7 Ways to Operate Omnichannel Marketing for the Travel Industry

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Usually, the term omnichannel marketing is used when talking about the eCommerce industry. However, given that modern consumers use various devices and different touchpoints to connect with brands, there’s no surprise that marketers from different industries quickly adopt approaches that have proven to be effective. Omnichannel marketing is a relatively new approach that can be very effective in various areas, especially tourism.

According to statistics, about 82% of travelers book their trips using a mobile app or website. As much as 90% of users expect to receive personalized travel recommendations so that they can take them into account when planning a trip. Omnichannel marketing can help you establish a seamless connection between your brand and its customers, while also providing a personalized experience. In this article, we’re going to consider this method in more detail and share some practical tips on how to use omnichannel marketing.

7 Ways to Operate Omnichannel Marketing for the Travel Industry

What Omnichannel Marking Is

Omnichannel marketing is all about customer relations. For example, when a traveler visits a new destination, they may book a room because of the beautiful logo that they’ve seen in an ad. This is a mono channel. However, there are also several other touchpoints, such as a hotelier’s handshake, or a flyer that the hotelier may give when the customer leaves. 

If the traveler enjoys their experience, they might recommend this hotel to their friends. This way, they will create a second channel, which is word of mouth. The hotelier may also pay influencers to promote their hotel on social media. In this case, they will create a partnership, which is another channel. Today, multichannel marketing is widely used in the tourism industry. Hotels, service providers, restaurants, and tour-operators combine emails, social media marketing, and flyers. Many companies also use online booking platforms like OpenTable or Booking, where they generate word of mouth in a form of user reviews.

Thanks to advanced technologies, many companies managed to diversify their marketing channels and to increase the number of touchpoints. The more often a company promotes its services, the more likely it will sell. However, managing multiple channels can be a tricky task because it can be hard to understand which channel is the most effective. Given that buyers are often unpredictable and their preferences change all the time, omnichannel becomes the best solution, because it combines the multichannel approach with intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and big data introduced a new, optimized multichannel. “Now companies can use behavior tracking software and data analysis to monitor users’ activity and to quickly react to any changes in their preferences and needs,” explains Monica Dixon, a digital marketer at a writing service reviews website Best Writers Online. Omnichannel marketing requires marketing agencies to collaborate with digital service providers and software developers so that they can come up with effective digital solutions.

How to Use Omnichannel Marketing in the Travel Industry

1. Personalization

According to statistics, as much as 85% of customers prefer customized itineraries over regular mass-market offerings. Personalization is a huge trend in all industries so you should make sure that your marketing content is tailored to your audience’s interests and preferences. You can use various AI-driven automation tools and CRMs to create the most relevant marketing messages based on the insights from data.

2. A real-time view of your customers

A real-time view

Big data, analytics, and data management enable you to have a real-time view of each and every customer. All your customers may prefer to engage with your brand in different ways, and you can provide a personalized experience at every touchpoint. Marriott Hotels and Cruise Lines have already used customer intelligence and built their strategies around customers to provide a personalized experience, no matter what channels their customers use.

3. Be customer-centric

The key to success in omnichannel marketing is to be customer-centric, not channel-centric. When planning your marketing campaign, you shouldn’t limit yourself to certain channels. Instead, we recommend that you adopt a holistic approach to get a unified view of your customers. This way, you’ll be able to track your customers’ journeys and to adjust their experiences to their needs, no matter how they decide to connect with your brand.

4. Establish an effective connection within your organization

The effectiveness of your omnichannel marketing campaign to a large extent depends on effective communication between different departments of your organization. The best way to connect different parts of your company is to create cross-functional teams. For example, the TUI group used this approach and established effective communication between business representatives, UI designers, SEO, and developers. All the employees worked together to improve user experience, and they did it by using mob programming and the Kanban system.

5. Foster loyalty

Omnichannel Marketing Loyalty

No matter what channels your customers use, you should be able to recognize them immediately. When using a data-driven approach, you can collect data about previous transactions and use it to personalize your offers and to tailor them to each particular customer’s needs. This way, your customers will be more likely to make another purchase. As loyalty relationships evolve, you will get more data, and your offers will become even more relevant.

6. Be consistent

Your brand message won’t be effective if it’s not consistent. Consistency will create the right environment for a positive conversation about your brand. To come up with a consistent brand message, you should have a distinctive brand voice. Think of how you want your target audience to know you and what they should associate your brand with. Effective communication between different departments will help you implement consistent experience for everyone, across all touchpoints. Alaskan Airlines and JetBlue are both good examples of a consistent brand voice.

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7. Monitor your progress

Your omnichannel campaign will only be successful if you monitor your results all the time. If you want to keep your offers relevant and to offer the best customer experience possible, you should track your progress and make adjustments regularly. This way, your customers will stay loyal and won’t choose your competitors when their interests change.

Final Thoughts

Omnichannel marketing is an effective data-driven approach that enables you to keep your customers engaged, no matter what channels they prefer. The success of your omnichannel strategy depends on your ability to collect data from multiple channels and to use it in order to tailor the customer experience to the needs of each particular customer. We hope that our tips will help you develop an effective strategy that will increase loyalty and boost your sales.

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