Share Your Motivational Stories With Us

By CyberCash Worldwide

Do you want to share your "motivational stories" with us? We are looking to display your real-life stories on our existing "motivational quote" pages. The aim of this project is to inspire our readers who wish to make a living by their own work-from-home business online. And of course, we're not looking to do this on an entirely voluntary basis - we want to raise our profile by sharing great content on our site as we've always done.

Share Your Motivational Stories With Us

Your Motivational Stories

Let us hear your story such as;

  • A life-changing event or a lightbulb moment you experienced in the past. 
  • Any particular person or people you helped or who helped you with great inspiration and/or kindness.
  • It doesn't have to be a success story, but it can be your "work in progress" story. About the goal that you're trying to achieve, your struggles, your determination.
  • About any kind of negative turn of events - disagreement with others, jealousies, childish competitions, death and bereavement - sad, embarrassing, shameful, resentful, or disappointing experience... Tell us about a positive outcome you took away from the experience.
  • It doesn't have to be your own story. It can be your friend's or your family member's story. Or about some noble's or a famous person's, in which case you must tell us how it applies to you (e.g. the specific dreams you're working on.)

Your story does not have to sound extraordinary to others, as long as it's extraordinary to you. But make sure to tell us why/how it changed the way you see things or your attitude, NOT just what happened. Your own interpretation, that's the most important part. 


By now, we hope you know what we're looking for, but here are some additional terms.

  • Your story can be at any length.
  • You don't have to be an excellent writer. It's all good as long as we understand what you're trying to say. (We may email you back and ask you to clarify if we don't.)
  • You can write a long article that contains multiple different stories.
  • If your story article contains at least 800 words+ or 5,000 characters+, we'll advertise your website on the same page for you. Insert your page URL in the form below (But no spammy site or adult-only site incl. casino-related.) 
  • Once again - we are NOT looking for some general motivation guides or a collection of inspirational quotes and slogans. 

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the secure form below.

Please note: We will NEVER share your email address or use it for any promotional purposes. We will contact you purely to confirm the receipt of your story and to inform you when your story's published live. 


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