Money Genie Review – 3 Steps To Fall For A Scam

Updated: December 21, 2019
by Ray Alexander

"Social Influencer" is such a glorified job title and many casual social network users seem to be attracted to the status. Whereas Money Genie takes advantage of the trend and falsely claims to give users a fantastic opportunity. "You ARE an influencer because you can make money with us! Share our link and influence others!"

My Money Genie review will clarify the fundamental basics. Is it really the "#1 social media affiliate network" and can you make money with it? The answers are no, and no, respectively. I'll explain.

Money Genie Review

Product Name:

Money Genie

Website URL:


Data harvesting scam


Money Genie, Pty LTD. (fake company)

Launch Date:

October 2019


Free to join


What Is Money Genie?

Money Genie is a data harvesting scam. The site is affiliated with fake advertising agents whose sole purpose is to collect users' personal data for spamming. Money Genie tries to get as many users to sign up and answer simple questions ("tasks") by falsely offering a large amount of monetary reward. Each time a user completes their "task", Money Genie will receive a small amount of commission from the fake ad agent, usually between $1-$2. 

The site allows users to send a withdrawal request once their account balance has reached a certain threshold, however, once a request has been received, it simply blocks the user's access to the site and that's the end of it. Money Genie will not pay a single cent to any of the users.

Meanwhile the users who have given their personal detail via "tasks" will not only start receiving spam emails, texts, and unsolicited phone calls but will also risk their data exposed to unknown hackers.

Money Genie Review Scam

The 3 Fake "Steps"

What's being suggested in the Money Genie's homepage may sound like you are just 3 steps away from getting some free money. Of course none of it is true.

  • Step 1: "Once your account is made, you’ll be able to redeem your $35 bonus." To redeem means to exchange for payment. This sounds like you can actually receive cash as soon as you sign up with Money Genie. That's definitely NOT the case!
  • Step 2: "Share your unique referral link on all social media platforms, as well as directly to your friends and family." You'd better not do that. As I've already explained earlier, you'd be making your social followers, friends and family fall victim to the data harvesting scam by sharing the link.
  • Step 3: "Cash out your earnings instantly! Our payment methods are PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and Bitcoin." Most certainly NEVER the case. Upon joining, you'll be prompted to enter your preferred payment method. Don't give out your sensitive data such as your PayPal email address - it will only be used for malicious purpose by them.

Fake Invitations

These people appear on Money Genie's Instagram account to say "this is the highest-paying social media IN THE WORLD!" But these people are actors from Fiverr, they are paid $10 for making such a false statement in front of a camera. 

Money Genie Fake Instagram Ads

Effectively they are partners in crime - helping Money Genie scam innocent people. On the other hand, they're just doing their job as "video spokespeople" and they're not the only ones who lie publicly for money. At the end of the day, we should never trust ANY testimonials unless we know who they are and what their background is. In this case they are the people who say anything they're told to say publicly to earn as little as $10. Sadly.

False Promises by Money Genie

Money Genie claims to pay you;

  • $35 just for signing up with it.
  • $5 for referring a friend.
  • $1 every time someone clicks your affiliate link (provided upon signing up).
  • $15 for downloading an app.
  • $30 for taking an easy "task" (although it's named "$50 Task Wall").
  • $50 for promoting Money Genie on YouTube.

The specified amount will be added to your Money Genie account with no time delay. For example if you sign up and complete two tasks, that'll be $35 + $30 + $30 = $95. You see the easiest $95 earnings on your dashboard within a few minutes of signing up, and that can motivate you to carry out more tasks and refer the link to your friends/social followers even further.

You will be "eligible to request for cashing out" when your affiliate link has been clicked 20 times, you have completed 5 "tasks" AND at least 5 of your referrals have signed up. Unfortunately, your request will be simply ignored. Contact them persistently via social media and they will block your access to the account. Frankly, they don't care - they've got what they wanted by then, you'll have given out your personal data and help them obtain 5 of your friends/followers' details.

Why Aren't They Paying?

How do I know that you're never getting paid by Money Genie but instead, your personal data will be sold to third parties for malicious purposes? Because (1) that's what always has happened in the past, and (2) the scammer doesn't have money to pay. These are the two main reasons.

