Slingly Review – Best eCommerce Startup?

Updated: May 20, 2020
by Joe Garcia

If you're looking to build your first e-commerce business but don't know where to start from or what kind of tasks are involved to make your online store a successful one, read my Slingly review.  

Everyone starts from nothing and through trials and errors, they thrive to grow business little by little. But ideally, you would like to mitigate the manual process in the beginning because the last thing you want is information overload while setting things up. Thanks to Slingly Pro, this program will automate a lot of work and save your time, while the Bootcamp training will help you learn the necessary techniques. The E-commerce industry is competitive, therefore a platform like this is just what you're going to need.

Slingly Review

Product Name:

Slingly Pro

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E-commerce tools and training


Ricky Mataka - Divorce The Boss Marketing, LLC.


$37 per month


What is Slingly Pro?

Setting up an e-commerce store can take a lot of skills, not only to build a store site itself but days of research to find products that sell, choosing product photos, write-ups, profit margins, to name a few. Slingly Pro is an already done-for-you platform that has over 20,000+ designs on across 32 categories, where you can add to your e-commerce store with a few clicks.

Slingly Pro is integrated to Amazon, Etsy, GrooveKart, and Shopify, which means you can have four different e-commerce stores (also GearBubble integration will coming soon.)

Currently Slingly Pro costs $37 per month, and it includes exclusive online business training;

  • 7 Figure Ecom Training "Slingly Academy"
  • Traffic Flow Framework Training
  • Social Media Domination Bootcamp
  • Automated Drop Shipping Access
Slingly Review

Sling or Sling Pro?

Just to clarify, there is no difference. Now there is only one product, officially named "Sling Pro" but we casually call it "Slingly". When Slingly was first released, it cost over a thousand dollars but now you pay a monthly fee and you get a lot more access to the training platform.

The Creator

Ricky Mataka

Slingly was created by Ricky Mataka, who is a multi-million entrepreneur who is specialized in e-commerce and other online businesses with 20+ years of experience. He has hosted many high profile events to run various tutorial sessions, sharing his marketing experiences with students both inside and outside the USA. 

Ricky first created Slingly back in 2017 using his programming skills. Back then, it's was focused on Shopify integration, but it's been updated since, and now it can also be applied to Amazon store, Etsy store, Groove Kart plus coming soon Gear Bubble.

Who Is Slingly Pro For?

It is for anyone who wishes to start their own e-commerce business from zero and has yet to decide what to sell because of the pre-loaded products in its platform. But Slingly also enables you to add any products of your choice, images, price, and markup of your choice. You can write your own product description as well. It is versatile and also suitable for those who already have their own products to sell.

Amazon Etsy

Things You Can Sell

There are different types of products that you choose to sell;

  • Print-On-Demand Products: Thousands of done-for-you products with printed designs, including mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, vests/tank tops, bags, leggings, pillows, etc.
  • Physical Products: Other unlimited done-for-you products including sneakers/shoes, jewelry, kids clothing range as well as adults', water bottles, canvas art, etc.
  • Drop-Shipping Sources: Instantly add products from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress with one click.

You can set up auto-fulfillment, so you don't have to worry about stocking up or maintain the list of these products.

The Training Portals

The new Slingly Pro is focused on extensive training so you can learn all the million-dollar techniques that Ricky Mataka has been using for the past 10+ years and proven to be a success.

Slingly Academy Portal - "Get You Going Fast" Training 

  • "A look Behind The Scenes Of My P.O.D Business": Exact time tested Print-On-Demand business so you can duplicate success.
  • How To Scale Profitably And Pump Out 2-3K Days: Scaling techniques to pump traffic to your sites around the clock.
  • Reporting For Results Metrics To Save You Money: How to look at your reporting in 5 minutes with unique pattern methods.
Slingly Income

How To Dominate Physical Suppliers 

  • Our In-House Zero Inventory System: Take a look behind the scenes. How to jump-start profitable physical product brands and build key vendor relationships.!
  • Research Like You Never Seen Before: Little known sites to use to get endless lines of hot scalable market-ready items. Ricky's in-house tricks that will have people handing you winners.
  • $155K Conversion formula: A Series of Techniques to find profitable niche audiences you can’t vet out on Facebook. A Step-Ladder Traffic technique only taught in-house.
  • Key Product Elements: Every product "must-have" before you bring it to the market.
  • Our Insider Tricks: Forcing vendors to give you their absolute best price right from the start.
  • Gold Mind Of Sites: Where people pay premium prices for physical products.

