Big Money Connection Review – $500 a Day? Fake News.

Updated: July 30, 2022
by Ray Alexander

Fake news can be entertaining, sometimes I get impressed by the content and think, this is so funny, does it matter if the story is real or fake? On the other hand, sites like BigMoneyConnection are simply created to mislead viewers into spending money. With a good volume of content but very little information, they’re not being helpful to anyone, in fact, they rather appear deceptive. 

If you’ve been looking for a Big Money Connection review, I can tell you that this product has some typical questionable points that you often find in many wealth-creation offers. After all, there’s no such thing as “make money easy.”

Big Money Connection Review

Product Name:

BigMoney Connection

Website URLs: /




Jeff Dorsey (pseudonym)


$49.95 per month


Dropshipping is a legitimate business model and certainly allows anyone to start at a relatively low cost. But Big Money Connection not only fails to explain the training and cost necessary to drive traffic but also makes unrealistic income claims based on a false assumption.

What Is Big Money Connection?

The introduction video is over 17 minutes long, but the narrator tells you the same phrases over and over again instead of explaining how the platform is laid out or demonstrating how this product makes it so unique. He says the Big Money Connection is about;

  • The quickest and best way to make $500 per day.
  • It requires very little work, little time, and little to no effort.
  • It works for “anyone” regardless of their previous experience or educational background.
  • You simply put in your payment details in the system to get “sales coming in”.

He does eventually suggest that the product is about dropshipping. But you know, dropshipping is hard work and it’s very competitive. It will take you some time to learn the marketing technique and money to invest in traffic. So what he says in the video sounds pretty misleading to me. I’ll show you some red flags that I have spotted.

Big Money Connection Review

The “Simple Step by Step” Process

The seller says the following steps will be required for you to take to make $500 a day, but these are not “steps” - I don’t think they make really sense, do you?

  • Step 1: Get your website with money-making products.
  • Step 2: Follow the system and turn the website on.
  • Step 3: Fill in your payment details and start getting paid.

I mean, this is very scammy, isn’t it? The phrase “money-making products” doesn’t make sense, since any product exists to ultimately generate money for businesses.

“Jeff Dorsey”

Not Jack, but Jeff. No, no Jeff either. The person claims to be the owner of Big Money Connection in the video is just a stock image model. So are the others that appear in the video. 

Jeff Dorsey

People use fake names across social media, and if they want to stay incognito it's their choice. But when it comes to buying something online, it's different - don't trust anyone with a fake name. They're likely to hide a lot of other things. You pay your money and they might disappear tomorrow.

Not just Big Money Connection, but before you buy any digital product, the least you want to do is check the seller's background information. Google the name and see if you can trust that person.

In The First Few Minutes…

Ever heard of this? “If you are a business owner and cannot explain what you do within 30 seconds, your business is a failure.”

No matter how complex your business structure may be when you meet someone, you should be able to tell them briefly what it’s about and who your clients are.

Big Money Connection’s introduction video - ok, the first few minutes may be spent in greetings and sales talk, but he just wouldn’t get to the point. As a viewer, if you are sensible enough, you should lose interest and close the browser.

For Get-Rich-Quick Dreamers

Can you tell what kind of audience (buyers) this product is targeted at?

This video contains all of the typical claims that get-rich-quick dreamers like to hear. If you carefully examine the structure of the content, you'll see them all;

  • The endless talk about unrealistic, indulgent lifestyles - “take trips whenever you like, pay for your family without having to look at your bank account, see sports games with front row seats, renovate your house with a room you’ve always wanted to…”
  • The dream of getting out of ordinary working life - “No more taking orders from people at work. No more waking up incredibly early only to suck down coffee…”
  • The technology generates money for you mysteriously out of nowhere - “Computer money coming in like clockwork”, “technology has made this an absolute reality” without explaining the mechanism behind it.
  • So simple, but there’ll be a coach - “You just have to push a few buttons to start making $500 per day.” “You’ll also get one-on-one help with our team.” If the system was so ridiculously simple, why would you need one-on-one help from anyone?

And lastly but most importantly, the video is 17-minutes long but it only allows you to sign up when you’ve watched most of it. This means that the seller is only trying to trick the viewers who are blinded by the content - click a few buttons, quit the job and start a luxury lifestyle tomorrow.

The “Fake News”

The ‘news’ landing page that you see on Big Money Connection reads, “Local Woman Makes $12,000/Month From Home”. But the photo of the “local woman” on the page turns out to be a stock photo. 

BigMoneyConnection Fake News

This fake ‘news’ has actually appeared on another website in the past ( it’s a complete copy of the page including the user ‘comments’. The only differences are that the headline previously read “$8,000/Month” instead of $12k, the woman’s name was different and the stock photo was a different one.

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is certainly a legitimate business model where you can sell products for profits without holding inventory. It allows you to start with a minimal amount of investment, so it has a low barrier to entry. Anyone can start it means inevitably, highly competitive.

According to recent statistics by Statista, the dropshipping market is forecast to reach $197 million by the end of 2022. But a multi-million dollar industry doesn’t mean you can start making money just by joining in, does it? It means the industry is insanely competitive.

This is like saying, McDonald's is hugely successful, so you can open a burger restaurant tomorrow and start making huge profits, isn't it?

People Don’t Need Dropshipping Sites Though...

The seller says, “dropshipping can make absurd amounts of money because products are always in demand.” 

This makes no sense at all - products are always in demand, indeed. So people go to the local supermarket or buy stuff from Amazon. They don’t need to buy anything from you (dropshipper) unless your product is value for money. 

