Which Ones Are “Make Money Online Legit” Sites?

Updated: December 17, 2020
by Ray Alexander

"Which sites are legit?" "Can you tell me some legit sites that pay the best rates?"

I get asked a lot. Unfortunately I'm never really able to answer these questions fully unless they tell me what kind of work they're looking for and the level of knowledge they currently have. From such an abrupt, one-liner question, I assume that they are expecting a very short answer, telling them which ones. So my short answer will be, "there's no such a thing". And also assuming they are complete beginners and have no idea where to start, this is what I usually say. 

Which Ones Are Make Money Online Legit Sites

Work Smart, Not Hard?

Firstly before diving into anything, let me tell you this; if you still blindly believe the phrase "work smart, not hard", you'd better stop daydreaming. Smart people can work smart, but if you have yet to know exactly how to work smart, then you'll have to work extra hard to figure things out. 

Yes, if you're currently working 12 hours a day to make ends meet, there'll be better ways to make money available for you. But you ended up working such long hours in the first place, which was frankly, a less smart move compared with others who don't have to work long hours. So you'll have to work a lot harder than others to raise your life situation back up. "Work smart" does not mean there's a magical way to let you work less, you see. You'll still have to put in a lot of effort!

"Legit Sites"

So which ones are legit sites that let you make money? I can say there are mainly 3 types of sites that you can join and start "something" today, but none of them necessarily allows you to earn a decent income. I'll explain one by one.

1. Online Job Agencies

You can sign up with some job agencies to get paid for providing your services, such as data entry, product testing, researching, and writing reports. But you've probably already searched like a hundred times and, if getting a job from these sites was as easy as it sounds, you wouldn't be reading this page. 

I would say, finding an online job is much more difficult than finding a job locally for two reasons. One is when a job offer is open worldwide, the competition is much more fierce. And the other reason is, just like you don't trust strangers online, they don't trust you either, you see. Who knows if your identification is authentic? Job agency sites often require you to take a test before your registration is approved, but who knows if you're taking the test yourself, not getting someone else to take it for you?

People who offer jobs don't actually get to meet the candidates in person, which means they need to be extra sure they're recruiting the right people, so you may need to get your résumé ready and may also need to prepare yourself for the Skype/Zoom interview. Even so, the workers (=you) can easily disappear if they change their mind. It means that they tend to offer jobs that don't require responsibilities but rather time-consuming, hence low pay.

2. GPT (Get-Paid-To) Sites

Get-Paid-To sites, or reward programs, never pay more than pocket money. Again, there are two reasons, because;

  1. The jobs they offer are not "designed" to pay, and
  2. Anybody (even a child) can do the jobs.

The first reason - they're not "designed" - means this. GPT sites pay a few cents for taking surveys, watching video ads, installing apps, etc. These companies are looking for as many people to participate in and paying them out of goodwill. But still, they spend money for the right purpose - to run a survey or display ads, they don't want the same people to come back over & over again purely to earn money, you see? 

Put it this way. If you were to try a GPT site only to make money, you would answer any survey without reading, which would give them false research results. You would probably click video ads but not watch them, which would only help the companies waste their advertising costs. That's why they're not designed to - they don't want you to - expect the GPT site to pay decent rates.

The second reason - even a child can do the jobs - they could pretend to be over 18 to answer surveys if they wanted to! After all, you get paid for the value of work you contribute, and the jobs required by those reward programs have little monetary value. 

Another thing that reward programs offer is a cashback - needless to mention, you only save money if you spend money on shopping. And if you don't do good research (i.e. compare prices against Amazon, eBay...) you might spend more than you should.

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3. Sites/Schemes That Require Initial Investment

Other sites may be legitimate but they require you to pay upon joining. When they invite you to join in, they almost always present you with the most impossibly optimistic scenario - and that's never likely to happen to you as a beginner. Those sites are typically, 

Multi Level Marketing MLM

The main purpose of MLMs is to recruit as many members, and they often advertise themselves in a misleading, sometimes deceptive way, solely focusing on the commission structure. You're likely to lose your money if you are attracted to the potential income but have no selling techniques. Just to be clear, I'm not against multi-level marketing. It's a legitimate business model, there's nothing wrong with it. What's wrong is when a scheme does not clarify the product it sells and what a joining member will be benefitted from it. 

On the other hand, investment schemes are ALL risky. Yes, they're all "legit" but if an investment scheme sounds incredibly promising to you, that's because of the way it's advertised by the affiliate, not because it "guarantees" the return. The market is always volatile, you might make money but there's a good chance that you lose out.

Again, the people who make money from an investment scheme have relevant knowledge and experience - they have learned hard about the up and down market movements and also have learned how to diversify several investment options to mitigate loss. As a beginner, you can't jump in and expect to make profits with any kind of investment.

So to sum up; 3 types of "legit "make money" sites are;

  1. Job agencies - they only let you start working if they're convinced that you are truly qualified or have good skills.
  2. GPT sites / reward programs - they pay very little.
  3. MLMs or investment schemes - you'll have to pay first, and you are likely to lose money unless you really know what you're doing.

Don't Rely On "Legit Sites"

Well, think about it. No one is a charity as far as making money online is concerned. No one will simply let you - some random person - join in and start making decent money. Why should they? When they say "you'll make money", the chances are that you'll have to work hard to let them make money first, and you'll receive a percentage of their profit as a commission.

Take Control

You know by now that there's no point in asking others the same question, "legit or scam?" every time you see a "make-money" scheme or system. After all, you'll only make money when someone pays for the product or service that you're involved with. Then you can take total control by running your own business. In fact, the only way to make continuous, sustainable income online is to use your own tool, not by relying on someone else's site entirely.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You can start affiliate marketing of your own, which is also a legitimate business model. Multi-level marketing is one form of affiliate marketing - it gets you to promote a particular product/service and. But what I'm talking about here is not restricted to one product/service, does not involve selling or desperately chasing people. You have more control of your own. For example;

  • You'll have your own platform (website and/or YouTube channel) where you can promote multiple products/services to an audience through content marketing.
  • No multi-level commission structure, which is good because you don't have to get involved with a fuss of working in a team or chatting to your 'uplines'/'downlines' which can often waste a lot of time unnecessarily.
  • Your primary focus is not on making money but on helping people by recommending good products to solve their problems. So you'll build trust. 

Your website will not only be used to promote affiliate products but to generate leads (i.g. build a list of subscribers) which means you'll gain email marketing skills. 

If you're interested in running your own affiliate marketing business, join me from the link below. By now you see how versatile this method will be, compared with looking for a "legit company" to work for. 

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Ray Alexander

Hi! I’m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. I’m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Great insights. I totally agree with you on the ‘online job’ thing. You don’t know who’s on the other side of the internet, why should they know about you, you must work harder to prove that you are worth hiring. I’ve seen many online job sites like Freelancer.com but the ones who get the most jobs have already worked hundreds of gigs prove themselves worthy. You don’t just sign up and get a job so easy no matter how you are talented.

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for your comment. Yes, people who get a lot of gigs on Freelancer or Fiverr have spent a long time building trusts. It’s not too late for anyone to start though. Like any other business or job, persistence will lead to success…eventually!

  2. Are you saying the only way is to run a business, then why do some people say they receive a check for thousands of $s etc. Are you saying they all fibbing? There’s gotta be some companies that pay proper money.

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