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By Ray Alexander

The domain name starting with two or three random letters, followed by are many identical sites indeed. If you wonder if you can really make money with these sites and decided to check a review, that's exactly the right thing to do. To start with, I never trust any website with a top-level domain .xyz anyway. I'll tell you why in a little while but first things first, my review will explain that these are the exact kind of sites you should avoid if you're looking to earn some extra cash online. Review

Product Name:


Website URL:

2-3 random letters followed by


Fake referral program




Free to sign up


What Is,,, and so on, are all identical, obviously created by the same owner, to get a piece of information from as many users in a deceptive way in order to make money for themselves. The sites have no useful content and falsely promise to pay users for referring others. Upon joining for free, you'll be provided with your unique referral link which you'll be encouraged to share with your friends and social followers. They claim to pay;

  • $1 each time your friend/follower clicks your referral link,
  • Extra $2.50 if they sign up, and
  • 50% of your direct referrals' earnings. Scam Review

None of the sites explains where the source of money is or the purpose of the business (because they don't have such a thing!) which obviously means there's no way they can make any payment to users. 

The amount will be added to your account, for example, if you click your own referral link, $1 will be immediately credited to your account, but you'll never be able to cash it. Only when you try to "withdraw money", you'll be told that the minimum withdrawal amount is $200 and also that you must view at least 340 minutes of video to qualify. But no video can be seen anywhere on the site.

So to sum up, these sites say they'll "pay you" just for inviting others in. Making payments to random online users means they should be running a business, but it never explains how it works as a business anywhere on the sites. Therefore they're not telling the truth.

Why Are They Doing This?

I can only speculate from the fact that they're paying you for watching the videos but there's no video to watch. That the sites were supposed to be fake reward programs originally, but the owner couldn't get approvals from any advertisers due to the complete lack of credible content. These sites don't display any advertisements, which means that the only way for the owner to monetize the sites would be by generating leads. They collect users' email addresses by falsely offering cash rewards, and sell the addresses to third-party solo ad sellers and spammers multiple times.

No Business or Legal Information

Every service website should display at least the basic information about the business and legal disclaimers such as;

  • The aim of the business (the mission and who it serves, in other words, how it makes money)
  • The owner's information (e.g. where the business is located, when it was established)
  • Contact information (at least a contact form or support email address)
  • Privacy Policy page to protect itself
  • Terms of Use

None of the above is displayed anywhere on the sites. If someone phones you up to say he/she will give you some money, but they refuse to reveal their identity and refuse to explain the reason they want to give you money, would you believe? Exactly. Fake Payment Methods

Fake Payment Methods!

"Who's Paying For This and What For?"

Ok, here are my two cents - every time you see a site that says it makes money for you, the very first thing you should find out is why it should pay you. The site owner asks you to do a certain type of job, and the job should benefit the site owner, so they'll reward you in return. That's the idea, right? Why do they think it's worth paying money to me? That question should come first, before asking yourself about your own benefits such as "Is it enough money for me?" sites claim to pay you simply for referring others. But if you were to refer someone to one of these sites, you would have to be able to explain these questions to them, otherwise you'll only be embarrassing yourself;

  • Who will bear the cost? Will the owner pay from their pocket or someone else will pay the owner?
  • What benefit will the owner get? Why are they paying us, some random users? explains none of it but instead, they're trying to distract you by talking about how they pay (via wire transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.) how quickly you can earn, and how long it will take you to cash - again, none of the claims is true.

The sites don't have any useful information - it's just like you have a "user's manual" booklet in hand but don't have the actual product itself. 

Any Sites with TLD .xyz

As I mentioned right at the beginning, I wouldn't trust any websites with the TLD (top-domain level) .xyz. Because .xyz domain names are available to buy for as low as $1 per year, many cheap spammers and scammers create silly websites like to deceive users to make money for themselves. Their sites often end up shutting down after a few months after receiving too many complaints, so they choose to use an xyz domain to keep the cost as low as possible. 

So likewise, if you are planning to build a website, I wouldn't recommend you to choose an xyz domain unless you're building a test site temporarily.

Are Sites Scams?

Technically, you may not call such sites scams because they don't steal your actual money. But that doesn't take away the fact that they're wasting a lot of new users' precious time with deceptive intent. They're just "liars", to simply put. With that said, by signing up with these sites, you're exposing your sensitive information (your private email address to start with) to people who don't care about data protection, so you'll never know whose hand your address ends up in. 

Legitimate Ways To Make Money

If you still think you can make an easy $1 just by getting your referral link clicked by your friend or social follower - that kind of thing never exists anywhere. Think about "social sharing" in general - each day, billions of people share & click links on social networks. There is no monetary value in a simple clicking action. To make money, someone has to pay for it, which means for you to make money, you'll have to provide a decent job to whoever pays for it.

Any Easy Job?

It's no surprise that since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, so many people have started to look for ways to make some supplementary income online for the first time. The market has become so competitive because of it and so many of them underestimate what it is to work online, look for an "easy job" that doesn't require special knowledge or skills. The truth is, finding a job online is much, much harder than finding a job offline (local job). Easy jobs such as "surveys-for-cash" will only pay a dime or so at a time, unproductive, and soul-destroying. The same formula applies online - nobody pays decent money for a job that anybody can do. 

That's why it's so important to learn online business skills and be able to do what others cannot do. If you have products or skill to sell, then that'll be great but you'll still have to learn marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd.

$1K A Day 6-Week Course

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to promote other people's products to others and earn a commission upon sale. Website owners/bloggers, YouTubers and social influencers all make affiliate commissions. Affiliate marketing is a great way because it "easy for anybody to start" - you can start today if you are ready for it. But again, easy to start doesn't mean easy to make money. You'll need to take the beginner's steps as you learn the techniques first. The steps usually go like this;

  1. Decide your niche (i.e. what kind of products/brands you're most interested in)
  2. Sign up with some affiliate networks for free, so you can start promoting your favorite products on social media to start with.
  3. Build your website (it won't take a minute to actually build one, though you'll have to work on it to customize.)
  4. Start building a marketing foundation in the way that you feel most comfortable with. For example, blogging, starting your YouTube channel, or focusing on social media ads.

If you're interested to learn the basic techniques, join me from the link below for free and see if it's something you can do. There's no shortcut, you know. So stop wasting your time looking for an "easy no-brainer way", otherwise you'll be forever left behind those who're working hard for success. If you want a decent income online, you need to put in a decent time and effort, but the result you'll see in the future will be immense. Good luck.

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June 2021: $5,371.70

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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