Power Lead System Review – How You Can “Actually” Make Money

Updated: August 12, 2016
by Ray Alexander

The Power Lead System is a multiple marketing tool. It can be used to promote other products, or to promote the Power Lead System itself. It provides sales funnel templates, email/messaging tools including autoresponder, it's own affiliate program and training including weekly webinars.

When I joined I was overwhelmed by the amount of features. It took me a while to understand how it works, and the membership structure is somewhat confusing. The interface design is quite outdated and not exactly user-friendly. But I now (sort of) realise why many entrepreneurs use the Power Lead System (PLS) ​to grow their business - and they're making it a success. I thought I could share my thoughts with you today.

Power Lead System - How You Can "Actually" Make Money

Power Lead System In Short - How You Make Money

​As I just mentioned, PLS is just a tool. But it also has its own referral system. So how you can use PLS is either (or both of);

  1. ​Refer PLS to others to earn commission, or
  2. You have other products to promote, such as from Clickbank and use PLS as a sales tool.

Membership - Lead Lightning and Power Lead System

​So there are several different membership types. Actually there are two different membership types upon signing up; (a) Lead Lightning or (b) Power Lead System. If you choose to go for PLS, there's a further choice to make.

Upon signing up;

(a) Lead Lightning membership

Pay one-time $7 joining fee immediately. No more payment will be required. The membership includes;

  • ​Refer others to become a Lead Lightning member and get $6 commission for each person.
  • Build a list with targeted leads.
  • It enables you to contact the buyers by email (or phone if opted in). But not email campaign (=autoresponder).
  • Training including weekly webinars.


(b) Power Lead System membership

There are several options within the PLS membership, and 7-days free trial period applies. (Whereas no free trial with Lead Lightning membership above). The options after the initial 7 days are;

(b)-1​ "PLS Customer" Membership

PLS Customer membership costs you $30 per month. The service includes;

  • ​Create sales funnels with unlimited number of capture page templates, floating form templates.
  • Use unlimited number of your own domains, create unlimited number of sub-domains.
  • Unlimited number of email campaigns (autoresponders).
  • Ad tracking.
  • Training including weekly webinars.

(b)-2 Silver Membership

PLS Silver membership is purely designed to train marketers. No ability to use your website domains or make sales. $29.97 per month includes;

  • ​Special "Endless Free Leads 10" training program.
  • Refer others to Silver membership and receive $15 residual commission.

(b)-3​ Gold Membership

Power Lead System MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

PLS Gold membership is especially designed for affiliates, and it costs you $53.97 per month. The service includes both (b)-2 PLS Customer membership and (b)-3 Silver membership offer plus;

  • ​Special "Endless Free Leads Training Program".
  • Refer others to Gold membership and receive $20 residual commission.
  • MLM commissions such as 50% matching bonus on all your Gold member personals.

Although PLS doesn't seem to like to call themselves an MLM scheme.

Power Lead System Diamond Membership

(b)-4​ Diamond Membership

This one comes optional on top of the Gold membership. You pay one-time fee of $149 and each time your referral becomes a Diamond member you'll receive $100 one-time extra commission, on top of your $20 residual commission.

(b)-5 Platinum Membership

Optional on top of Diamond membership, pay a whopping one-time $497, but each time your referral becomes a Platinum you'll receive $400 one-time commission, on top of your $20 residual commission. You also receive "Social Marketing Academy" training package.

....so in total there are 6 different membership types including Lead Lightning.

Overview - Setting Up Sales Funnels

Here are some of the web (sales) page creation tools that "Customer" members and Gold/Diamond/Platinum members have access to.

#1: First you need your domain name - you can either instantly buy a domain (www......com, net, org or biz) for $12.97, or transfer your own existing domain.

#2: It allows you to either create your own webpage from scratch, or use a template from its library. There are handful of number of webpage templates available, with or without opt-in form.

Landing page templates

If you're simply promoting Power Lead System membership (such as Lead Lightning, i.e. one time $7 joining fee), there are ready-made sales funnels for you. A landing page followed by sales page, which is then followed up by ready-made autoresponder, sent to visitors who's opted in.

#3: If you choose to create your own webpage, "My Webpages" module (image below) allows you to customise the flow. Such as an autoresponder to follow - ready-made sets of autoresponder are available, which you can also customise. But you can also opt-out completely if you have your own email service provider such as AWeber, GetResponse etc.

Power Lead System Create A Webpage

You are allowed to create as many webpages - add as many domains and sub-domains of your choice. And here in "Manage Web Pages" section you can view and edit the flow.

  1. ​Intro Page - the landing page where your potential customer clicks to opt-in
  2. Follow Up page - the actual sales letter page
  3. Survey Campaign - your follow-up email campaign (autoresponder)
  4. Ad - further follow-up page with upsells.
Power Lead System Manage Web Pages

"Scam" Claims by Affiliates

Some critics call Power Lead System a "scam" based on misconceptions. PLS provides useful tools and training to online marketers. It also pays them commissions if they refer it to others, but that's just a bonus feature. Referral schemes are inevitable for many traders in order to grow the business.

Many affiliates seem to misunderstand and jump in, hoping PLS has some products to promote and they can make money from it. But the actual "making money" part is only from referrals, which makes them think it's a pyramid scheme. It is not a pyramid scheme because they do have a product to sell. But what's the product? The product is to promote your products - PLS is a tool to help promote whatever YOU have.

How I "Finally" Make Over $6,000 Monthly Income

"The most valuable thing I've ever done!"

Take Wealthy Affiliate for instance - it's an awesome online training community. But it does not have products to sell. You have to find something to sell from elsewhere. The only way to make money out of Wealthy Affiliate itself is a referral.

