TeamBuildClub Review – Is It Real or Fake?

Updated: May 22, 2022
by Ray Alexander

I guess the name and the homepage say it all. TeamBuildClub must be about building a team, while the photos of young executives with a private jet tell you that it’s all about becoming stinky rich. “Let’s join forces and make a lot of money.”

My initial concern was that all the members on the webinar replay appeared to be senior citizens. I’d like to say nothing’s wrong with a club full of old people, but there’s a huge image gap between that and the glamorous people in the homepage photos. The scheme is about making money, after all. What keeps young people away from this scheme?

I will share what I have found in this TeamBuildClub review and shed light on whether this is a lucrative method of making money online today. Review

Product Name:

Team Build Club

Website URL:


Pyramid scheme


Interconnectica Ltd. / Alexis Thomas


Free to join, 25 Euro - 500 Euro



TeamBuildClub claims to be a successful, global community and encourages you to become a part of the team. But the main focus is to offer a multi-level referral compensation plan without providing a clear and unique method. As such, it may effectively be a pyramid scheme.

What Is TeamBuildClub?

TeamBuildClub (TBC) appears to offer online marketing tips and cryptocurrency guides in video format. It also provides an advertising space so that the registered members can place their banners to promote their businesses to one another. 

But it does not clarify exactly what kind of services it provides in return for the membership fees. It doesn’t really seem to sell a retailable product. With the following factors, it suggests that TeamBuildClub may be a pyramid scheme;

  • There are 5 different paid options, but the charges are one-off rather than monthly.
  • There’s no indication of exactly what kind of training you’ll receive at each level of paid membership.
  • The training videos are viewable on YouTube - although uploaded privately, they can be shared with non-members for free.
  • Instead, the primary focus is for the members to earn a commission for referring others. It has 10 tiers of referral compensation plan matrix.
  • The majority of the training and promotional materials are about referring TBC to others.
TeamBuildClub Review

Domain and Ownership

The domain was privately registered in July 2021 through GoDaddy. The website explains that TeamBuildClub was created by Interconnectica Ltd, based in Cyprus. Alexis Thomas is the CEO & Founder. The company’s main activities are not clear - all kinds are randomly listed, such as digital marketing, advertising, estates, sales, coaching, cryptocurrencies, human resources, etc. This suggests that Mr Thomas may be the only proprietor. 

A reverse-image search reveals that Mr Thomas has also been the CEO of Wixlar Group, a company that provides digital currency wallets and exchange platforms. He may no longer be part of the company as he doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the company’s site.

Isn’t a Pyramid Scheme Illegal?

A multi-level marketing scheme is often considered a pyramid scheme when there is no clear indication of product value against the price it charges. It is indeed illegal in many countries, but not in Cyprus where the Team Build Club’s owner operates. 

The Free Membership

Anyone can sign up with TeamBuildClub for free and receive;

  • How to use the members’ dashboard 
  • A basic guide to promoting TeamBuildClub itself
  • Email swipe copy
  • Some useful online tools to promote a business
  • A basic guide to cryptocurrencies
  • The right to receive 5-tiers of referral commission (10% on direct referrals’ membership fees.)

Paid Membership Options

5 x paid membership options are available. The fees are one-off in Euro, and you’ll get “advertising credits” corresponding to the amount of payment you make;

  • Basic €25 - 2,500 advertising credits
  • Silver €50 - 5,000 advertising credits
  • Gold €100 - 10,000 advertising credits
  • Platinum €200 - 20,000 advertising credits
  • Diamond €500 - 50,000 advertising credits

The advertising credits allow you to place banner or text ads at the bottom of the TBC members area. You use 1 credit per impression for text ads or 2 credits per impression for banner ads.

You can also receive a few extra “paid member” training videos on video marketing and email marketing. 

You’ll also receive 5-tiers of referral commission on referring others, but the commission rates will be double of free members. You’ll receive 20% on direct referrals, 8-10% on level 2, and 3-8% thereafter.)

Advertising Credits - Are They Any Good?

TeamBuildClub Ad Exchange

I don’t think the advertising opportunities that TeamBuildClub offers are good. Your ads will only be placed within the TBC members’ area, only visible by the members, which means it’s just an ad exchange platform. The ad exchange is an outdated strategy that no longer works - in fact, I don’t know if it ever worked at all in the past! 

An ad exchange doesn’t work because it targets the wrong audience. What’s the point of ‘exchanging’ ads with other business owners? To introduce businesses to the community and help one another through networking, they say. Help with what?

The reality is, the moment you begin advertising each other, your 'community' or 'team' turns into a bunch of rivals. Everyone’ll be busy promoting their products, they won’t be interested in yours or any other member’s, you see. If they’re supposed to “help you” by spending money on your products, then you’re expected to spend money on theirs. 

