Affiliate Supremacy Review (V2.0)

Today I'd like to talk to you about Affiliate Supremacy (Version 2.0). If you have been struggling to make passive income as an affiliate for some time, it's about time you stopped and took a moment to review what you do.

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer at no or low cost. But whether you can actually make a living or not really depends how organised your work is. If you're not making enough money, you need to reorganise your work systematically. And I think Affiliate Supremacy can help you with that.

Affiliate Supremacy Review (V2.0)

Affiliate Supremacy 2.0

Affiliate Supremacy was written by Craig Dawber, co-founders of Digital Marketing Supremacy. The original version (1.0) has been around for a few years now, and this latest version was released in 2017.

It is a 36-page ebook course, plus further 6 x bonus materials. Its aim is for you to set up a complete sales funnel flow, start email marketing using an autoresponder in order to promote multiple products in the most efficient way.

The price is $17 in including all the bonus materials, and because it's all in PDF format, you can download it instantly and any time of the day.

Digital Marketing Supremacy Craig Dawber and John Chadwick

Creator of Affiliate Supremacy Craig Dawber, and his business partner John Chadwick

What You Will Learn

So Affiliate Supremacy is a perfect guide for newbies as well as those who are struggling to find a way to take bigger steps in affiliate marketing. Here is a summary of what you'll be learning from this ebook.

#1 Five Letter Acronym and Five Rules

The acronym and the 5 x rules will help you visualise what you should be doing. I won't reveal all the "rules" but one of them is "Make a promise to yourself to follow through". None of the stuff in this ebook is a 'difficult' challenge, and there's no reason why you should skip some steps. You'll be paying for this ebook, and you should be making the most of every advice!

#2 Traditional Affiliate Marketing

The "old" 3-step method of affiliate marketing is explained with a diagram. Craig says this method still works well and gives some tips & advice. This section is great for a newbie affiliate to understand the basic essentials.

Affiliate Supremacy Final Flow

#3 Affiliate Supremacy Method

This is the newly tested and proven 4-step method. The strategy is based on "customer-value-optimisation" concept by Ryan Diess, and is explained with two diagrams. It's about how you can scale up your income stage by stage. Also the 'McSecret' - how McDonald's uses "Profit Maximizer". This section teaches you how you can apply it to maximise your profit.

#4 Traffic Generation

This section tells you what kind of traffic is available to build your leads - both free traffic and paid traffic, what kind of impact each traffic gives, list of traffic sources, and how to apply. Plus 3-step traffic plan to take.

#5 "Cream On Top"

This section contains a useful advice from Craig, explaining why some affiliate marketers fail, or only see a temporary success. And another 3-step plan that helps you to make even more money.


The last section is a list of recommended resources; autoresponder, various affiliate networks, link tracker, web hosting and domain registration.

Bonus Materials

Affiliate Supremacy course provides methods, and the bonus materials will now help you to understand how to actually apply the method, including;

  1. Niche Selection Cheat Sheet: gives you an idea of what kind of niches are available to promote.
  2. Top 5 ROI Cheat Sheet: 5 of the niches and their sub-niches that pay the most.
  3. Three-Part Email Followup Series: A set of 3 x followup email templates ready to use. You can simply copy & paste to your autoresponder.
  4. Affiliate Launch Planner: This is a simple 4-week planner that you can either print out and write in or type in directly, helps you to stay focused on your goals and progress.
  5. Automated Email Planner: This will also help you monitor your email followups.
  6. Ultimate Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet: This is a powerful supplementary guide, and its aim is to (1) understand how this funnel is going to work (2) start developing your own funnle in the market you are currently in, and (3) start creating each of the 4 steps of your funnel.

Help and Support

You have a 100% backup help by Craig and John - you'll be advised to join Digital Supremacy Facebook group where you can raise any questions (not compulsory), or you can submit a support ticket to the help desk.

Satisfaction Guarantee Badge

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you follow all the steps and for some reason does not work out for you, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. And obviously this is a set of ebooks you've already downloaded, so you'll get to keep it with you

Affiliate Supremacy 2.0 - Is This For You?

As I said in the beginning, Affiliate Supremacy is perfectly suitable for affiliate marketing newbies, or for those who wish to scale up the level of recurring commission income.

It's a set of ebooks - everything is in PDF format. Although the guides include easy-to-understand diagrams, if you prefer to learn from graphics, audio and visual, this is not for you.

When I first started affiliate marketing, my day job was long hours and had very little time of my own in the evening. I struggled to find time to watch video training courses or webinars. I learned all the "how-to's" from ebooks while commuting, I personally prefer to consume information from texts anyway. So if you are like me and save time in learning the basics and extra tips, Affiliate Supremacy is well worth getting in my opinion.

If you have any questions about this ebook, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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