Top 5 Ecommerce Tips To Boost Your Sales [Sell Your Products Like Hot Cakes]

Updated: January 12, 2019
by CyberCash Worldwide

In 2017, e-commerce sales excelled sharply to 446.8 billion US dollars and it is expected to surpass 700 billion in the year 2022. So, as a marketer or an Entrepreneur its necessary to understand that generating sales is the fuel that will keep your brand running. 

If you open an ecommerce store today you have tons of ways to drive insane traffic to your website. While some of the sales methods might work great for your website, others might not be that useful. The truth is that you need to try and test marketing strategies for your target market. With this in mind let’s see the various strategies that will surely generate sales for your website. Here are my top 5 ecommerce tips to boost your sales.

Top 5 Ecommerce Tips To Boost Your Sales

#1 Video Demos Can Engage Visitors 

A study done on impact of video revealed that visitors who enjoyed the video on homepage showed 97% intent of buying the product. And brand associated surged to around whopping 139%.  

As you might have heard that sadly humans have an attention span of less than that of a goldfish. This means that you only have 8 seconds to impress the visitor on your website. Anything more than that and the visitor will leave the website.

To grab the attention of the visitor, a video demo of your product or service is a great way to engage the user and allow them to stay on the website a bit longer. 

Remember the viral DollarShaveClub video? This is how you can steal the attention of the user and convert it into a raving fan.

#2 Write Enticing Product Descriptions

Yeo Valley Yogurt

I don’t know if you love Yogurt or not, but if you haven’t heard of Yeo Valley you’re missing a lot of exceptional content. This is no ordinary product description. Every product description is carefully crafted to make your mouth drool. 

In an ecommerce store it is all about helping your customers create a vivid picture of your product. And with a well-thought description you can force the users to hit the buy now button. 

#3 Social Proof is the Ultimate Motivator 

Everybody wants to fit in the crowd. Everybody wants to look cool. This is not a disease. People actually feel the need to buy things when others are buying it too

This is called Social Proof. When visitors see feedback from other customers it develops a sense of trust among them. It makes it easier for the new visitor to eliminate the confusion and go for the brand. 

#4 Offer Discounts

When I first placed an order with, due to some technical issue I left the order unfinished and forgot about it totally. Until the in a few hours I received an email from Amazon giving away some discount just to finish the order. 

Isn’t this amazing? You can try this strategy too. There is no need to wait for a special occasion to offer a discount. You can offer weekly monthly discounts or even weekly discounts. 


By giving a discount you are attracting those customers who are not testing your website because of the price that you’re offering. You can take these visitors and give them discounts. This will keep those visitors and turn them loyal customers. 

Not just this. When customers get something valuable from your website in a discounted price they will tell friends and family. Which will bring more sales on your website. 

#5 Leverage Your Top-Selling Products 

If you don’t want to offer discounts on your products, you can simply feature top-selling products on your homepage. 

When a visitor will come to your website they will immediately know which of the products are selling like cakes and they can order these products too. 

Top-selling products acts like social proof that customers have bought this product and why are you behind? 

One of the safest and cheapest way to sell people products which are already selling and boost the sales of some products from specific categories. 


If you have just started an ecommerce store selling products is something you might be suffering with. As the saying goes that starting a shop is easy but to keep that shop running is hard. And if you’re serious about Entrepreneurship you’ll find these tips quite helpful. 

For about a year I ran an ecommerce store and I can totally understand your frustration. But what I have learned is how to transform this frustration into something positive. How to drive ecommerce sales without spending a dime from my pocket. These tips were helpful, and I found these working quite well even today. 

Try these tips and see which ones are making your business a success. Once you crack the code of boosting ecommerce sales the rest will be easy. A word of advice. Whatever you learn, do share with others who are struggling with their business. 


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