How To Browse Web Privately – Hide My Ass! Review

Updated: November 5, 2015
by Ray Alexander

Delete computer fingerprints. Not only to browse securely to avoid hackers and snoopers, you want to know how to browse secretly, whether you’re checking your business competitor’s, your love interest, your ex… While you’re searching for an information, someone else is watching your move, who you are & where you are.

Hide My Ass! Virtual Private Network

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is there to protect you, mask your identity by using public wires to connect to your private network. The systems use encryption and other security mechanisms to make sure only authorised users can access the network, so that your data is not intercepted.


HideMyAss! Pro (HMA) is an “IPS masker”. It is a VPN tool for anyone who wants to surf the web freely, securely, privately and with no restrictions. Here’s how it works.

1. Using a VPN is like having a PO box on the internet – an address that no one can trace back to you.cabinet-ass@2x-300x225

2. Instead of giving out its real IP address when you click on a website, your computer gives one of HMA’s.laptop-man@2x-300x225

3. The website’s data is delivered to HMA’s address – and then they forward it to you, instantly and securely.detective-ass@2x-300x225

4. The result is that you appear to be wherever our server is located, allowing you to access the Internet like a local, wherever you are in the world.

5. And snoopers and hackers online can’t trace your activity back to your real address and find out who or where you are.

HMA! brings you an important privacy tool like the ones that banks, law firms, other businesses, and governments use to protect their important confidential data.

In Short…

What you do is to (1) download & install the VPN software and (2) surf as normal. That’s all.watching-with-vpn@2x-150x150

If you are looking for your favourite sites from abroad, you can choose your virtual nationality from a drop down menu, which is handy. Some sites don’t allow you to access from abroad but it allows you to do this. It’s great to be able to browse sites as if you are in the particular country, e.g. you live in the States but are looking for a merchandise in the UK.

Can we trust them?

HideMyAss! is a big, trustworthy company. At the time I’m wring this, it has 890 VPN servers across 340 locations, 190 countries. It holds over 120,000 IP addresses, the codes from which internet snoopers can deduce a computer’s geographical location and keep changing between them – meaning you never appear in the same place for long.


Windows or Mac?

Yes, works not only with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Linux, but works on all your devices, including internet enabled TVs and game consoles. You can use it on two devices at the same time. There is no extra costs – it’s included in the subscription price.

Easy Setup?

Yes, very easy. With most of the devices you just need to download HMA! Pro VPN client file, open & follow the instruction which is straight-forward.

Windows: you need to install the Microsoft NET Framework (free) before you can install HMA! Pro VPN. NET Framework 4.5.1 or NET Framework 3.5 if you’re using Windows XP.

Mac: Just download & install HMA! Pro VPN.

iPhone/iPad/iTouch: Just download HMA! Pro VPN app (there are also several alternative connection methods available if you don’t wish to use the app)

Android: Just download HMA! Pro VPN Android app (also alternative connection methods available if you don’t wish to use the app)

Linux: Download HMA! scripts for Linux, and the full installation support is provided.

Hide My Ass! Price Plan

HMA Pricing

1 month “Kick-Ass” plan – $11.52.
6 months “Half-Ass” plan – $8.33 per month x 6 = $49.98.
12 months “Smart-Ass” plan – $6.55 per months x 12 = $78.60.

They offer a 30-days money back guarantee, applies to all the subscription plans. So you have plenty of time to test the service while their support team is ready 24/7 to help you customise the service according to your specific needs.

This is a powerful, useful tool and also reliable, my personal recommendation.


Other features – Dynamic IP or Static IP

HMA! Pro VPN allows you to use any of their IP addresses, and endlessly switch between them. The server randomly assigns an IP address to you from the pool of available IP addresses which are not currently in use by other customers, dynamically.vpn-download@2x-150x150

HMA! can provide your static IP, where you would like to use the same IP address all the time – and it is not your own real IP – the static IP address will be owned by only you as long as you are on HMA! Pro VPN subscriber. It cannot be used by other VPN customers, therefore will not drag the history of someone else’s searches nor will the usage of other customers impact the quality of the IP address.

The advantage of having a static IP is, when you run any applications where a third party needs to access your computer/server remotely, it will work in a safer, more stable & predictable way.

  • Enjoy internet freedom and anonymity
  • Secure anonymous internet connection
  • Hide your online identity & IP address
  • Virtually reside in another country
  • Can use on all major devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphones) as well as internet TV and game consoles, e.g. watch US TV video on demand abroad

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Take advantage of 30-days money back guarantee and join Hide My Ass! today.


About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Hi Ray,

    This is very interesting to me as I travel a lot and work from my laptop. So ,this would mean I could work remotely in my country of origin and not worry about some sites not being available in other countries and I suppose clients don’t need to know my every move either.
    Is this correct? Will this service follow me? And what if I want to change laptops?
    Can I install it accross my mobile devices also?

    1. Hi Alison,

      Yes that’s right, your IP address will keep changing between 120,000 addresses in the world, so no one will know which country you were in. Or, you can set your favorite country, so you can pretend as if you were in the country of your origin while you are abroad. The system is web-based so all you need is an initial setup (there’s very clear & easy instruction) on your device. With your login ID detail, if you change the laptop you can set it up again.

      I hope this explains…any more queries please don’t hesitate. Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Your article was very interesting and informative. I always thought if the html:// was htmls:// that the s on the end made it secure. Have I been misinformed?
    I can really see the benefits in keeping my online activities private. I also love the name.
    Your site is very easy to read and the graphics are really great.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Margaret, yes I understand https:// pages are encrypted, used to exchange confidential information so it’s more secure, but before you get to the page you probably go through http:// pages… I think it’s handy if you work on a lot of websites and communities globally.

      Thanks for your complements!

  3. My favourite feature about a VPN is the ability to watch tv shows that are only offered in certain countries. In many cases, I use a VPN to watch the American version of Netflix from Canada and it works great! Having peace of mind while surfing the web is also another huge plus. Accessing American services like Amazon Prime and American live TV is a huge plus for me.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, yes I couldn’t agree more. I love to be able to watch TV shows from another country. It’s also handy for me to check product/service availability or Google listing in the eyes from the chosen country as well. If I Goggle something I get all the UK sites listed even in incognito mode, or a lot of global service sites automatically redirect me to UK version, whilst I want to check the availability in the States… (Unless there is another way???) So I find this device handy. Thanks again.

  4. What an interesting article! I never really gave much thought to services like this, but I can see how they might come in handy. The graphics you included in this post are very helpful, especially for a visual person like me. Without them I would probably still be confused on how HMA! works. You have a lot of great information here and I enjoyed reading your post. Well done!

    1. Thanks Rachel, some people are so nervous about showing/showing any signs of their identity when browsing, and I had always thought they were over-reacting…until my Twitter account was hacked and started to receive spam and weird emails. Thanks again for your compliment!

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