Limited Time Bonus Offers

Bonus 1: "My CashFlow Framework:

My CashFlow Framework training will show you Ricky's 7 figure business (multiple six-figure ad accounts and six-figure monthly strategies). The recording sessions are;

  • Advanced Traffic For Lead Generation: How to generate leads for your business successfully and to help your cash flow easy.
  • Advanced Traffic For Webinar Cycles: If you are looking to get into webinars, Ricky will show you how to run a maximum traffic cycle from them.
  • My Email Marketing Secrets Revealed: Ricky has 10+ years of experience in email marketing. He will show you exactly his frameworks for 4-5 Figure Emails.
  • Advanced Sequences For Cashflow: Once you get your leads, how to run deadlines that pull in a large amount of revenue.
  • My Lead Generation Frameworks: Learn what is working now so you can just copy Ricky's frameworks, which convert up to 90%.
  • Tools For Fast Results: Erase the tech headaches - the tools you need to use even if you have zero experience.
  • Mailing Networks: Learn the best way to email. CRMS, Apps, etc. 
  • Messenger Tricks: How to built a messenger marketing list to over 16,000 users.
  • Ads For Bots: How to get the biggest revenue using messenger traffic.

Bonus 2: "My Traffic Flow Framework Training"

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business but so many online marketers struggle with it. Ricky has been making six figures solely from Facebook traffic, and he will show you exactly how to demystify your tasks.

  • Tier 1 & World Wide Traffic Strategies: Regional traffic strategies that will get you customers from all around the world.
  • Advanced Targeting Tactics: Tools that you can use to make targeting easy.
  • Avalanche Pixel Looping Cycle: The funneling tactic that Ricky uses inside Facebook to have your pixels do all the work for you.
  • Setting Up Your Accounts: How to set up your "Facebook Ads Accounts" for success the first time. This is a very important subject and will save you from bans.
  • Structuring Your Ads For Success: Facebook Ads Copy does not have to be hard. An exact method to make sure your ads convert.
  • Large Audience Generation: Ricky has built Fan Pages up to 100K+ Users and 2.8 million in reach in 28 days. You will see how.
  • How To Get To Zero Targeting: This is easy once you have the right pixel structure. Whether you start with zero data or some, you will get to "zero targetings."
  • Hidden Gold In Sponsored Messages: Most people do not know this exists. Some of the biggest ROIs from using this type of ad that can get you $39 Bucks Into 11K Sales.
  • Scaling Traffic With BOT Ads: The biggest revenue with simple setups that get you more buyers.
Slingly Research Portal

Bonus 3: How We Dominate Social Media

A brand new, never released social media Bootcamp presented by Ricky Mataka and Nishant Bhardwaj.

  • Prospecting On Steroids: An infinite looping strategy that will build your ads account up in any niche and get you massive Leads, sales, and repeated buyers.
  • Dissecting Your Market: How to get into any market you want - what your market already wants so you can sell rapidly.
  • Advanced Retargeting: Most people ignore this and leave 30-60% of the money on the table. "Sneaky FB™ retargeting strategies" that will force sales of your products and services.
  • Turning Vistors Into Sales: "Prospect, Lead to Sale" in ANY market, ANY business model. Lack of conversion techniques is where people lose money. The training will plug that hole.
  • Email Marketing Goodness: The "Guaranteed" Click formulas that have made millions since Ricky got started back in 2009. This module alone is worth the price of entry.
  • Indoctrination Processes: The customer journey and indoctrination process starts with the advertisement itself. Some advanced ways to stay congruent and turn world wide leads into long term sales and repeat customers.
  • Nishant's Sniper Method: Knowing exactly which product will sell and which product won't without spending any money on ads. This will eliminate guesswork and hundreds of dollars in wasted ad spent on products that don't work.
  • Nishant's Giveaway Method: Build a super-engaged list of hungry buyers for high ticket items while getting paid for it. How to make high ticket Print-On-Demand (POD) sales while building a list of highly engaged prospects.
  • Print Anything Method: How to find the POD designs and products that actually sell. Using this method will eliminate hours of wasted work and hundreds of dollars on designs that will never make a sale. 

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Slingly Pros and Cons


  • Done-For-Your tool makes it easy for newbies to start an e-commerce store.
  • Extensive training portals.
  • Learn Facebook ad secrets that you don't get from anywhere else.
  • Monthly fee is affordable.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee by ClickBank.


  • Training materials can be overwhelming. 
  • Monthly fee means you'll lose access as soon as you cancel.

Slingly Review - Conclusion:

Print-On-Demand products may not be the most attractive or stylish items you see on an online store. But the truth is, if you focus on maximizing the revenue, all you should do is to follow the product and marketing methods that are already proven by successful experts in the industry. What you want to sell or how you want to differentiate your online store from others can be considered once you are on the track, not from the beginning.

Slingly will help you build your first successful e-commerce business while also help you learn all the necessary marketing techniques. If you're interested, check the latest "deal" page from the button below.

About the author 

Joe Garcia

An adventurer who is self-starting, quick to learn, and well organized. It is my privilege to work with Ray Alexander as his assistant. I occasionally write for this website on various work-from-home business topics, with Ray's help as I am still learning English. Originally from Spain, I now live in the UK.

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