Cinchbucks Review – Pretty Useless, Unfortunately.

Cinchbucks is another 'survey for cash' program. It's alright. I signed up and earned my first 200 points within an hour, that's $2 worth. Nothing technical is required. Just as I thought it was promising, perhaps anyone could earn $10 on the day of signing up with Cinchbucks... Who am I kidding, nothing's straightforward. It's actually pretty rubbish.

Cinchbucks Review

What Cinchbucks Offers

I had a moment of déjà vu when I signed up - the dashboard is almost the same as Swagbucks...including the footer menu, the resemblance is uncanny. Which is good news for existing Swagbucks users or anyone who's tried other survey-for-cash programs. You'll know what's where and it's easy to start. What Cinchbucks is offering is nothing special but looks good;

  • Survey for cash: 20CB (worth $0.20) - over 1,000CB (worth $10!) per survey
  • Cashback: spend money by online shopping and get a percentage back, or get some points by signing up for a free trial (such as Amazon Prime), joining online casino, joining a free/or paid membership, entering a prize competition.
  • Watch a video: 0.7CB (worth $0.007) as you watch a few minutes of video clip
  • Play games: Useless. It doesn't work.
  • Refer & Earn: refer your friends and every time they earn points, you'll receive 10% of it. 

Please note: I can't say I would recommend Cinchbucks, but if you sign up via the button above, I'll earn 10% of every Cinchbucks point (CB) you earn. If you don't want me to, you can just google and sign up.

Surveys Are Not Tailored For You

If you've ever tried an online survey, you know exactly what it means... Surveys are provided by third party market research companies. Unfortunately the surveys provided are not tailored for you. Means each and every time before you can start taking a survey, they'll run a qualification test. They'll all ask you similar questions about your living status such as employment, level of income, education, marital status, how many children you have, currently pregnant or not (even you've already answered you are a male). The test could take up to 10 minutes before it shuts you out by saying "sorry, you're not suitable for this survey." 

Waste of time

It means you could waste 1-2 hours (or more if unlucky) before you can even start participating in a survey. Especially if you see a survey provided by, you might as well forget it and close the tab. I tried more than 10 of their surveys because it had advertised high payout rates, but after an hour I couldn't get any of them and quit.

Survey not available

...Which implies how inaccurate online survey results can be, because only people who are extremely patient will get to answer them. If you see a statistic, for example "according to online surveys, 76% of accountants think [XYZ]" - think again. That's 76% of accountants who have nothing better to do than taking online surveys. Majority of 'normal' accountants may have totally different ideas. 

Too Many Bugs

Well, the problem with online survey is not restricted to Cinchbucks, it's always the case with any survey-for-cash sites. The reason I think Cinchbucks is rubbish is there are too many things that don't work. I'm a little surprised because it's been in operation since 2014. Looks like it has taken a major overhaul recently, and is suffering from a lot of system errors and lack of resources, unfortunately. I only signed up 2 days ago, things have been awkward right from the start. Here are some of the problems that I'm experiencing as of October 2018;

CB Launch Code

Bonus Code Was 'Expired'

Before signing up, I was given a promotional code to claim free 50CB. The code was supposed to be valid for 127 days, but didn't work ('expired'). I reported it to the support desk and they revalidated the code a few hours later. Worked the second time.

Help Not Accessible

Support desk ('Submit a request') doesn't work. It requires you to re-log in to your account. You'll be directed to WordPress admin login page ( It doesn't let you log in using your existing ID and password, it doesn't let you sign up new (obviously) either.

There's also a forum for members, but you can't join the conversation or search the forum unless you've logged in. You can't use your existing email and password and you can't sign up new.

The only way to contact Cinchbucks is to use an enquiry form ( It only takes 100 characters, so you need to tell them your problem briefly. I reported it 2 days ago that I was unable to access to the support nor to the forum but haven't heard from them.

Cookie Consent

Safari Not Supported

When you log on to Cinchbucks for the first time, you'll see a cookie consent form in the middle of the home screen. You need to click to agree in order to access the site fully. I click, nothing happens. Log out and try again, the cookie form is still there and I can't get rid of it. I'm a Safari user and I've never experienced it with any other sites. I logged back on using Chrome browser and it worked fine. 

This problem, I've reported it to Cinchbucks and had a response - they're looking into it.

