Top Reasons for Losing Money in the Forex Market

Updated: March 11, 2020
by Joe Garcia

Forex market is so vast, it attracts people to join the market to make money profitably. But if you are new, you need to cross many stages in the market to make money. Not every time the pro traders make money from the market, they often lose also. Statistically speaking, more than 90% of the investors are losing since they don’t have the skills to deal with the losing orders. So, it should be pretty clear, if you want to survive at trading, you must learn the key rules to protect your trading capital. Most importantly, you have to find the major cause of losing money at trading.

Top reasons for losing money in the Forex market

There are many reasons for losing money in the Forex market. After reading this article, you will find the top reasons for losing money. Mainly the new traders do these mistakes in their trade and many of them even fail to find the reasons for losing.

Stop Overtrading

This is one of the common mistakes the new traders do, in the greed of making money fast they overtrade in the market and end up losing. The best way you can make money is by keeping patients and giving time to trade properly. You don’t have to follow the aggressive trading method to become millionaire. Use a strategic approach and invest your money wisely. Stop being a naïve by seeing the extreme volatility of this market. Never forget the fact, you can’t make any progress just by using a high frequency trading method. Quality trade execution should be your priority.

Too much of anything is bad in life, so even the concept of overtrading has bad impacts on the Forex market. To stop overtrading you should plan and pick out the good strategies in your trade to make a profit. Pro traders always suggest the new traders not to fall in the trap of overtrading as that will ruin your account.

Focus on the Market Conditions

Market Conditions

The best a trader can make money is by always observing the market conditions. Understanding the market is important if you want to survive in the Forex market. Many traders don’t pay attention to the market condition while they trade and thus they lose their money. Very few traders realize the importance of using the best Forex broker Australia. You need to find a premium broker and use the robust trading platform in a very intellectual way so that you can find the best possible trades.

Every trader needs to track the changes that occur in the market, making money is all about using strategies so, use your strategy to learn about the market. If you can understand the market then you will be clear how to trade and when to trade to make profits. The market conditions give a summary of the market so to trade profitably it’s important to understand the market.

Set a Good Risk Management

Risk Management

Many traders make the biggest mistake in the market by not giving importance to the risk factors. You need to have risk management to protect your account and so that you don’t blow your account. Risk management is one of the major part you should have to maintain a successful trading strategy.

You can set the risk management by using many tools from the market, such as by using the stop-loss order you can handle the percentage of your loss in a trade. There are also other ways you can maintain proper risk management but all it matter is that don’t ever skip the risk management if you don’t want to lose your money.


In the Forex market, it’s important to give value to every tool and term of the market. To avoid losing money in the trade you need to maintain many key factors and some of the factors have been discussed above to help you to understand the market.

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