eBus VIP Review [Barry Plaskow] Free Guide To Drop-Shipping

By Ray Alexander

If you're brand new to online business and wish to start "somewhere", drop-shipping is one way to consider. My eBus VIP review might help you decide whether this is something you want to give a shot. A drop-shipping itself is a straightforward business model that requires a low initial investment. It's certainly popular among those who wish to make money online, hence competitive. This product "eBay Underground Sales System" will let you learn the basic mechanism behind the eCommerce industry in a short period. For the long term, you can either make a living as an eBay seller for a long time or apply the skills and build your own brand in the future.

eBus VIP Review eBay Underground Sales System

What Is eBus VIP?

eBus (eBay Underground Sales System) VIP is a drop-shipping system for e-commerce beginners. It takes you through to open an eBay seller account and adds products to your account for you, so you won't have to worry about finding best-selling products, listing them up, and writing up the product descriptions. It's a drop-shipping, therefore the inventory and shipping will be taken care of. You'll just have to keep up with the orders and communications with the customers.

eBus VIP is purely focused on making money online rather than creating your own brand and standing out from the crowd. But it will provide someone totally new to setting up their own business a great opportunity to start somewhere. 

What Is A Drop-Shipping?

In case you don't know what a drop-shipping is - it's a business model that does not require a seller to keep goods in stock or fulfill customer orders. Instead, orders are transferred to a wholesaler or manufacturer and, all the "pick, pack and dispatch" are taken care of by them. As a seller, your job is focused on maintaining your product listings, payment processing, and customer service.

You usually pay the dropshipper (wholesaler/manufacturer) the cost of sales plus the fee upon completion of order fulfillment. You'll save a lot more money compared to a brick and mortar store because you don't have to pay for the goods in advance and there's no warehouse to rent. You'll also save time from packaging and shipping. 

The main disadvantage of drop-shipping is based on the lack of control; e.g. delivered goods turned out to be of inferior quality, or miscommunication between your customer, the dropshipper, and yourself. For that reason, the most important aspect of a drop-shipping business is to maintain good, swift communications with your customers.

The Creators

eBay Underground Sales System has been created by two entrepreneurs, Barry Plaskow and Roger D. Barry from reallysuccessful.com. Barry has been teaching e-commerce business and affiliate marketing how-tos for as long as a decade now, so he is the one who appears on the video tutorials. Whereas Roger's profile is not openly available, so I assume he does all the development of all the products, including "SAS Affiliate", "ePass Sales Explosion" as well as eBus VIP.

The Introduction Webinar

Back to eBus VIP... If you're totally new to an e-commerce business, you might receive some useful information from the introduction video. Barry calls it "X-Method", explaining that the method will solve the 3 problems that cause "98% of newbies fail to make any sales online". The problems are;

  1. They don't know which platform to use (their own website, Amazon, or eBay)
  2. They don't know how not to spend a fortune on advertising (?)
  3. They don't know the best-selling products.

It will solve all the problems because the method uses eBay, it won't require you to spend money on ads to list products on eBay, and eBus VIP will load the products onto your store for you. 

Overall, I find the webinar/sales video a little confusing... Firstly, this "X-Method" - why is it called so, and not "eBus Method?" And secondly, I'm not too keen when a product seller or tutor comes up with some random "percentages" without showing proven statistics. I just personally don't find it believable when Barry keeps saying;

  • "98% of newbies fail..."
  • "85% of complete newbies making their first online sales..."
  • "The mistake 99% of newbies make..."

I totally agree from my own drop-shipping experience that out of the 3 platform options (your website, Amazon and eBay), eBay is best because you're starting out for the first time and you'll be selling many non-brand general products. Amazon would be harder - Barry explains this in the video. Building your own e-commerce website would be good in the long run if you're in a specific niche and looking to establish a brand. The eBus method is about "simply making money online" so it's focused on eBay in the first place.

On the other hand, the "problem for newbies No. 2" doesn't really make sense to me. E-commerce website owners do spend money on advertising but I don't know any eBay sellers pay for ads in an attempt to send traffic to their eBay store. In fact, I think it would only work if you were only selling one product or one specific niche. In other words, if you become an eBay seller (i.e. problem No. 1 is sorted), you won't spend money on advertising anyway (there won't be problem No. 2).

In the video, Barry explains the basics of eBay traffic algorithm (the more products you upload, your offers be listed towards the top of the list), so you may find it useful.

The Good

The biggest headache, I would say, in terms of maintaining an e-commerce business platform is to upload and update the product information because it's painfully time-consuming, so the good thing about eBus VIP is that your products will be added to your store upon opening your eBay seller account.

eBay Underground Sales System Includes

The Not-So-Good

Whereas there are a few drawbacks of this product;

The Price and Non-Refund Policy

The one-time payment of $697 for a 1-year license is not exactly cheap, and by reallysuccessful.com's policy, the company does not offer a refund for any of the products including eBus VIP, unfortunately.

Not Passive Income

Barry says that this "X-Method" will help build passive income, which I think is misleading. The term "passive income" is where you receive income where you put in little or no effort to earn, such as royalties and property income. eCommerce business is an ongoing work, and you need to constantly keep an eye on customer orders and communicate with them as necessary. Although eBus VIP may make your job easier, you'll still need to be hands-on with your business.


The products will be added to your eBay store account as well as to all other eBus members'. So you'll still need to monitor the buyers' "watch" activities and lower the prices as needed to beat your competitors.

eBus (eBay Underground Sales System) VIP Review: Conclusion

If you've been considering building your own dropshipping business but wondering if there'd be too much of a fuss - building a website, using paid ads to drive traffic, etc. That's never the case. According to eBay's Fast Facts, there were 1.6 billion listings in Q3 2020. Selling merchandise via eBay is not as hard as you think (I've been there!) though there's no doubt it's competitive. Watch the eBus VIP video and you may learn a few essential facts, which can help you get started.

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  1. I watched the webinar but didn’t think ti was useful. I appreciate your review but the course is too expensive and the last half of the webinar he was only trying to sell the course. You say we can learn some basics for free but it’s too basic. You want to do drop shipping you google to find out first then soon find out the information like this. It’s not webinar he’s just trying to sell his expensive course.

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with what you say. It’s a free webinar, similar information can appear elsewhere for free, if not already. It’s whether a total beginner finds it here or elsewhere and if they find it here (i.e. eBus VIP), they might find it useful, in my opinion. Online marketers often use a free webinar to get new users to buy their product, so yes, the latter half of the video is not really a webinar. Thanks, I appreciate your comment.

  2. Ebus is the best dropshipping done for you system. I have been using this for over 6 months now & I am literally using it every day. you will understand ebay is the best platform & you will also see it as the best platform if you want to be successful with your new dropshipping business. If you are wish to make more money than you have ever combined in 2021, Ebus is a perfect way to go. Check this page from here ===>>>

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. I had to delete your link as per our affiliate policy disclosure, but I’d be grateful if you could share your thoughts with us – why you think eBus VIP is the best one to go for from your experience. Thank you, all the best in continued success! 🙏😊

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