Rank and Rent Club Review – Profitable Career You May Have Never Considered

By Ray Alexander

If you are looking to start a new work-from-home business but have yet to decide what to do, welcome my Rank & Rent Club review. “Rank and Rent” is one of the very few business models in which you can receive real passive income online. If you can write, it’s certainly one to consider as your new career. 

I mean, you don’t have to be a prolific writer. Look at my blog posts - grammatically incorrect here and there, not every sentence always makes sense, and I’m sure some readers think I’m schizophrenic, and I can still achieve Google page 1. If you can write a diary, then you can do this. Rank and Rent Club is a training course that helps you from the basics to all the nitty-gritty to make sure you build a profitable rank and rent business.

Rank and Rent Club Review

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RankAndRent Club

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Rank & Rent Business


Herc Magnus & Todd Spears (Supremacy.Digital)


Free to join (Tons of free materials) "Full Club" membership starts from $697.90


What Is a “Rank and Rent” Business?

There are mainly 3 ways to monetize a website by applying SEO techniques. SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is about optimizing your website for a specific niche and ranking in search engines, so it starts to drive traffic organically. For example, if you sell dog shampoo on your website and the site is correctly optimized for search engines, people will find you by googling “dog shampoo sale” and they’ll spend money on your products. That’s one of the 3 ways. 

So the first thing you do is to get your website ranked in search engines. And what you can do with the site is a choice of the following 3 ways;

  1. Run a business on your site. Sell your own products/services, sell affiliate products, or run webinars and charge the students, etc.
  2. Rank and Sell (“website flipping”) - turn a website into a valuable one and sell it at an auction.
  3. Rank and Rent - renting out a website means the ownership will stay with you, and you’ll receive a monthly “rental income”.

Why Rank & Rent?

“Rank & Sell” business and “Rank & Rent” may sound similar to you but they’re quite different, and the renting option has more benefits compared to the selling.

They often say “build a website from scratch and sell it for tens of thousands of dollars” - Rank & Sell is not that easy. When you sell a website, you need to prove that it’s actually been making profits for a while. The prospects will want to see proof of income for the past, say, 12 months. They are making an expensive purchase, so they have the right to scrutinize every detail. To make sure all the ads are working and making money, campaigns are working and generating leads. For you to get your site to that stage is time-consuming and in reality, it’s hard to become a position to make a living just by selling multiple websites.

One good thing about Rank & Sell is, selling a website as an asset can be treated differently by the local tax authority and you may get relief depending where you live, how often you sell, and how much. I’m from the UK and over here, a profit from an occasional sale of a website for roughly less than $15k can be (effectively) tax-free. 

Anyway with Rank & Rent. The benefits will be;

  • Especially local businesses would prefer to rent a site rather than to buy, as they see it as a lower-risk investment. 
  • The site is forever yours, which means when the user cancels the contract with you, you can start renting it to someone new.
  • The content you’re creating is a niche-generic. So you can use the same formats and keywords for a number of websites in different local businesses. For example, accountancy service in City A, accountancy service in Village B, etc. 
  • The source of real passive income. People often refer to passive income when talking about affiliate marketing, but in real life it's not always the case. We keep running seasonal ad campaigns to promote new products...end up working all the time. Whereas a rent income is truly passive.
Rank and Rent Club Review

Rank and Rent Club Review

RankAndRent.club is a training course that teaches everything about the business. Firstly, it'll get you to understand the key elements and the whole procedures. Then you'll learn how to find out the most profitable niche and do an extensive analysis by using the tools provided. You'll build your website, turn it into a sellable condition, not just by analysis but via live coaching sessions. 

The course includes essential software including SEO keyword search tool ("Keyword Supremacy Unlimited"), the keyword management tool ("Project Supremacy" - very useful!), plus a free ebook guide and checklists.

RankAndRent.club is free to join. You'll receive the first 4 "entry" lessons, the latest webinars, useful ebook and checklists for free, and the software can be used for free for 10 days. You can get full access to all the materials and get extensive support whenever you decide to become a "Full Club" member.

The Creators

Rank and Rent Club was co-founded by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears. 

Herc Magnus & Todd Spears

Well, guess which one's which.