It also says that TBC accepts Google Ads - presumably Adsense ads. The owner’s company also claims to provide SEO services, so I’m surprised he doesn’t know this. TBC might accept it but Google wouldn’t authorise anyone to place the ads on a third-party ad exchange site this way. 

Is The Training Any Good?

Here are my thoughts after watching a free webinar replay.

TeamBuildClub Webinar Replay

Firstly, the sound quality is so bad! Secondly, it’s in the gallery view rather than in the speaker's view from the beginning to the end. So it looks peculiar as no attendee is engaging in conversation, they all appear staring at the screen, listening to the tutor talk.

The content I watched was about how to copy the promotional script provided by TBC and paste it on Facebook. I found it very basic but I guess it’s useful to the members who seem to be in an older generation, and Facebook still remains the biggest social media network. (Statista: Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022, ranked by number of monthly active users)

Transparency Issue

The problem I have may not be yours. I think it depends on whether you are an extrovert or introvert, whether you prefer to digest information through talking or through step-by-step modules systematically.

I find the information on the TeamBuildClub site too ambiguous. For example, the mission of TBC is described as; 

  • “to help achieve goals and lead a better life through team collaboration and support.” 

Whereas the vision is described as; 

  • “to be a positive influencer by developing a successful, global community.”

I would get stuck there right from the beginning because I don’t understand either of the statements. I mean, haven’t we all been learning to lead a better life through team collaboration and support since we were kids? That’s what schools are for! 

The objective is to maximise wealth. For sure. But that’s the objective of every profit-making company. It's rather more important to me to figure out if this particular approach is any different from others. TBC does provide a couple of written guides, but they don’t seem to explain it.

We know TBC is about building a team, but so is every other organisation…religious groups, sports clubs… But we don’t know what exactly we’re going to learn from TBC, which is to me, non-transparent. That’s my personal opinion.

However, a lot of people who are attracted to network marketing/pyramid schemes seem to be just happy to connect with others and see how things go through chatting, whether they make money from it or not. If you prefer learning from conversations to researching yourself alone, TBC may be for you. Well, you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you did!

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Can You Make Money With TeamBuildClub?

I think the images on the homepage (executives and private jets) are illusions, you know. They imply a millionnaire lifestyle, but to become a Euro millionnaire solely by selling TBC membership, you would have to build an astronomical number of downlines. Just to give you an idea with a simple calculation, based on the 20% referral commission;

  • 200,000 people to become your Basic downlines (200,000 x €25 x 20% = €1 million) or
  • 10,000 people to become your Diamond downlines (10,000 x €500 x 20% = €1 million).

Of course, it’s a multi-level compensation plan, if any of your downlines referred others to TBC, you wouldn’t have to find 10,000 who can pay 500 Euros yourself. The question is, would you be able to find even one person who’s willing to pay €25?

I wouldn’t because unfortunately, I cannot find anything worthwhile to become a paid member myself. If it doesn’t convince me to pay a mere 25 Euro, I can’t recommend it to anyone else, either.

TeamBuildClub Pros and Cons


  • Free to join.
  • The owner is a real business person.
  • Webinar replay proves real members.


  • The scheme is fairly new, i.e. sustainability is not proven.
  • Poor site design and webinar sound quality.
  • The objective and method of the scheme is unclear except 'making money'.
  • The purpose of the cryptocurrency guide is unclear/out of place.
  • Advertising credits (for ad exchange) don't seem to be fully utilised.

TeamBuildClub Review - Conclusion:

There’s one thing I often get frustrated with when I listen to marketing gurus teach all sorts of effective selling techniques. Making offers “irresistible” to customers and all that, you know. Marketing skills are very important, but not as important as the quality of the product that you market.

Some gurus/marketing tutors encourage the students to promote their training program as part of the affiliate program. But they fail to explain WHY their own program is more worthwhile compared to other programs.

I think TeamBuildClub is one of them. Team building may be a great way to spread the word, but what makes the content stand out? I can’t seem to find the answer, unfortunately. If you’ve already joined and have a reason to recommend TBC, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. yes teambuildclub is legit , Alex is a very good and cordiale leader , meanwhile i am a paid member and i got 400 free email to buid my downline , but when i used those mails for my bussiness Google blocked my account for spamming people. Alex pays correctly but using those mails he gives outfor other personnal bussiness? No never do that .

  2. Thank you for your honest review, I was invited to Teambuildclub by two people but the training was too slow as well. Some common sense I was not impressed. Both of them sent me some emails but stopped now, but one of them was pushing me hard to upgrade my membership. I kept asking him for the benefits but he never gave me a clear answer. I said no and he kept asking me the reason why. Why should I give him a reason when he doesn’t give me his? I decided that it’s not worth visiting that site any more.

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