Best Colour For Conversions

Updated: July 20, 2016
by Ray Alexander

"What's the best colour for conversions?" "What colour should you use for your call-to-action button?" The use of the colours for promotional pages is a popular topic for years and many have come up with the split-testing results. Is there such a thing as the best colour for high conversion rates?

Many seem to suggest "red". i.e. During their test period, when they changed a green button to a red button, the conversion rate increased by X percent. While I'm not challenging the experts, I do think the tests can be subjective and it hugely depends the surrounding colours. I hope you agree that the page is based in red (menu bar, sub-headings etc), a red button will be obviously blended in and less noticeable. 

Best Colour For Conversions

Multi Coloured Websites

It was over 10 years ago, I was building a website involving family and children for my client. There was a constant demand to make every page multi-coloured. The shopping page was like a zoo map - the entire page was a guided tour map with lots of animals spread around, and each stop point had a product with "Buy Now" button. While it was very popular (among the company's staff!), it was when I changed the page to a conventional grid style, the sales suddenly increased.

Colour for conversions - Multi Coloured Image

​What's more, the new shopping page with grid boxes I designed was "too plain" for my client. They asked me to make it multi-coloured again. Alternate the colour of the product name, use many table border colours and minimise the use of black. I had no choice but to do as requested, and not surprisingly - the sales revenue dropped a little afterwards.

Remember, it was over 10 years ago. I did wonder the crazy colour combination may confuse the buyers, but was not entirely sure. It is clear now.

Infographic - How Colours Affect Your Conversion Rate

The infographic was created in 2014 by genius Neil Patel in I like the fact that the primary "in-your-face" colours are not used here. I interpret that the infographic refers to the base colour(s) of a site, not the call-to-action effects.

How colours affect conversions

     Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Best Colour For Conversions

So by now I think it's fair to say there's no one colour that universally converts better than any others. Call-to-action button should stand out in contrast against surrounding (or base) colours.

I'm not testing anything by the way...

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