Thrive Themes Membership and Hidden Extra (Ouch!)

Thrive Themes, renowned for its premium WordPress themes and powerful visual editor plugin, have also produced many other innovative plugins in the past years. Thrive Quiz Builder is the most recent one, Thrive Ovation, all-around testimonial plugin was another one from 2016. Each plugin can be purchased separately, but they're all offered for free as part of the Thrive Themes membership.

Thrive Themes Membership

Thrive Themes Membership Benefits

For just $228 per year, what you receive is;

  • All the existing premium WordPress themes and plugins
  • Any new themes/plugins that may be released during the year
  • Free updates (to new versions, security updates and any fixes)
  • No licence restriction (all can be used on as many of your own websites)
  • Unlimited access to support
  • Often you get to use their brand new plugin before the official release.
  • Price lockdown - the membership fee will not increase for existing members.

Especially the last one is great. There'll probably be a fee increase sometime in the future, but as long as you continue your membership, you'll be paying $228 every year - at least indefinitely.

Hidden Extra To Pay?

Unfortunately "yes" to European residents. It's the killer VAT.

Thrive operates its business within Europe and, if you live in an EU (European Union) country, you have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) on top of the $228.

Thrive Membership Tax Added

This is by the EU VAT law on digital service supply came into force a couple of years ago, and it applies to a private consumer like you & me, and the VAT rate applies to the place of download. I live in the UK, so UK VAT of 20% is automatically charged upon purchase. If you live in Germany, that will be 19%. If you live in Ireland 23% will be added.

So this is not Thrive's fault - we just have to live by the rule.

If you live outside the EU - no problem, there's no hidden extra.​ VAT always applies to the place of supply (where you download your Thrive themes/plugins), European VAT will not be charged to those who live outside Europe.

By the way if you are a VAT-registered company in operation within the EU and would like to buy a Thrive product or become an annual member, you should not be charged with VAT ("Zero rated". Strictly speaking they're charging VAT but 0%.) You may have to contact Thrive so that they can manually issue an invoice with 0% VAT and charge you without it. You need to submit your own VAT number to Thrive in exchange.​

Thrive Themes Membership All In One Online Business Toolbox

A Little Savings After Brexit

I receive a few digital services from other EU companies and, while they all advertise their fees in US dollars, when it comes to the payment screen, they're all 20% higher which I have to bite.

As a UK citizen, we hear ​many speculations about the UK-EU trading deals that may worsen after we leave the EU in 2 years time. But as a consumer it will be a good news when the UK 'joins the rest of the world' as far as VAT is concerned!​

Well, 2 years is a long time and we never know what's going to happen with taxation affairs. But one thing for sure is Thrive will not charge more than $228 per year for my annual membership.

Thrive Themes Membership - Join Now

Thrive Themes membership will give you much more benefits that you can expect - you have an anytime-access to all their existing products PLUS you'll be the first one to try out their new products for free.

Click to access from below - scroll right down the page to​ become an annual member.

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