Passive Tron Profits Review – Stay Away from “Adpacks”

By Ray Alexander

If you hear the phrase "ad pack" from whoever inviting you into a make-money scheme, you should be warned. SEC (The Securities and Exchange Commission) tells you to stay away from the “ad credit business model” - any business that sells “ad packs” as it’s most likely to be an illegal Ponzi scheme. And that crucified phrase appears on the Passive Tron Profits’ home page. I have taken a look to see if there are any good reasons to invest in virtual currency via this site. I don't think there's any. I've seen many similar crypto-affiliate-get-rich sites and I personally think this is just one of them... My Passive Tron Profits review will reveal what I’ve found today.

Passive Tron Profits Review

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Passive Tron Profits

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What Is Passive Tron Profits?

Passive Tron Profits (PTP) is a Pyramid investment scheme using the cryptocurrency, TRON. The minimum deposit requirement is 10 TRX, which is only just over 60 cents or so as of June 2021. But you’re required to use the particular payment processing service, As a member, you can do either;

  • Use the TRON currency you’ve purchased (named “ad pack”) to advertise your business to other PTP members.
  • Watch the 15-second login ad to earn 1% of your TRON investment daily. Or,
  • Refer others to earn commissions (also in TRON.)

5-tiers of affiliate commissions are offered. The maximum you can earn is 300% of your current deposit level. So for whatever reason, when you’ve earned 3 times the amount of your initial investment, you’ll be required to purchase more TRXs in order to be able to earn more.

Passive Tron Profits Review

14 Levels of Ad Packs

The more TRXs you buy, the more ad credits you’ll receive. The credits will allow you to advertise your business within the PTP member dashboard. The levels are;

  • Level 1: 10 TRX (5 Login Ad credits, 20 Banner credits, 20 Text ad credits)
  • Level 2: 25 TRX (10 Login Ad credits, 50 Banner credits, 50 Text ad Credits)
  • Level 3: 50 TRX (15 Login Ad credits… and so on)
  • Level 4: 75 TRX
  • Level 5: 100 TRX
  • Level 6: 200 TRX
  • Level 7: 300 TRX
  • Level 8: 400 TRX
  • Level 9: 500 TRX
  • Level 10: 600 TRX
  • Level 11: 700 TRX
  • Level 12: 800 TRX
  • Level 13: 900 TRX
  • Level 14: 1,000 TRX

Passive Tron Profits charges you a 5% transaction fee on every deposit, which includes a 0.5% CoinPayments charge. So if you’re buying 10 TRX, you’ll be paying 10.5 TRX, if you’re buying 1,000 TRX, you’ll be paying 1.050 TRX, respectively.

You can pay by Ethereum, Litecoin, or TRON - it means that you have to have either of these 3 currencies in your CoinPayments wallet.

Like many other pyramid schemes, there are quite a few rules to follow but I cannot find any apparent reason behind them. Why just Ethereum and Litecoin are available? I don't know. Also, these adpacks will have to be purchased sequentially and you cannot purchase the same level twice. Again, "why not" is not explained. 

Affiliate Commissions and 300% Capping

Passive Tron Profits Currency Converter

The 5-tiers of affiliate commissions are, 

  • 50% of your direct referral’s deposit, 
  • 25% on level 2 (your referral’s referral)
  • 10% on level 3
  • 10% on level 4, and
  • 5% on level 5. 

If they earn the small daily “ad-watching” income, the same percentages will also apply and will be credited to your account accordingly. 

Your maximum earnings are capped at 300%. For example, if you’ve purchased the Level 1 ad pack (10 TRX) and your downlines have purchased a much larger amount, say Level 9 ad pack (500 TRX), the maximum commission you’ll earn is only 30 TRX. You’ll have to purchase more TRX yourself if you want to earn more affiliate commissions after that.

“No Refund” Policy

Once you’ve deposited your TRON, refund will not be made for any reason. The minimum withdrawal requirement is 100 TRX. It means that if you’ve deposited a small amount and changed your mind, the only option is to make sure your account balance is >100 TRX (if less, by depositing some more) then withdraw it to your CoinPayments wallet.

No Credit Cards or PayPal

Passive Tron Profits does not accept payments by credit cards or PayPal, or any other cash conversion methods. But the reason for it sounds rather embarrassing - because the merchant fees are expensive and their ability to chargeback can put the company at risk. Millions of merchants across the globe use credit cards and PayPal for payment clearance for security and trust purposes, including chargeback for customer assurance. That kind of expenditure is part of daily transactions for any business. This may suggest that;

  • PTP may not be able to obtain a merchant license (e.g. bad financial history, cannot meet the data security requirements), or
  • PTP is incapable of paying normal bank charges and facing customer disputes (already in financial trouble).

I'm not saying they are, but these are certainly the possibilities.

Ad Exchange Is a Useless Idea

The homepage says that the Passive Tron Profits' advertising is "laser targeted", "every pair of eyes that sees your ad has an interest in making money online". That doesn't really make sense as a context because it's just another ad exchange platform that's only visible to the registered members, i.e. your competitors. If anything, an ad exchange is the least targeted method.

"Watch Ads and Earn"

You'll be receiving extra TRX just by logging in daily and watching an ad for 15 seconds - a kind of job that small children can do. The main issue is, where will the extra TRX come from? 

It reminds me of Traffic Monsoon, which was relying on the sales of adpacks to new investors to fund the existing customers' return. SEC decided the Traffic Monsoon's operation was an illegal Ponzi scheme and shut the side down back in 2016.

Passive Tron Profits' operation may not be exactly the same as TM but certainly similar, selling "ad packs" and paying returns just for some silly "logging-and-clicking" actions. 

Passive Tron Profits Review - Conclusion

It's not my position to say whether PTP is running a Ponzi scheme or not. But there seem to be enough reasons to stay away from it, such as;

  • It's another ad-credit business model.
  • You'd have to commit to a particular wallet - use to deposit.
  • No cash-conversion (credit cards, PayPal) is available.
  • Lack of transparency (e.g. where the bonus funds come from).
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Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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