Insta Crusher Review – It Saves Your Time, Nothing More

Let me slag off those scammy affiliates once in a while. Insta Crusher is a nice little software that helps you create Instagram posts, costing just $7... Oops, it looks like it's gone up to $9.95 as I speak. I just checked the site using a different browser, cleared the cache, using a VPN and it's still $9.95. Oh my god, seriously? It was $7 until this morning - so if you can still get it for $7, you're lucky.

So I Googled "Insta Crusher Review" just to check what others were saying, right? Most of the affiliates say things like the software is "100% automatic" and "complete autopilot".

Does it automatically do what? Post directly to Instagram? No it doesn't. Increase followers? No it doesn't. These guys don't make sense. Not all of them, obviously. Then there are some "scambusters" - stroppy moaners who think everything has to be a scam. Eventually you find someone who provides true & fair reviews. So always check a few before buying anything!

Insta Crusher Review

It's A Time-Saver

Anyway Insta Crusher, what's my review? I think it's a little time saver. There are some niches that millions of Instagram users love to follow. And people love images with a quote or slogan. Insta Crusher helps you find profitable niches and create captioned images for you to post to Instagram. That's all there is to this software.

Instead of searching online for nice inspirational quotes endlessly and using an online graphic editor, Insta Crusher lets you do the jobs just a little quicker. For just under $10, it may be worth a buy for you.

3-Piece Software

Insta Crusher contains 3 software; InstaDB, InstaTemplate and AutoInsta.

#1 InstaDB

InstaDB is a database that allows you to find most profitable niches, and how the top users of each niche are performing, measured  by the number of followers and "likes". 


If you've been an Instagram user for a while, you can guess the most used hashtags pretty easily such as #motivation, #inspiration, #millionaire, #quotes, #successquotes, #fitness, #gym, #beauty, #travel, #photography, etc. But it can be a little time consuming to find the top influencers within the niche (in order to copy the way they post and learn how to gain followers). So I think InstaDB will save your time to research.

#2 InstaTemplate

InstaTemplate is pre-loaded with dozens of quotes and slogans. You fill in the keywords for your niche and it will come up with matching quotes/slogans that you can use.


You can find so many quote websites where you can steal some ideas from - just by Googling "fitness quotes" "success slogans" for example. But again this software will make the job a little easier for you.

#3 AutoInsta

AutoInsta allows you to upload your images and place a text over it in variety of styles.


It's not as versatile as some online graphic apps such as Canva, but it's quick. If you want your Instagram account purely to display a quote after quote after quote, substance over style may be just the way to go.

Don't Be Swayed By The Hype

Insta Crusher

The product website's all hyped up and, yes it does say "millions of buyers - 100% automatically" somewhere in the page. So this is where some affiliates may have been mislead. It means it can guide you towards the right direction. Find a good niche and build a fabulous Instagram account, and in theory, buyers will find you 'automatically'. The site never says "the entire process is on 100% autopilot" as described by some.

I suggest that you should ignore all the numbers mentioned in the site - because they don't add up. It says "we hit 10k followers in a matter of days", then it also says "we've built 10k followers within the first month" in the same page. It suggests "$1,000 sales per day", then it says Insta Crusher will help you earn "extra $1,000 per month" So yeah, the numbers are just maybe...made up?

If I was one of those miserable scambusters I'd be infuriated by now, but sometimes you find a goldmine where things are not properly explained. I wouldn't call Insta Crusher a goldmine though. It's a nice little software for Instagram newbies for $7 $9.95!

Works on PC, Mac, smartphone and tablets. With 30 day unconditional (=no question) money-back guarantee.

Join Instagram


Number of monthly Instagram users is soon going to be reaching 1 billion, and there's no reason why you should not use it to promote your business. In fact if you don't have an account with Instagram, you should create one right now. Or two, or more. You just need different multiple email addresses to sign up separately. For example your own account, your business account, and another account just to promote one webpage or niche.

Instagram only allows you to place one hyperlink (to your webpage) in your profile. You cannot place a link to your webpage (e.g. http://www.....) in a post, but you can place a link to another account (e.g. @myinsta_account).

So this is what many Instagram marketers do;

  1. If you have 3 products (=3 webpages) to promote, you create 3 x extra Instagram accounts in addition to your main business account.
  2. Place a hyperlink to your target webpage in each account's profile.
  3. You only need to focus on gaining followers of your main account.
  4. And in each post you place a link to one of your other Insta accounts (@myinsta_account).
  5. Your followers click the link to see your other account, then hopefully click the hyperlink to your target page that's placed in the profile.

I hope this makes sense - any questions, leave a comment below!

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