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Referral Pay Scam Review

Referral Pay Review

Referral Pay is another scam, whose only purpose is to collect users’ email addresses and sell them to other spam advertisers. We have seen so many identical or similar sites like this one since sometime last year, and this one is no exception. In our Referral Pay Review, we will show you our findings and […]

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China Cash Clone Review – Fake News!

China Cash Clone Review

My China Cash Clone review reveals almost everything that’s claimed by the seller is untrue. He says that China Cash Clone is a software, it is “revolutionary” and it works by exploiting a “little-known glitch on the internet”. I’m sorry but we’ve heard that all before. How long has it been since the internet became a […]

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MyWorkForLife PayEachMonth DoWeeklyJob Review

MyWorkForLife PayEachMonth DoWeeklyJob Review, and, and there are some more. BestDailyJob, DoPartTimeJob… They are all stupidly identical and they all offer “free money”. Of course there’s no such thing. Today in my review I’ll explain what these sites are actually doing, hence why you should ignore any sites with this illustration below – a hairy man […]

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Money Rewards Review [Harmful]

Money Rewards Review

Money Rewards is a mirror site of Kids Earn Cash, another data harvesting scam. It promises to pay you for completing surveys, but all it does is take all your personal data and will never pay. There are many other sites who offer almost identical schemes, and they’re only popular among email spammers because they […]

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EasyHits4U Review [Meh…]

EasyHits4U Review

EasyHits4U is another traffic exchange site that’s been in operation since 2003. The site does look awfully updated but according to its own real-time stats, there always seem to be around 800-1,000 members online. Today for my EasyHits4U review, I’ll take a sneak look around to check what kind of sites are registered and what […]

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The Super Affiliate Network Review 2019 [Extroverts]

The Super Affiliate Network Review

My Super Affiliate Network review will show you how it’s only suitable for a certain type of people – those who want to spend a lot of time talking and listening to digest information. Extroverts rather than introverts. I was genuinely interested in the training materials that the Super Affiliate Network was providing. I paid $1 […]

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