GramFree Review – Why Should You Trust This Site?

By Joe Garcia

I have been asked to write a GramFree review recently, as I invest in some cryptocurrencies and this site is about a currency Gram. I had never heard of the currency before. According to, there are over 5,000+ cryptocurrencies as of 2020 but the top 10 currencies have always made up 90% of the market share, this is no surprise. I've also found other sites that say 7,500 cryptocurrencies exist. It means we don't know the exact number but we definitely know that only very few of the currencies are worth investing (long term) or trading (short term) right now. I had a look at GramFree, checked the profile, and within a few minutes, I knew it wasn't right. If you still believe some people who say you can make money from it, I suggest that you read my GramFree review, and think again.

GramFree Review

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What is GramFree?

GramFree is a reward program, or GPT (get-paid-to) site, that claims to pay you in a cryptocurrency, "GRAM coins" for carrying out some easy tasks. It claims to allow you to exchange for cash when you've earned 500 GRAMs.

GramFree is free to join, but you can only sign up using either your Facebook profile or Google profile. I'll talk about what's wrong with GramFree in a little while, but let's be clear about how reward programs work.

GramFree Review

What Do Reward Programs Do?

Usually, reward programs/GPT sites offer a variety of tasks, typically taking surveys, shopping online, playing games, and watching video ads. 

GPT sites run these services on behalf of other companies and receive a small commission, every time a user carries out a task. A commission from the research company when a user has completed a survey, a commission from the advertising agency when a user has watched a video, and so on. And they share a fraction of the commission income with the user as a reward. The value of a reward each user receives varies, but usually very low; it can be less than a cent, it can be up to 20-50 cents per task. 

The revenue that GPT sites generate per unit is very low, which means they need as many users to join in and carry out as many tasks. To they usually offer a referral program and give users credits for getting their friends and followers to sign up.

Now I look at the problems/warning signs that I can spot with regard to the services offered by GramFree.

No Revenue Source Is Found

The first thing I noticed is that GramFree does not offer incentives to help improve any businesses. For example, if a reward program has online surveys, the more people participate in, the more accurate results the survey companies will get. However all GramFree offers a reward for is uploading a video on YouTube or watching the videos uploaded by other members. The video you upload must be about complimenting GramFree itself. Others are free GRAM giveaways to random members. It means there is no healthy economic flow in this site. 

Videos GramFree

The only revenue source that I can find is Google AdSense ads placed on almost every page, which will be paid to the owner in their local currency. 

Gram Is No Longer Available

This is the definite reason that no one should be involved with GramFree. Gram is - was - a cryptocurrency based on the TON blockchain (Telegram Open Network) platform developed by Pavel Durov, the founder of the popular Russian social network VKontakte in 2017. The project raised $1.7 billion from investors in 2018. But the founder decided to drop it in May 2020 after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruled that it could not be distributed both in the US and globally. The GRAM cryptocurrency never took off.


It means that the whole concept of GramFree ("paying in Gram, allowing you to exchange it in cash") makes no sense and is all totally misrepresented. 

This fact alone should prove that you should not use GramFree, but I have also managed to spot a few more signs that indicated this site was not real.

Gram Should No Longer Have Value

Gram value

Gram has never been available to the public, and it's now officially been dropped, which means it has no value. When you check with some live price sites, they all say Gram has virtually no value (or 1/50,000 or a dollar). HowI would ever, GramFree still shows the falsified current value of 1 GRAM = around $2.

Even if it had been still possible to earn with GramFree and GramFree had allowed you to convert it to cash, it would have been taken years to earn decent pocket money with this exchange rate. For example, GramFree claims that you can withdraw when you've earned 500 Gram tokens. But if Gram is worth $0.00002, then 500 Gram is only worth $0.01. Yes, one cent.

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No Other Information On The Website

GramFree's homepage does not have any useful information. The tagline to start with, it reads, "You have the unique possibility of access to the new Gram technologies. It is a new platform with incredible opportunities." This does not explain to new users about what they can expect from the site. It can be an online shop, or it can be just an information site for developers.

The website does not have a navigation bar to necessary information like;

  • Terms of service
  • Privacy policy and other disclaimers
  • The owner's information

I would not trust any website that offers a service but the owner's unknown. Especially where there is no legal disclaimer, I would not recommend anyone to spend time or money on a website like this.

Video Testimonials Are Fake

Someone has uploaded a video showing that he's withdrawing a lot of cash out of ATM using a PayPal card as if he had earned so much money with GramFree, but this video testimonial is fake. This person has copied someone else's YouTube video that's referring to something totally different, edited the video by adding some fake GramFree screenshots and uploaded it on YouTube.

GramFree Fake Video

Bad User Reviews

If you check Trustpilot, you'll find what the real existing users say. 40% of the reviewers say GramFree is a scam. But the "reviewers" who have given 5-star "excellent" ratings are clearly the insiders. Others who have given a medium rating don't seem to be so sure, for example, one person who gave 4-star said because she had seen a video testimonial. Not knowing that the videos were deceptively manipulated.