Herc had a career as a rock musician for 10 years before he got into digital marketing. Now with over 20 years of experience, specialized in search engine optimization, Herc is the one who does most of the tutorials. He makes a living from his Rank and Rent business but he is also an affiliate marketer and has been an SEO agency in the past himself. So he knows exactly how you can get a website built and optimize it to rank in Google in the fastest possible way.

Whilst Todd has a computer science background and has been an all-round digital marketer for the past 30 years. So he knows what kind of software is needed and how it can apply to each type of marketing method. Todd has built and sold over 20 digital marketing products successfully over the years.

Who Should Join Rank and Rent Club?

If your new online marketing business hasn't really taken off just yet, or you've been trying affiliate marketing for a while with no real success, then I think you should consider joining Rank and Rent Club.

I wouldn't necessarily say "anyone can try / no technical skills required" because it involves website building. You'll get to learn how to's, but it does require some level of "technical common sense". I've seen some new starters struggle to understand why it's not okay to have a huge logo the size of 2Mb in the middle of a blog page. And needless to say, you need to follow what Herc shows you on the video and replicate the same technique yourself. You have to be willing to learn.

Otherwise, I think the method is straightforward compared to other means of making money online (such as various affiliate marketing methods).

Why Should You Join Rank and Rent Club?

First and foremost, SEO. Your knowledge of SEO will be invaluable whatever you decided to do - whether to start a Rank & Rent business or not. You can take the skill with you and apply it to other means of content marketing. And you'll have a good opportunity to learn it here. Herc Magnus is an SEO expert and knows the most up-to-date techniques. So follow his advice.

The other reason is, you'll get more than just a "free trial". You will gain access to webinars, tools and learning materials for free. You'll also get to know useful resources for your new Rank and Rent business. I mean, all these signup bonuses...that you should appreciate!

The Software

Rank and Rent Software

Rank & Rent Club provides 4 x software. They're all innovative, will save your time, and in fact, they're all essential for your R&R business to create multiple sites and find renters automatically.

(1) Keyword Supremacy

The keyword tool that helps you find perfect niches as well as the additional keywords for your content to rank in search engines quickly. The features include; auto-suggestions, similar/related keywords, global and local searches.

Firstly, you're strongly advised to use a paid keyword tool if you want to save time. Free keyword tools out there are never as good as paid tools. Keyword Supremacy is particularly good because it enables you to do local searches (some paid keyword tools don't.) As a free member, you can use it for 10 days from the time you first get access to it.

(2) Project Supremacy 

WordPress plugin to help you build, optimize, and manage all your Rank & Rent sites. The features include; rank tracking, 303/404 pages, Scheme markup, link management, and project planner. This one is also very good, and a free member will have access for 10 days. 

Project Supremacy

(3) Local Supremacy Tycoon Account

Local Supremacy will help you sell and overlay your client accounts and it will also enable you to manage billings. The features include; overlay site/page, hang for rent sign, customer trials, and client billing management. 

(4) SERP Scout

SERP Scout is customer prospecting software to help you automate finding and contacting renter prospects. It scans Google, finds phone numbers, emails, Facebook pages. It schedules follow-ups and customizes client reports.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Why Local SEO?

Rank & Rent targets local businesses, and that's what this training course teaches. It totally makes sense, because local websites are less competitive and they tend to rank much quicker - I can tell you from my own experience. 

One of my first affiliate sites was UK-specific (.co.uk) back in 2015. I started building it in October/November time, and within a few weeks my pages popped up on the first page of Google, just in time for Christmas. One of the pages, promoting suitcases from Amazon.co.uk, only had 350 words and still hit the top of the SERP. I was lucky to see such quick results as an affiliate marketing novice at the time.

Soon I got bored of not earning more than a few hundred dollars each month. The United Kingdom was a relatively small country, I decided to close the site and started to build a new site targeting a global audience. I found it extremely hard, almost impossible, to rank, with the general household goods I was promoting at the time. 

Rank & Rent aims to pinpoint the target businesses in specific areas and makes sure there's a demand in each area before building a site. 

