, online opportunities are numerous. Working as a part or full-time writer is flexible, fun, and can make you a good chunk of cash. Businesses, industry experts, and professional bloggers are all looking for people to write relevant blog posts for their websites. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced writer, there are opportunities available for all levels of skill. To find gigs and job openings that best fit you, complete an online search of freelance writing opportunities. From there, you can filter job openings based on your years of experience, interests, and availability. Alternatively, you can also attend local networking events to market your writing services.

Sell Your Creative Creations

Is your hobby painting, wood carving, sculpting, or any other creative activity? If so, you are only clicks away from selling your crafty creations on your own online store. For a minimal fee (either at the start of your store or per transaction), you can generate extra cash from the exciting things you already enjoy making. To test out your new business concept, create and post a limited inventory on a marketplace such as Etsy. From there, advertise your products, and adjust your offerings based on sales and/or customer feedback.

Rather than losing money off of your hobbies, turn them into a profitable venture. Almost any hobby can now be turned into something that makes money. If your hobby was not listed above, brainstorm ways that you can turn your favorite activity into something that can make you a part or full-time income.

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