GramFree Reviews Trustpilot

The screenshot above-right, written by "Frank Hopkins" - this person has copied and pasted the same 5-star review 3 times so far. It reads, "this company (GramFree) has established itself well". But as I've already explained, no information about the "company" can be found anywhere within the site or elsewhere.


I believe, and I hope you understand by now that just like the cryptocurrency Gram never took off and abandoned, GramFree is a site that never worked in the first place, and does not help you to make any money. I suggest that you should stay away from it, and share the information with your friends and family so that they won't waste their precious time. 

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Joe Garcia

I work with Ray Alexander as an assistant. Self-starter, quick-learner, and well-organized adventurer. I occasionally write blog posts on this site with Ray's help as I still learn English. Right now I'm based in Spain.

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  1. Gram Free may be a cryptocurrency but getting paid for doing a task is nothing to do with the currency. It’s definitely a scam because nobody has heard about Grams and it’s only one of tens of thousands of minor cryptocurrencies that don’t mean anything to the world.

  2. GramFree is NOT a legit website, because it is not registered as a cryptocurrency, no guarantee that you will get your money. Inform your friends about this because everyone is busy earning grams which have no result. Thank you for sharing the information, it will stop the scam. I will share this article with my friends and also on social media.

  3. I met too many people who introduced me to cryptocurrency scams virtually every day and they all say I can make thousands of $$$ within a few months because they pay interest daily but I know they are all telling BS because they use a fake name & fake stock photo. I ain’t waste my time & energy listening to all the lies like Gramfree at the end of the day it’s only a minor currency that nobody knows. Your not making profits until you get in contact with people and get them to buy it. It’s worth nothing until it becomes popular enough for media to feature.
    Nitesh Patel

  4. Hi. I have been told by someone called Terry Sam that Gramfree is a “new project” that you can earn money. He said, he had stumbled upon Gramfree and learned about the “project” by accident, whatever it is lol. He said he got tons of money and I know it’s a total bs. We all know from all the reviews including this one and also reviews on YouTube that Gramfree is a true scam, it will never pay anybody. I have also seen some positive reviews but those people who wrote or recorded videos with positive reviews were only trying to fool other people to make affiliate commissions. They don’t make sense when they talk about making money as they never explain where the money comes from. With any investment, you need to be able to explain why the value goes up and down. This is ridiculous. I have a friend who tried a similar scam investment site and got blocked access. I am very wary of sites like that. With any investment schemes or affiliate marketing schemes, if you don’t know what you’re doing you are likely to lose money.

  5. I agree with your review 100%. This is a scam and I can’t believe the fact that some people actually buy into it. I get numerous messages from the affiliates……or maybe one affiliate who pretends to be several different people…… Saying the same thing, guarantee to make money etc. etc. It’s an investment for gods sake, how can it be guaranteed? I know Gram doesn’t exist but even if it still did I wouldn’t invest in an unknown currency like that. This is an absolute utter s**t, I tell you.

  6. Hi, this is definitely scam. Don’t believe anybody who says that it’s excellent or you can withdraw money, they are all affiliate scammers who want to tell lies to people just to make money for themselves. I received at least 3 emails all in different names but I think it’s the same person tried to get me to buy gramfree. Grams are not there anymore for many months now and those people are violating the rules.

  7. Do you have free time? Make money! Earnings for all comers. I earned my first minimum withdrawal amount in three months, without experience working on the Internet, without investing in my free time. A great way to make money.

    1. Hi Pierce, thanks for your comment. But that’s the exact kind of sales copy full of typical phrases that I keep advising my readers not to trust.
      “Without experience” – a typical pyramid scheme. Nobody has experience at the beginning, they all have to build experiences.
      “Without investing time” – a typical scam product. There is no such thing. You have to put in as much effort to be successful in business.
      “Withdrawal” – a typical investment scam. As if profit-making is guaranteed.
      If you’d like us to review a particular scheme or program, let us know. Our team may be able to look into it and publish an honest review. All the best!

  8. I’m glad to know this is a scam. I went through all the checks & almost paid but decided to check if there were any reviews. I’m glad I checked it. You saved me from wasting so much money. Is there any legit site I can work for?

    1. Hello Amy, thank you for your comment. I’m glad to know also that the post was of help. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, try our homepage and join the program. Ray will take you through… Good luck and thank you.

    2. You are lucky you didn’t pay them, gramfree has been pick point as a scam for long. When i was duped by them some time ago and i reported them,i was advised to always take proper investigations before before investing in any online platform, i could not get my money back but i learned a big lesson.

  9. Hi Joe, appreciate your article. When I looked at the Gramfree site I knew there was something fishy going on but I’ve seen some positive reviews and was wondering if they were real. I’m not too clear about how cryptocurrencies work but kind of knew that any investments could go either way, gain or lose. Now I’ve read your review and know that Gram no longer exists, this is a total scam. I didn’t know there were multiple copied sites, that’s a big red flag also. Great info, good job. Cheers!

    1. Hi Ben, thank you so much for your comment. I’m not a cryptocurrency expert either but I think the facts that “the top 10 currencies have always made up 90% of the market share” and the currency Gram no longer exists tell us all.

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