iTraffic X Review – Don’t Buy It

By Ray Alexander

I could not help but write this iTraffic review because I recently had an opportunity to try this product, and within a few minutes I knew it was useless. Then I found a lot of 5-star reviews on numerous websites and YouTube videos, obviously by the affiliates, none of which makes sense. I don't agree with any of them (who are screaming "iTraffic X is amazing!") I don't think anyone should waste money on this product and I will explain it why.

iTraffic X Review

iTraffic X: What Does It Do?

The Product Page:
Price: $47.56

In very short, iTraffic X will share your video file on your social media accounts on your behalf. That's all it does.

First of all, you have to be a YouTuber. Or a video content creator, whatever it's called. If you're not, you're not even at the starting line yet. You have to learn to create a video somewhere else. Once a video is created, you need to have an account with YouTube and DailyMotion, and connect your accounts to iTraffic X respectively, using your account ID and password.

Secondly you also need to sign up with the following social media networks: Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, Imgur, Plurk, LiveJournal, InstaPaper, and Write, and connect all of them to iTraffic X also using your account ID and password.

Social Media Accounts

Lastly, upload your video file onto your YouTube and DailyMotion with a link to your webpage or affiliate page. iTraffic X will randomly repost it to your other social media accounts for you.

It Doesn't Work

As you can see, the product doesn't "send traffic" to your page. It's an automated social media sharing tool. Only if you already have thousands of followers in each account, sure, people might watch your video, click the link and visit your desired page. So you may receive traffic. But then if you had thousands of REAL followers, you wouldn't carelessly share your video contents in such a random manner to risk losing your valued followers.

No Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest don't allow third party robots to share contents, so understandably iTraffic can't access these social networks. It means even if this product were able to "send some traffic", it'd be missing 3 most major traffic sources.

Keyword Check Tool

iTraffic X also offers a quick keyword check tool and 5 x introduction videos. The introduction videos have hardly any contents (max. 15 minutes in total) and that's disappointing. The keyword checker only indicates if the keywords are good or not, it never gives you an analysis. Google Keyword Planner can give you more in-depth keyword analysis for free.

Don't Be Fooled By The Sales Technique

Not just this product but generally, if you are interested in buying any product online, you read the seller's page and make sure what it offers meets your requirements, right?

If you were looking for herbal sleeping pills for example, you would like to make sure what the ingredients are, how many pills are in the packet, how many should be taken per day, etc.

And if the sale page only said "This one will get you to sleep so well! Best take it with warm milk or camomile tea. The market price is $100 but you can have it for $1 today!"... Would you buy it? Would you be tempted because of the price, even if the product turned out to be just Vitamin tablets?

You can be easily tricked into a "good" sales copy, and if you examine iTraffic X's sales page line by line, you may notice all the distractor phrases - many typical phrases often used by "make money online" product sellers to trick newbies - can be found here.

Display Odd Numbers

iTraffic X claims to send traffic to any website in "52 seconds or less". There's no explanation as to why it's not "less than a minute" but it has to be exactly 52 seconds. It also mentions "$423 Video Case Study".

This is a very old trick that thousands of internet marketers have been using for years to draw curiosity, e.g. "Reveal how my 78 years old grandma makes $178.03 every day"

Large Sum of "Retail Value"

Retail value is $997 but it's free for you. Normally $497 but it's free today. (Typically a large lump sum less $3) They never show evidence of equivalent product being sold elsewhere for such a hefty price.

Large numbers

Scarcity Marketing Trick

Scarcity marketing method (by showing a timer, it urges users to make a purchase on the spot) - is very popular among internet marketers.

iTraffic X says "Warning! The price increases every 60 minutes!" Never need to worry, it won't increase. It doesn't explain why they have to put the price up every hour anyway, and you know this doesn't make sense.

Generally with this kind of products from JVZoo, the sellers don't have enough technical skills or resources to automatically increase the price after the timer sets to zero. If the price ever goes up, try clearing your browser cache and it will go back to the original price again.

Targeting Naïve Users

"100% newbie-friendly. No prior experiences or technical skills needed." If you see this exact sales copy, be warned! Only scammers say something is 100% newbie friendly!

Don't Buy It and Do Learn From It

iTraffic X

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product for above reasons.

And if you are new to internet marketing and looking for "traffic generation" products, I would also strongly advise you that there is no magic product that can send out REAL human visitors to your site or any affiliate sites.

If you're looking to invest money in any products in "make money online" products, always check as many reviews and see if what they're saying makes sense to you.

You will find many affiliates on YouTube that are "reviewing" iTraffic X. Are they actually explaining how this product sends traffic? Nope. None of them. They're merely pointing out each menu and reading it out;

"This is the dashboard and this is your Campaign section. This is where you can see your campaigns. This is Social Sharing section. You see Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr... All the social media accounts here. How amazing is this?"

Aren't they stupid? You see they don't have a brain? Then don't trust them and don't buy products that they recommend.

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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