Boss Secrets by Cynthia Benitez Review: 6 Shortcuts For New Affiliates Revealed

By Ray Alexander

Are you looking to find out some commons secret techniques used by tens of thousands of successful affiliate marketers? How they actually promote their products and why they work? A kind of masterplan, not just a general guide but actionable tips? Then read my Boss Secrets review. This low-cost video training course is comprehensive, nothing complicated, and is with plenty of useful bonus materials. You'll certainly see some results if you follow the modules step by step.

It's 2020, everyone's trying to start affiliate marketing and there's nothing extraordinary about the business model. Some high-profile training courses charge $1,000 or more and I really don't think it's worth paying such a large amount at the beginning to "learn it all". I feel that most of the expensive courses offer quantity over quality. Everything that you can think of is thrown in, such as recommended ebooks, motivational speeches, interviewing successful people, etc. Very few of them are directly useful. Whereas with Boss Secrets, the tutor Cynthia Benitez will help you learn just the key areas without spending a lot of money and kick start your action plan today.

Boss Secrets Review

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What Is Boss Secrets?

Boss Secrets is an affiliate marketing training course by Cynthia Benitez. It has 10 modules (videos), each one of which is approx. 7-8 minutes long and just over an hour in total. Cynthia reveals 6 x core techniques that any successful Warrior Plus and JVZoo affiliates use to make big bucks. 

Cynthia also provides other resources for free; a link to another free affiliate marketing guide, free webinar, video software (which I've tried and think is very useful), plus more free bonuses. All the training videos are current and, for a one-off payment of just under $12, you'll get a good amount of materials.

Boss Secrets Review

Who Is Boss Secrets For?

If you are an affiliate marketing beginner, Boss Secrets is perfect for you. Of if you've been trying for a while but have only made a few dollars here & there and wish to scale up your business a little more seriously, the training will definitely help you reshape your affiliate strategy.

You need to have a rough idea of the business model, as it doesn't teach you the obvious basics such as "what is affiliate marketing?" I assume you have some knowledge, as you're reading this Boss Secrets review right now.

Boss Secrets may NOT be for you if;

  • You are not willing to learn (!) and looking for all-done-for-you platforms.
  • You prefer to work in a team and interact with other marketers. (e.g. Facebook Group)
  • You need someone to keep kicking your ass to get things going.

The Creator - Cynthia Benitez

Cynthia Benitez

Now, Cynthia's biography itself is the reason I can recommend this training platform. She is a fairly new online marketer, less than 2 years of experience, but has grabbed her success very quickly by following one, proven method that's been used by other successful Warrior Plus affiliates. Now with Boss Secrets, she's passing on the exact method to newbies. 

The Spanish lady who now lives in the UK is a WordPress expert and has already sold a few other training products covering various areas in online marketing. The products include; ListMe (email marketing), Commission Seeker (affiliate marketing), and InstaJackpot (social media), all of which are aimed to help you to make money online.

Boss Secrets - The Members' Area

So the main part is a set of 10 training videos; 

  • Module 1: Welcome - Introduction to the proven method that Cynthia uses to generate affiliate income continuously.
  • Module 2: Walkthrough - The overview of Boss Secrets. Cynthia walks you through the members' area and gives you some tips.
  • Module 3: The Trust - Technique #1 is to gain trust from users and the unique way of doing it.
  • Module 4: The List - How to build a list of subscribers without using paid ads, solo ads, or having to spam social media.
  • Module 5: The Urgency - The importance of scarcity marketing.
  • Module 6: The Pre-Sell - Go one step ahead of other affiliates by promoting pre-launched products.
  • Module 7: The Page - You need to know what the most effective landing pages are.
  • Module 8: The Bonus - The importance of offering bonus products, how you find them, and how you can apply them to each affiliate products to boost sales.
  • Module 9: The Result - Cynthia shows what the results should look like after you apply this method.
  • Module 10: Conclusion - Wrapping up.
Boss Secrets Members Area

Just over an hour in total and if you think it may be a little short, I tell you it's not. She talks "straight to the point" while showing you her own page examples. So if you want to learn everything quickly, you can set a half-day aside, get a pen and paper, write down the key points as you watch each video.

Bonus Materials

Secret Method Of Building Your List Fast And Free
  • Bonus 1: Another set of affiliate marketing training videos - how to make money with launch jacking. You need to sign up separately but this is completely free, and you'll receive 25 x free downloadable PLR products that you can use for lead magnets, or inspiration for your own products.
  • Bonus 2: "Build Your List Fast & Free". A quick tutorial on how you can start building your email list fast and free.
  • Bonus 3: "Amazing Video Software". You will get great software that helps you create profitable video sites in just a few steps. It works well and is going to be useful if you've just started building a WordPress website and have very little content.
  • Bonus 4: The Freebie Page. Over 30+ PLR products (ebooks and software) can be downloaded without opting in. Plus tons of links to useful sites. Freely downloadable PLR products can often be old, but the variety of products seem to be carefully selected, so you can use them as bonuses when promoting your affiliate products.

What I Like About Boss Secrets

What I like about this training is, Cynthia herself being very helpful and "trustworthy" (and that's what you should be when you become a good affiliate marketer!)

The training as a whole is comprehensive; Cynthia talks no-nonsense and does not hesitate to share all her success tips. 