Value for money means either the product is significantly cheaper than Amazon, or it’s so attractive but not obtainable from elsewhere.

People already know where to get most of everything, that’s the problem drop-shipping website owners suffer. That’s why it’s so imperative for them to focus on finding niche products and investing money in adopting different marketing strategies. In other words, they all struggle to stand out from the crowd.

The seller never explains how it works but instead, simply says “online shops make a lot of money because people always buy stuff” - Doesn't seem convincing at all, does it?

A Recession-Proof Way?

I’m not sure why he says drop shipping is a recession-proof way to make money. He doesn’t explain the reason but instead, he quickly follows it by saying that “an insane amount of people are interested” in this system.

A recession is by definition, a huge decline in economic activities, that’s including retail sales. Dropshipping businesses are no exception, they have been adversely affected by the recent recession. So I don’t think it’s “recession-proof”.


Inevitably, the most challenging part of dropshipping is how you can drive traffic. No matter how good the website may be, there’s no point if you don’t have potential prospects visit to your site. And to get them to visit your site, you’ll have to;

  • Pay to advertise your site, 
  • Learn who to advertise it to (depending on the niche), and
  • Which advertising platform to use (e.g. Facebook adsYouTube adsGoogle ads)

So it really does cost you money and takes you time before you can see positive results. 

The Inconsistent Income Claim

The seller first claims that you will make $500 per day “right away” in the video, then later on he reveals where that number comes from. 

“If you have 20 products and each one makes you $25 per day, then you’re making $500 per day like clockwork.”

A typical gross profit margin of dropshipping is said to be around 15-20%. If you were to make a $25 gross profit, the product’s sales price would have to be 25/0.2 = $125. 

Selling 20 units of products priced at $125 every single day is only achievable if you are an experienced e-commerce owner who knows how to market products to the right target audiences. I mean, I’ve been there - there’s no way beginners can make any money from Day 1.

False Scarcity

A scarcity marketing strategy limits the number of buying opportunities for your prospects. You have seen those many times - seasonal discounts, for example. You tell your prospects that the sale ends at the end of this week The opportunity is scarce and after the period, the prices will go up.

Another example is physical goods. If you only have 100 copies of a book to sell, you want to tell your prospect to hurry. When sold out, it will be out of stock at least for a while.
But when it comes to a digital product like Big Money Connection, the scarcity doesn't sound so believable because;

  • The sales page says it’s “only accepting 3 new members.” But whenever you open the page, it always says so.
  • The seller says that the price is locked at $49.95, but there will be a dramatic increase in the price “by the end of the week.” The website has been around for months, and there has not been such an increase.

Last Minute Discount and Hidden Extra

When you come to the checkout page and move your cursor away from the browser (i.e. indicate that you are about to close the page), a box will appear to give you a ½ price discount. The price of Big Money Connection will suddenly become $24.95. 

BigMoneyConnection Checkout

If you’ve never seen this kind before, this is a tactic used by many digital product sellers. A little annoying, but that’s what they often do. So you might want to remember that. From next time when you are about to buy something, try moving your cursor away to show them that you’re not interested. A discount offer may pop up - you’ll save money there.

But what I really think is deceptive about BigMoneyConnection is this. The seller specifically tells you that;

  • All you pay will be a one-time activation fee of $49.95, and
  • There is no hidden extra cost.

But when you go to the checkout page, there’ll be very small writing that says your card will be automatically charged $49.95 every month.

Big Money Connection Monthly Fee

So this is NOT a one-time activation fee, and there IS a hidden extra.

Big Money Connection Pros and Cons


  • Drop-shipping is a legitimate business model.
  • Relatively low cost.


  • Complete lack of transparency.
  • Making unrealistic get-rich-quick claim.
  • Hidden monthly recurring charge.

Big Money Connection Review - Conclusion:

Firstly, do virtually nothing to make $500 per day - no chance. Don't believe any of that. 

And secondly, you may be tempted by sales copies like "earn X amount per day with this method" and forget to find out whether it's something you really want to do or not. It's important to remember that your career goals include more than just financial goals.

If you'd like to start dropshipping seriously, I would strongly suggest that you receive decent training. Because you're not just spending money on traffic but you should also spend money on an email marketing service and learn how to generate leads. Otherwise, you'll lose out on sales opportunities.

(Real Time) Affiliate Income Report Last Month
September 2023: $6,750.00

About the author 

Ray Alexander

ASD. Recovering alcoholic. LGBTQ+ advocate. Semi-retired. 15+ years of web-designing experience. 10+ years affiliate marketing. Ex-accountant. I'm nice and real. Ask me if you need any help in starting up your home business.

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  1. Thank you, they make it sound so good that we want to try. I am so tired of these scams. I am looking for legit ways to make money online.

    1. Big Money Connection is a scam. I was too naive and wasted my money. But I learned a lesson from this post. Thank you for your post. I’m grateful your honest review.

  2. I paid money but I get nothing from you i waited more than 2 weeks. if I dont return my money back I will report it to the police.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear that. I suggest that you contact them directly (whoever you paid your money to). You could contact the police and ask for their advice, but I also suggest that you contact your credit card company. Good luck!

  3. I’ve seen this one before. It’s the same scammer trying to rename old site platforms & video bundles and then pretending to sell them as brand new, people used to complain on Trust pilot and other review sites and now the scammer knows the shelf life is 6 months or less. they keep shutting down, changing the name of the bundle again and keep reselling. They put very little information in writing to avoid the risk of being sued.

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