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Updated: February 6, 2022
by Ray Alexander is like your lover who kept saying to you “don’t you ever cheat on me” turned out to be the one who’s been cheating on you.

Does that sound familiar to you and your ex?

It doesn’t to me.

Anyway, this site displays an “anti-fraud policy” telling you not to cheat, but who is the real cheater? What I’m trying to say in this review is basically, don’t believe anything that’s being said on that site. It's not going to make you any money, and even worse, it'll put your personal security at risk. Review

Product Name:



Fake reward site




Free to join


What Is Million-Quiz?

The site is a fake rewards program. The purpose is to collect users’ personal information and sell it to illegitimate third-party advertisers for money. It claims to pay you a lot of money for submitting your detail in the name of a survey or app-testing. But when you request to withdraw your earnings, it will block your access. So you’ll never receive a cent from it.

Meanwhile, your personal detail (including your full name, email address, street address, phone number, etc.) will be sold to multiple advertisers, thus sooner or later, you’ll start receiving spam, cold calls, and unsolicited text messages from companies that you’ve never heard of. is one of several identical sites, including and scam review

How Does It Work?

Rather, how does it scam? It offers to pay $20 each time you take a survey, $20 for testing apps, and $10 for referring others to the site. It claims to make $500 for you on the day you join. Completing a survey doesn’t usually take more than 15-30 minutes, so it may certainly seem possible to achieve $500 within a day. 

Your million-quiz dashboard may say that when your account balance has reached $200 or over, you can cash it out either via Cash App, PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin, Venmo, bank card, "phone" (I don't know what it means), or Western Union.

But when you submit a cash-out request, that’s when they use the “anti-fraud policy” as an excuse. “We are rejecting your request as we found some fraudulent activities in your account.” Your access will be blocked shortly after that, and that’ll be the end of it.

Several Identical Scam Sites

Fiverrdo vs MillionQuiz

Million-Quiz is just one of quite a few identical sites, including SocialEarn, Fiverrdo (not to be confused with, which is a legitimate service marketplace), FusionCashPF. If you want to know more about these sites, check this review. Because I’m basically repeating more or less the same thing like a parrot in this post.

Reused Testimonials

SocialEarn Video Testimonials

...and if you check the video testimonials page (, you'll notice that they're all saying "SocialEarn is great!", rather than "MillionQuiz". Like I already mentioned on the other review, these people created testimonials because they'd been led to believe that they were getting paid for it. At the time of leaving the testimonial, they hadn't received the actual cash. 

None of them really knows what they’re talking about. They're not explaining how it works - where the money comes from, what makes it different from other schemes. They all look young, obviously have little work experience, which perhaps suggests that these testimonials are targeted at even less experienced kids.

The “Anti Fraud” Double Standard

When you check the anti-fraud policy allegedly set out by Million-Quiz, you’ll notice that none of the actions in the list should be called a fraud. What’s applied there is a double standard, making no sense. For example;

“Repeatedly clicking your own link”
“Using multiple devices to click your own link”

With any referral system, users (affiliates) should be obliged to click their own link to test if it’s working. They may want to test different devices, or they may just accidentally click their own link. 

Clicking on your own link is not a fraud. The system should simply exclude the users’ own clicks as non-qualified clicks instead.

“Sending fake traffic to Million-Quiz”

How do you know that the traffic you send is real (humans) or fake (bots)? You don’t, and it’s not your responsibility. Million-Quiz encourages users to place their links on social media, and the links can easily be picked up and clicked by bots at any time.

Sending fake traffic is not a fraud - unless you charge Million-Quiz a fee in advance then send fake traffic as a service, which is not the case here. The system should take responsibility for this part and automatically exclude bot traffic instead.

"Using a VPN (virtual private network) to click your own link"

One of the main reasons people use a VPN is to protect themselves from hackers. Million-Quiz is open to anyone worldwide. If it doesn’t like VPN users, the system should block VPN access in the first place.

All in all, the whole idea of paying cash for free signup is just illogical, and this fake anti-fraud policy is a result of it. 

Anti-Fraud Policy Million-quiz

Is Million-Quiz a Scam?

In legal terms, you may not call it a scam because it’s not taking your money. You won’t be losing anything financially to it, you see. But whatever you call it, you’ll be wasting a lot of your time, and more importantly, you’ll put your personal security at risk. 

Now you know what a fake reward site is like - the “tasks” offered by are all clicking, copy & pasting links. Children can do all that. You’re not doing anything productive, not helping anyone contribute to the economy, which means nobody’s making decent money from it (apart from the MillionQuiz owner!)

So don’t believe in “easy money”. You’ll only earn when you put in as much time, learning, and effort.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2023: $6,750.00

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Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Greetings there and I would like to thank you for your explanation about the online scam sites . And if you can , please share to us the legit and real paying sites .
    Best regards

    1. Hi Muluken, thanks for your comment. You may be aware of this already but there’s no “site” that just pays you money. You need to run a business and provide a service that people pay for. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, join via the link above for free. See if you like it. Good luck!

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