So there is no difference in between the two, right? Wealthy Affiliate offers content marketing platform, whereas the Power Lead System offers sales funnel tools. And also training.

Power Lead System Review – How You Can “Actually” Make Money

Unlike content marketing, you cannot expect your sales page to rank high in search engines, hoping people will visit someday.

  • Solo Ads - the opt-in feature is primarily to collect subscribers, and the autoresponder feature is for email marketing. You need to buy solo ads. ("What Is Udimi Solo Ads?")
  • Social media - social media by all means, plays a powerful role in promoting the products you're selling via Power Lead System.
  • Your websites - if you have a decent traffic to your website, a landing page can be created within, and have it linked to the sales funnel.

Power Lead System, as the name suggests, is a powerful lead generation tool to create effective sales funnels. I would recommend you to give it a try, and feel free to contact me for any questions.

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. I beleive in this lead system. I have a problem with how the referel links you get are not sfat. It is almost like there is no ssl certificate or something. Other than that it rocks. Cant wait to get my campeign running.

    1. Hi David, thanks for sharing your experience. PLS has been around for a while and I think some parts need improvements, but still seems to be very popular among affiliate marketers. I’m glad to hear that you like it, and wish you the best of luck with success! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Ray i wanted to register lead lighting but when i got to part 3 which i asked to enter my card number and i entered and the system is telling me my card number is invalid besides can i register lead lighting and later update to compensation plan?

    1. Hi Moses, thanks for your comment/question. The answer is I’m afraid, unfortunately that’s how they (and some other make-money-online systems!) make sure that the users are ‘committed’ to their offer. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re not committed…you’re trying to enter your card number and it doesn’t seem to work. But a lot of programs try to prevent “time-wasters who want to sneak look and go away”, so they require users to put a valid card number.

      I hope you have another card you can try, and once you’re in and you’re not interested, make sure to cancel it before the free trial period ends… Any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask again. Thanks for your visit!

    1. Hi Candace, sorry to hear that you seem to have a problem. You must have received a confirmation from Power Lead System by email (check your spam folder also), and they allow 7-day money back guarantee, so you can contact them direct.y Alternatively your referrer will be able to help you (it should say who that is in the email you’ve received). I hope they’ll sort it out for you quickly.

  3. hi Ray I am new to affiliate marketing, is this system beneficial. I am in 8 to 8 job. I don’t have any website, and want to use social media platform for the same. can you please guide me?. Your help and opinion will be fruitful to me.

    1. Hi Salim, thanks for your visit and leaving a comment. Power Lead System does not promote itself very much. If you are good at ‘networking’, you get people to join and receive one-time $7 referral commission. You can promote any products you want, but the design of the sales funnel is outdated…I cannot say Power Lead System is my favourite, unfortunately.

      Affiliate marketing using social media to start with, you need to have a lot of followers so that you become an ‘influencer’. And you should really have a website to redirect your followers to. Unless you use paid advertisements in social media (Facebook + Twitter).

      I’d recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate, and learn everything to do with niche marketing. Joining is free, and you can stay free forever if you want. Although there’s a limited access to free membership, and premium membership costs $49 per month (not cheap!)… But this includes web hosting and ALL-ROUND training, so I absolutely believe it’s worth it.

      Any more questions please don’t hesitate to get back to me info@cybercashworldwide.com. Thanks again, and I wish you the very best of luck with every success!

  4. Hi Ray I am From Central America, I would like to have a spanish version of your cybercash worldwide site, is this possible? I mean I can expand this in my country but mostly people here speak spanish.

    1. Hi Jimmy, unfortunately I don’t speak the language fluently enough to create my site in Spanish. Perhaps you can consider creating a website and promoting it to your audience in Central America yourself? Wealthy Affiliate that I’ve mentioned in the post is an English-only platform, but it allows you to create your websites entirely in Spanish. It’s just an option. Thanks for your visit!

  5. Interesting review. I’m still unsure whether I want to use the power-lead-system, but thanks for sharing it anyways. I do a bit of help in getting more leads and viewers to my site, so the more information the better. I’m always quite conscious about where I get my information from, so hopefully I will be back on site in the near future.
    What are your best tips for being successful online?

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. To be honest the Power Lead System is purely to make money online and there is no element of content marketing (i.e. to gain trust from readers etc.) so whether you want it or not really depends on your business in my opinion. But then ultimately the primary purpose of any business is to make as much profit…so I do recommend anyone to at least have a look and think it’s suitable for their business.

      Mine tips for successful online business will be (1) always trust your gut feeling (2) don’t be afraid to spend money to make more money, but don’t spend more than you can afford to lose (3) patience, patience, patience, never give up. I’d like to hear yours too! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Hi Raymundo,

    Nice review! If it wasn’t for your review I would think that power lead system was another scam. It’s a shame but there is a misconception that every product that teaches people to make money online is a fraud. People don;t believe in this business model.
    I like the fact that PLS offers training an autoresponder. How does it compare to aWeber, for example? I have aweber, but for me is expensive to have access only to email marketing.
    Thanks for the advice


    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for your comment. As far as autoresponder is concerned, AWeber is a hundred times better, with its design, versatility, many functions and detailed analytics. And PLS actually has a module specifically to integrate its sales funnel to AWeber.

      But PLS has its own autoresponder that is “handy”. It only has a text format (not HTML) – no fancy design, purely to sell, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. It has many pre-loaded autoresponder templates, but the technique is pretty outdated (How To Avoid Email Spam Filters – full of spammy words) but it’s fully customisable. Thanks again Stefan for sharing your thoughts.

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