Also, unlike many other tutors, she does not try to get you to buy expensive tools or sign up with an expensive funnel builder membership (you know which one I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰). She recommends one that she uses, which is low-cost, looks modern and works well. If you've bought a training course for just over $11, then obviously you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on other stuff. She offers low-cost materials and gives free tools to the members - very helpful to newbies on a budget.

What I'm Not So Keen About Boss Secrets

Warrior Plus Method

Well, not the training course itself. My blog readers may know about this because I've mentioned it a few times before...that I'm not too keen on the "launch-jacking, AKA Warrior Plus method".

Many big buck affiliates write "all-positive" reviews of every single product from Warrior Plus and JVZoo at the pre-launch stage. They haven't seen the product at the time of writing, so they're reviews are not reviews. But that's how they make money, and certain consumers seem to love to buy into the trick. 

I personally just want to stay true to myself as far as "product reviews" are concerned. To me, that's the whole point of writing a blog. But I do understand that certain types of web users look at reviews but don't read them. They're happily addicted to finding phrases such as "You'll make $500 within the next 24 hours!" and making purchases. 

Boss Secrets adapts this launch-jacking method, and sure this is a great way to make more money. But I'm just personally not too keen.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Well, you'll learn the essentials and get the bonus resources for such a low cost, I do think it's worth investing your pocket money. But if you're not happy after the purchase of Boss Secrets, you are covered by the full money-back guarantee. Contact Cynthia within 30 days of purchase to claim your refund.

Boss Secrets Pros and Cons


  • 6 x actionable secrets to affiliate marketing that beginners don't know.
  • Tutorials are comprehensive and straightfoward.
  • Tons of free bonus materials including video software/plugins.
  • Low cost one-time fee.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Although it's a quick way to make money, not everyone's a fan of this "Warrior Plus" method.

Boss Secrets Review - Conclusion:

As I said at the beginning of this post, you don't need to pay a lot of money on a training course - unless you want a private mentor to keep motivating you until you get good results. And even if you pay $1,000 for a course, the chances are that you'll have to pay a monthly fee on top of it to be "looked after" privately. If you're determined to run your own affiliate business, you need to be more independent and work out how to generate more money yourself anyway.

If you like to work from home on your own, on your own initiative and start making profits from affiliate marketing, Boss Secrets is the one that provides all the essentials that you can follow. As long as you're willing to learn, you should be able to follow the steps easily. If you've been trying for a while and haven't seen a satisfactory result, I personally think it's worth spending money on Boss Secrets. Get this, and see what you think. Good luck!

Let us hear your opinion - what do you think about what you've read so far? Leave a comment below. Any question or request will be welcomed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Ray Alexander

Hi! Iโ€™m Ray. Over the past 15+ years I have been involved with web designing, programming and online marketing. I work from home and have a passion for exploring new tools, services and programs in order to make money online. Iโ€™m here to help you succeed in building a profitable business by sharing my experiences. Any question, donโ€™t hesitate to ask!

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  1. Hi Ray, I bought Boss Secrets yesterday and I found it easy to take in. You were right, the videos were short but I spent the whole day Sunday because I needed to stop the videos to take some notes but it worked out well as it should be. I learned some great technique like how to apply bonuses and also to earn trust. The only thing I’m not so sure is about Youtube marketing. I’ve never made it before and it’s going to be really challenging for me. For me Boss Secrets were an awesome bargain. I’ve been affiliate marketing on and off but haven’t really had a break yet. I will try this method to hopefully make a success in 2020. Thank you for your review, I’m glad.

    1. Hi Hitesh, thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you got it and you’re making good use of it. Yes, YouTube marketing can be a whole different experience. If you’re not a fan of speaking in front of the camera and prefer to write, you can use a text to speech software such as Speechelo. Let me know how you get on with learning, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me (or Cynthia…she’ll be happy to assist you). Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts. I wish you all the best.

  2. Hey, good to know Warrior Plus sells some decent programs as it’s full of scams. I can still spot the income statement on the page that’s misleading but ok at least it’s a training program it’s not saying you don’t have to do anything. I still don’t agree with the idea of giving away bonuses tho, that’s so wrong. Affiliate marketers shouldn’t do this. What do you make of it yourself in all honesty?

    1. Hi Vincent, thanks for your comment. Like you say, some Warrior Plus products are useful! In terms of the bonus-giving strategy I’d have to agree with you. I’ve actually written about it not long ago. But this is a method that Warrior Plus actually encourages the affiliates to do, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be taken advantage of. There’s no harm for the buyers to receive a few extra ebooks and software (though I don’t know any of them are actually useful!) Other affiliates shouldn’t do this, I agree, very unlikely to be permitted by the brands. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Vincent, I appreciate it.

  3. The problem for me is, I can just afford to pay for this course and it will leave me with no money. Can I start making money without spending. I guess not?

    1. Hi Callos, thanks for your comment. To answer your question, this is about running your own (affiliate) business, and any business will require an initial investment. I’m afraid you will have to spend some money on tools. You’ll have to have your own website to start with. Like I mentioned in the post, Cynthia recommends a low-cost page builder and web hosting, while many others spend $50-100 every month to maintain their sites. Boss Secrets will definitely help you start a lucrative affiliate marketing business, but you cannot start it for totally free. Any questions don’t hesitate to get back to me. I wish you all the best!

  4. Thank you for this blog.
    Especially for new marketers like me it’s important to receive training for cheaper.

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