The "Full Club Access" Pricing Plans

The "Full Club" pricing plans are set out as follows;

  • Monthly: Initial month $697.90, then $197 per month.
  • Quarterly: $1,047.90 for the first 3 months, then $197 per month
  • Semi-Annually: $1,397.90 for the first 6 months, then $197 per month
  • Annually: $1,747.90 for the first 12 months, then $197 per month

Basically, the monthly fee is $197 but there's an extra fee on top it when you make your initial payment, except for the annual plan;

  • Monthly: $500.90 + $197 = $697.90
  • Quarterly: $456.90 + 3 months x $197 = $1,047.90
  • Semi-Annually: $215.90 + 6 months x $197 = $1,397.90

Whereas the annual plan is the most economical one. There's no extra fee to pay, and the monthly fee works out a lot cheaper than $197;

  • Annually: 12 months x $145.66 per month = $1,747.90

If you intend to keep the membership for longer than a year, then you might as well cancel the membership before the expiry and re-join... Otherwise they'll start charging you the full $197 from the 13th month.

But we don't know, the price may change by then - this is something you could discuss with the support team when the time comes.

Refund Guarantee Policy

RankAndRent.club offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, which I think is fair enough. You'll already have the first 4 lessons for free, and after you make a purchase, you should really be spending as much time as possible on learning the techniques. You'll have made up your mind by then.

The 7-day refund guarantee applies to your initial purchase, annual, semi-annual, and quarterly recurring rebill charges. No refund is offered on the monthly recurring charge. You need to submit a support ticket to cancel prior to your rebill date.

Rank and Rent Club Pros and Cons


  • You'll get to learn everything about Rank & Rent business.
  • Free 4-day introductory lessons plus the latest webinars for free.
  • Other signup bonuses including an ebook, case study and checklists.
  • 4 x essential software including the keyword research tool and prospect research tool.
  • You'll build good SEO knowledge regardless.


  • The "Full Club" membership fee may not be affordable for beginners.
  • Finding renters (and perhaps negotiating) may not be something you want to do.

Rank and Rent Club Review - Conclusion:

If you are new to online marketing and think you'll enjoy working on websites, Rank & Rent is definitely a business option for you. And the free platform provided by Rank & Rent Club will give you plenty of time and resources to decide your new career online. The knowledge and skills you gain from this course will never be wasted. Have a try, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hey, good review. Never heard of Rank and Rent before myself but the job sounds interesting enough for me. Good source of passive income yeah. but you have to find customers sounds a bit like a painful process to take… It’s a lot of money if you don’t find anyone but I guess it’s what you paying for… It’s different from what I imagined… Have you tried Rank and Rent yourself, if so what’s ur experience?

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. I have received the Rank and Rent Club’s free training but no, I’ve not tried to start an R&R business for two reasons; (1) I’ve been in affiliate marketing for years and perfectly happy with it, don’t want to spare any more of my time for other means of making money. Yet I wanted to write a positive review because it’s relatable (e-marketing, SEO) and genuinely think it’s a good option for newbies. (2) Like you say, I’m personally not a fan of finding clients, speaking on the phone and negotiating over the rent myself. By all means, I think it’s a good option for those who wish to learn SEO techniques and monetize the techniques, but not for everybody. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Josh, I appreciate it.

  2. Very Nice Article for rank and rent club information. It looks easy for me to start. I have been looking for online jobs and have not made any money online yet.I will definitely would like to start it.

  3. Hi, Ray. I just read your Rank & Rent review and found it so interesting. I know some people who sold their websites but they had tons of blog posts already. I didn’t think there was an option to rent out a site. Can you rent out a site temporarily like a few months ~ year then continue to blog? The reason I’m asking is every time I get a big project at work I’m too busy to take care of online marketing & that’s why I don’t want to own a permanent website for myself. If I can rent it while I’m away from home and let others make money from it, it will be a good investment. Thanks, Ray, for good information.

    1. Hi Tomasz, thanks for your comment. Your question about renting out your own site temporarily…rank & rent is not how it’s intended because you’re supposed to create generic content so that it fits any business owner in the same niche. I guess you’d have to agree with the renter what to do with the existing leads too. If your content’s been written in your name and the emails have been sent in your name, it’ll be difficult to switch over. Perhaps after all, R&R business itself may be suitable for you rather than “temporarily” renting your own blog site? Let me know if you need any help. I wish you all the best!

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