Softorino User Review 2022

Updated: February 10, 2022
by Jack Stan

Hi there folks! Today, I'd love to tell you about a nice software company that's making some simple but elegant Mac & Windows tools for better data management, Softorino. ?

Softorino is a group of enthusiastic designers, developers, and advertisers. It represents considerable authority in making the best iTunes choices available. In case you have a problem with putting stuff onto your iPhone or iPad – Softorino is an ideal choice. You will receive the simplest user experience and an excellent interface in each Softorino product.

As a tech enthusiast, I've decided to review the 4 main apps: WALTR 2, Softorino YouTube Converter 2, iRingg, and Folder Colorizer 2, and I did it from the professional point of view. So, let's dive right in!

Softorino User Review

1. WALTR 2

It's based on pioneering ideas of impression and strategy. WALTR 2 signifies an overall unique experience for you and your Apple gadget. Every new product is a significant advancement towards perfection in all disciplines – plan, innovation, and expertise. WALTR 2 is one of the most astounding accomplishments yet.

Waltr 2
  • Defining Certified Insight: WALTR 2 presents savvy Automatic Content Recognition aimed at Movies, Music, and TV shows. This invisible improvement rolls out a noticeable upgrading in which you see films in your Videos application. Aside from works of art, WALTR 2 perceives and fills in title, genre, scene depiction, actor data, etc.
  • Wireless: With High-Speed Wi-Fi availability, WALTR 2 carries another dimension to opportunity. When you open WALTR 2, it immediately searches for any Wi-Fi empowered iOS gadgets around you and interfaces with them. This takes a couple of moments to find the extension between WALTR 2 and your iPhone. A quick network permits you to drop even huge files, for example, films.
  • Resurrecting The Legacy: At the point when you link an iPod to your PC, WALTR 2 immediately identifies it and appears on your dispatch screen. All music designs are supported, like FLAC, APE. It lets you brush the residue off your #1 music players.
  • Get a Good Read: Apple iBook's application for iOS is ideal for both understanding books and dealing with your files. WALTR 2 brings full help for EPUB and PDF layouts. When driven into WALTR 2, your books and archives show up in your iBook application accessible from the tab. Also, you do not have to introduce any outsider iOS applications for this.

2. Softorino YouTube Converter 2 or SYC 2

This is probably the safest YouTube downloader on the globe. You can install and convert YouTube recordings as MP3, M4R, or MP4 to your iPhone, Mac/PC, iPad for offline playback. The whole world of music, ringtones, and videos anticipate you only a click away. Along with YouTube, the app supports more than 60 well-known sources like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. Fill your iPhone with entertainment — that's how the Softorino team explains the purpose of SYC 2.

What else can SYC 2 offer?

  • Automatic Wi-Fi: This implies you can liberate yourself from cords. Download and send music, recordings into your iPhone or iPad through Wi-Fi.
  • Universal Connection Bridge: Watch any YouTube video instantly! Besides PCs, SYC 2 additionally supports all the iOS gadgets, and even any iPod ever made.
  • Automatic Content Recognition: ACR distinguishes meta-information for music tracks, embed legitimate album art, fill missing portrayal. Construct your own personal iTunes library.
  • One-Click Push to iOS Devices: The fundamental component of all Softorino applications is the capacity to move into any Apple gadget. In a click on an online video, YouTube music goes straight into the iPhone, iPad, or iPod without the need for iTunes.
  • World's Fastest Ringtone Maker: It is true. There is no quicker method to make and push ringtones into iPhone than SYC 2. You can pick any YouTube video and download it as a ringtone legitimately (without iTunes).

3. Folder Colorizer 2

Presenting the second emphasis of the widely praised Folder Colorizer. The development in Folder Colorizer was its direct client experience – capacity to change folder color in a single click, as though it is pre-incorporated with the framework. The first idea and plan of Folder Colorizer 2 is setting another bar for the whole classification of smaller Windows Utility Software.

  • From Boring To Color in 0.67 Seconds: It is difficult to change the shade of folders by type, need, or different labels on Windows PCs. Folder Colorizer 2 presents a color changer choice in the Context Menu, which permits to just right tap on an organizer to change its tone. Adding colors to Windows organizers don't get simpler than this.
  • All the Colors of the World: Envelope Colorizer 2 exceeds all expectations with an implicit color manager. It presently incorporates support for HEX shading codes. Besides, with 16-million particular tones to look over – applying an individual touch to your color tone is a breeze. Subsequently, it is so much better when your organizer has that perfect shade that you genuinely love.
  • Make Folders Stand Out: Generally, you need to recognize a specific folder consistently and critically. Folder Colorizer 2 causes you to acknowledge your exhausting folders.

4. iRingg

Softorino iRingg

iRingg is an interactive and fun iPhone ringtone maker. iRingg will move your ringtones to iPhone in just one click without iTunes. It's the best and easiest iPhone Ringtone Maker — even a five-year-old could realize how to set ringtone in iPhone with iRingg. Moreover, it is free!

  • 6-Sense: A brand innovation, which is ready for a new experience. Based on machine learning, 6-Sense reviews your iTunes music library on the nearby PC and iPhone to gather listening information and propensities. Information learning calculation breaks down all components and predicts which tracks you may like as ringtones.
  • SndMoji™+ Voice:  It could be amusing, senseless or brilliant. In any case – it would be personal. With SndMoji™, you can add an individual touch to the ringtone utilizing cool audio effects and change its temperament and feel. Add 'You' to your ringtone. Record some smart or genuine voice introduction. Apply effects. And, you're a ringtone maker.
  • 100.000.000 Sounds: Any video or music track on SoundCloud or YouTube can turn into a ringtone now. Search, click, done.
  • Push to iPhone: Ability to push newly made ringtones legitimately to an iPhone makes iRingg interesting. With the incorporated UCB and αWiFi advancements, associate your iPhone using Wi-Fi (or wire) and flawlessly move your new ringtone into the iPhone's default ringtones area.

Bottom line

Softorino is about simplicity. Moreover, as indie developers, the Softorino team strives never to lose focus on what makes it stand out. Everything is done in a unique but simple manner. This is the key to a loyal customer base who look forward to you.

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