Play Games For No Points

Click "Play Games" in the menu and a new browser tab opens. It doesn't tell you how many points you can earn by playing each game. I played a couple of them anyway and spent about an hour (!) Received no points.

The game platform is in the new tab with "Sign Up" and "Log In" buttons at the top right corner. It looks like the game browser tab is not linked properly to Cinchbucks account page. So I click "Log In", and it just redirects me to Cinchbucks home screen. I click "Play Games" in the menu again. The game platform opens in a new tab. I'm not logged in... Loop. 

Other Offers May Not Work

Trivia Games

There were a few other offers I took up but never received CB points for. "Join RewardTV for free and play at least two trivia games to receive 54CB (worth $0.54)" was one of them. I signed up with them, played two trivia games, and didn't get my 54CB. The offer status stays 'open' in my dashboard, as if it's waiting for me to complete. 

Again, I reported this to Cinchbucks support over 48 hours ago and haven't heard back.

My Cinchbucks Review - Would I Recommend It?

When (or if!) I hear from the support about each error, I will update this review, but until then I cannot recommend Cinchbucks, unfortunately. It's pointless. Waste of time.

If you want to try survey-for-cash and earn your first $10 online, my first recommendation is Swagbucks as it's well established. Clixsense is popular, and there's Earnably also. 

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I’d give them a negative score if I could. They let me redeem my money, made me wait weeks to get my money which I never received because they cancelled my redemption order. Support doesn’t respond to you so don’t bother. This is honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had with a survey site.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi TJ, thanks for sharing your experience, that sounds so bad! Definitely NOT the one to try then. Thanks for your advice!


Over the course of roughly six months CB did *not* provide sufficient incentive to remain a member. Unlike better sites like Clixsense or MOBROG, survey invites from this co. are rare. When they do alert for participation, the inevitable result is DQ *99%* of the time. Survey space is competitive. At CB it’s nearly impossible. Re. comments of their site I concur it’s buggy, as if it were coded by a dev. team of adolescents.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Viviano, thanks for sharing your experience and advice, I appreciate your input. Sounds like Cinchbucks really proves to be useless… Best to stay away then!

Maria Rabe

I guess cinchbucks is like any other survey site like prizerebel & clixsense etc, but not a scam i am using it from past 6 months, cashed out 3 times, yea it has some bugs like separate logins for forums and support center etc…and Ray you are right about “the whole system that needs to be changed in my opinion. Offer sites such as Cinchbucks and research companies need to collaborate to find a solution so that that participants don’t have to go through all the qualification tests.”

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Maria, thanks for sharing your experience, I’m glad to hear that you’ve cashed out of Cinchbucks 3 times so far. Because from my ‘few days’ of experience, it seemed like never! You prove that the consistency is the key to success. I’m also glad that you agree about the qualification tests! Thanks for your comment!


Cinchbuck is absolute rubbish. Like today I received about 10 x survey invitation with various lengths of time. I chose the shortest one because I might not be qualified anyway, I didn’t want to waste my time. I clicked the link (New Survey Available 5 Min 30CB) answered all the questions, my age, occupation, income, etc etc etc… The end of it, a page came up to say “Survey is available for you 22 minutes”. I clicked ok, then it started the same questions again…my age, occupation…. DO NOT WASTE TIME!!! Cinchbuck is a scam!

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Ashley, thanks for sharing your experience. I wouldn’t say Cinchbucks is a ‘scam’ but surveys-for-cash sites generally waste a lot of users’ time. It’s the whole system that needs to be changed in my opinion. Offer sites such as Cinchbucks and research companies need to collaborate to find a solution so that that participants don’t have to go through all the qualification tests. A male participant shouldn’t have to answer whether he’s currently pregnant or not, and a female participant shouldn’t have to confirm she’s never had a testicle cancer. Thanks for your visit Ashley!

Kay J

I see exactly what you mean. People look at outside the tin and do a math, if they can make 50 cents every 10 minutes they can make a living by answering surveys. The reality is nothing like that. I have my accounts all over swagbucks, Earnably and all that with a few dollars worth of points left. No intention of logging back in, ain’t worth it.

    Ray Alexander

    Hi Kay, thanks for our comment. Yes as you say, survey sites allow you to make a pocket money but not much more than that. Some cash-back schemes are great though, especially in this season (Christmas is not far away!)

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