Defining Your Marketing Talents With Professional Qualifications

By Jack Stan

It’s a great benefit of the modern online market that new work can often be found through a demonstration of your talents, but sometimes qualifications are a necessity. According to Northwestern University, those with qualifications will see a 57% increase in job opportunities over those without, with that trend extending to the self-employed. However, when you’re already working and active in the online world, it can be difficult to see how you can obtain qualifications. Fortunately, technology has provided, and there are a litany of ways to secure the qualifications that will give an independent testimony of your skills.

Defining Your Marketing Talents With Professional Qualifications

Higher Education

The first port of call – and the most effective – is higher education. Recent events have shown that remote working for qualifications is perhaps equal to the knowledge gained through face-to-face learning, and indeed, institutions as prestigious as Harvard are using remote learning extensively in their future learning strategies. According to educational industry advisers Degree Planet (, universities are now vying to demonstrate that their online learning prowess is superior to that of others in order to gain students. Accordingly, it is entirely possible for you to continue to manage your business from home while obtaining credible tuition online.

Professional Body Membership

For more industry-specific assistance, look to professional bodies. CPD, IIMP and the like provide qualifications, a way to clear show your aptitude in your field and, importantly, networking. Networking is the most important part of lifelong learning and a way to get testimonials and experienced voices to lend themselves to your work. Furthermore, many professional bodies provide training of their own that is discounted towards members and is aimed towards those who need the time to complete qualifications while already working. Crucially, this can also help you to obtain advice on what route to take with your qualifications; seasoned experts in the field can point you towards what qualifications are really impactful within the marketing field.

Online Courses

Online Courses

Online courses, free or not, are now no longer to be scoffed at. The likes of Coursera have gained traction through offering their courses free to students, and many institutions have made their work part of the recommended reading and curriculum, according to Forbes. While courses are less easy to present as expertise – there’s no title to be tagged to your name – they can be presented and shown as both an indication that you have learned skills and that you know what subjects and disciplines are going to benefit your work. To the expert community, this will raise your profile and help to develop your depth of knowledge and expertise, bringing in more lucrative and varied work.

Professional qualifications and adult learning are great ways to complement your business. This is especially true for marketers, where the rapidly shifting nature of the business benefits from new knowledge. Taking control of your future prospects by making yourself the right hire every time will help you to continue this learning and development and grow your career.

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