1. That's What Happens - It's A Serial Scammer!

Money Genie is not the first of its kind. In fact over the past years, the same scammer has created a number of websites with almost exactly the same format. PaidNova, NiceCash, ViralMarket, CloutPay, etc. They advertise their site in exactly the same way, claim to pay money users for doing barely anything to steal the users' data. They would shut down the site and disappear just as the number of complaints from the users starts to increase across social media.

2. They Don't Have Money!

If you think that getting $35 paid just for signing up sounds too good to be true, you're absolutely right. As I mentioned earlier, Money Genie only receives $1-$2 affiliate commission when you complete a "task" by answering a survey and giving out your full personal information. How can they pay you $30 for completing a task when they only make less than $2? They can't.

Similarly, when you refer your friend to Money Genie, your friend will join free, just like you and everyone else can join free. So who's going to pay $5 to Money Genie to pay you $5? Nobody. There is no money for them to pay. No signup bonus, no referral commission - none of them exists.

Fake Account Manager

Account Manager Olivia

"Olivia, your account manager" of Money Genie is also fake. The girl in the photo is just a model from Placeit, a graphic maker site. It allows you to add your logo and make the girl look like she's wearing a logo-printed T-shirt. 

Fake Task Wall

The "rewards" listed in the Task Wall may look tempting... Such as "PayPal $1,000 Gift" "$100 McDonald's Gift Card" "$1,000 Prepaid Visa Card" etc. You might think, there's nothing to lose, one of them might give you the slightest chance to win, and if you do win, that'll be great...

Money Genie Task Wall

You'll be totally wasting your time, because absolutely none of them is real. There is no prize to give away, or whatsoever. They are just showing high-value items as bait, only to get you to give out your full personal information - not only your full name, email address and phone number but many of them ask your street address and date of birth. ALL the information you give out by filling in the fake prize competition form will be sold to spam advertising agents. So they can start bombarding you with all sorts of unwanted messages.

What's worse is, none of those illegal advertising agents will keep your personal data to themselves - they'll sell it to other agents for money. It is a possibility that somewhere down the line, someone may use your personal data for a lot more serious fraudulent purposes such as money laundering.

None of these "tasks" is genuine, you should avoid at all costs!

Money Genie Review - Conclusion

So long as you believe that there may be a way to make money online by doing nothing - barely sharing a link or answering a few easy questions - you'll keep falling for low-quality scams like Money Genie. 

Making money online is not as easy as you think. You may often hear slogans such as "Be your own boss!" "Work any time you want!" but essentially they mean, "Set up your own business, don't be afraid of investing a good amount of money on it, and work hard for it." Because running an online business is as hard and enjoyable as running an offline business.

If you want to learn how to earn REAL commission by affiliate marketing, you can join me from the link below. But a piece of success will only follow your serious commitment and many hours of learning. Stop believing easy money online, but believe your own ability to learn and work smart. You'll definitely get there with your knowledge and skills!

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
January 2024: $7,250.00

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ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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    1. Hi Jolly, the good news is, now you know there is never such a scheme. If you want to make money online, the only way is to work on it and put in every effort. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask at any time. Thanks for your comment. Good luck!

  1. This was really heartbreaking.. Because I actually have earned 165$. .. Just left to cash out.. Money Genie why???

    1. Hi Pearl, thanks for your comment. I see how you feel, but think about it again, you’ve never “actually earned” it. What you did was not a job worth that money. Nobody deserves that kind of money for barely a job, you see what I mean?

  2. If it is known this site is scamming people for data and you even have proof.. How is it allowed to still be up? These people should not be allowed to do that. Don’t you know of some organization that can take them down? What’s worse is people that are broke like me go to a site like this and we got people who will buy our info and make our situation worse! Being broke is bad enough, with kids too, but now i got to worry about my credit being worse and money taken from me when I do get it? You got to do something about this site! I know there are bad hackers out there but theirs also some good guys that deal with this!

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see you are worried about scams like Money Genie, but at least these sites won’t steal your money – you may have wasted a lot of time but you haven’t lost a cent. No one will pay money for the job that’s not worth, you see. If something more serious happens to you, you can report it to relevant organizations – see What To Do If You Have Been Scammed.
      Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Donnie, thanks for your comment. No problem taking advantage of fake gifts but it’s important to find out the consequences. No business would give away anything for free for no reason. Let alone randomly distribute cash for nothing in return.

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